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FTX Texas regulations

Crypto Exchange FTX Being Investigated by Texas Regulators


Texas regulators are investigating crypto exchange FTX Trading, FTX US, and founder and CEO Sam Bankman-Fried over potential securities violations. According to a state filing, regulators are probing whether yield-bearing accounts of the platform should be viewed as unregistered and non-permitted...


Ark Investment: Bitcoin could reach $1 million by 2030


In a forecast released at the start of 2022, Ark Investment anticipated that bitcoin will increase to $1 million. Analysts predict that during the coming years, the BTC rate will increase. CEO of Ark Investment, Cathy Wood, likewise anticipates a risky scenario. According to her, bitcoin will soar...

Gary Gensler

Gary Gensler Thinks CFTC Should Regulate Stablecoins


Gary Gensler, the chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), declared at the end of 2021 that his agency should oversee transactions involving digital currency. According to him, securities regulations can be used to control these transactions. Gensler changed his position last...

Quant Network QNT

Quant Ecosystem’s QNT Token Grows by 40% In a Week


QNT, the native crypto of the blockchain interoperability network Quant, saw about 40% price increase in the last 7 days despite bear market trends continuing to dominate. Currently, QNT is the 28th largest crypto with over $2.6 billion market cap. The token trades at around $218. Quant was founded...

MetaMask Sardine

Crypto Wallet MetaMask Adds Instant Bank-To-Crypto Option


Popular cryptocurrency wallet Metamask started allowing instant bank funding for US customers to buy crypto. MetaMask's parent company Consensys announced the news, saying that users can turn their fiat into crypto due to integration with the fiat and crypto settlement platform Sardine. Through...


Binance Pool Launches $500M Fund to Support Bitcoin Miners


Binance Pool has announced the creation of a $500 million fund to provide debt financing to struggling bitcoin miners. The initiative targets both public and private players in the industry. The loan will be issued for a period of 18 to 24 months secured by cryptocurrencies and/or...

Bitcoin Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage Believes Bitcoin Is the Ultimate Freedom


Nigel Farage, a former Member of the European Parliament believes that Bitcoin is the ultimate freedom. At the Bitcoin Amsterdam conference, he said Bitcoin, as any new idea, faces the opposition of the entire establishment. Farage finds that Bitcoin is an economic insurgence driven and led by...

Dominica Tron token

Dominica to Launch a Token Collaborating With Tron


The Dominican government will launch its national fan token, Dominica Coin (DMC) in partnership with the Tron blockchain protocol. The digital asset aims to help promote the country's heritage and tourist attractions. According to a release by the Office of the Prime Minister, the collaboration...

October hacks Chainalysis

October’s Been the Biggest Month in Crypto Hacks


Crypto investigation and transaction monitoring solution Chainalysis announced that October has been the biggest month in the biggest year of hacks although we’re only in the middle of the month. By now, around $718 M was stolen in DeFi protocol hacks across 11 attacks. On October 11, four...


The volume of transactions with the digital yuan exceeded $14 billion


As of the end of summer 2022, the cumulative volume of e-CNY transactions reached 100.04 billion yuan (~$14 billion), according to the People's Bank of China. For comparison, at the end of 2021, the figure was 87.57 billion yuan (~$13.68 billion), and 261 million unique digital wallets were...

US Treasury Tornado Cash

US Treasury Sued Over the Restrictions Against Tornado Cash


Coin Center, a crypto group performing research and advocacy, filed a suit against the US Treasury Department related to the Tornado Cash ban. The group together with people seeking privacy asked the court to delist the platform from sanctions. Jerry Brito, Coin Center’s director-general tweeted...


Open Interest in Ethereum Futures Rises to a Monthly High


Ethereum (ETH) on the night of Thursday, October 13, fell to $1267. The largest altcoin has been trading above $1,300 for the past few weeks. The September fork of Merge did not help the coin, on the contrary, after the update, it began to lose ground. Trading in a narrow range signals that...

Morgan Stanley crypto decentralization

Morgan Stanley Says Crypto Is Getting Less Decentralized


A new release by investment manager Morgan Stanley says the crypto industry is getting less decentralized. According to it, although blockchain technology may be decentralized, the potential risk is that while regulations toward crypto develop, there is a need to implement most of the operations on...

BNY Mellon crypto

BNY Mellon Started Offering Bitcoin Custody Services


International investments company BNY Mellon has released bitcoin custody services. According to a publication by the company, the Digital Asset Custody platform is now live in the US. A group of clients now are able to hold and transfer Bitcoin and Ether, while the bank will store the keys...


USDC stablecoin capitalization fell by 12%


In May and June, the capitalization of the stablecoin USD Coin (USDC) grew due to the massive influx of investors after the collapse of the Terra ecosystem. The USDC supply topped $56 billion, but it has fallen 12% over the past month. As of October 11, the capitalization of the stablecoin was just...


Bitcoin mining difficulty increased by more than 13%


Another change to the level of difficulty for mining bitcoins was made on Monday. The highest rise in difficulty since May 2021, this metric is up 13.55 percent. The previous change was made on September 14 when the challenge increased to 32.05 T. It climbed to 35.61 T on October 10. In parallel,...

Google Cloud Coinbase

Google Teams up With Coinbase to Accept Crypto for Cloud Services


Today Google announced a partnership with crypto exchange Coinbase to allow users to pay with crypto for cloud services starting in early 2023. According to a report by CNBC, the tech giant revealed the news first at the Cloud Next conference. Due to its cloud business, Google's parent company...


Portugal is preparing to pass a law on the taxation of crypto traders


From 2023, Portugal may introduce a tax on income from transactions with digital currencies. Its rate will be 28%. Portugal is included in the list of states where comfortable conditions for cryptocurrency investors have been created. If the local parliament passes a bill to tax the digital...

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