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Crypto conflict between Mark Cuban and Preston Pysh escalates


American billionaire Mark Cuban and founder Preston Pysh had a verbal quarrel, which was caused by Cuban's post on Twitter, where he angrily spoke about annoying crypto advertising. “I would pay Twitter for the hashtag and account filter. Cryptocurrency spam on this social...

Lloyd Blankfein about crypto

Goldman Sachs Former CEO Says Crypto Is Happening, Amid the Dip


Lloyd Blankfein, who served as the senior chairman of Goldman Sachs previously, expressed his views on the crypto sector during a recent talk at Squawk Box. Being skeptical about crypto previously, Blankfein said that his views have been evolving. To the question of what his opinion is for the...


Twitter sees its future in crypto and announced launch of new feature


Based on the official statement, it became known that Twitter, which already uses NFT, has included a new feature in the list of available features. Users can now officially validate non-fungible tokens that are used for a profile picture. So, for example, if earlier a user, copying this or that...

Bitcoin price crypto

BTC Price Fell Below $34.000 for the First Time Since July


Bitcoin price went down below $34.000 for the first time since July. In the last 7 days, BTC fell by over 21% and hit its lowest level of $33.100 today. At the moment, the coin trades for about $33.500. Bitcoin is about 51% down from its all-time high of $68.789 reached on Nov. 10, 2021. Most of...


Mining ban imposed by China let Thailand to raise its crypto profits


The ban on digital asset mining introduced by China in September 2021 gave a good impetus to the development of the same industry in another Asian country - Thailand. So, recently, the international news channel Al Jazeera reported that after China's actions restricting the rights of...

OpenSea NFTs hack

OpenSea was Hacked for 332 Ethers Worth Around $780.000


The largest NFT marketplace OpenSea was hacked. The blockchain security platform Peckshield, reported that there was a front-end vulnerability, exploiting which the hacker managed to gain 332 Eths valued at about $780.000 at current prices. The estimations of Peckshield are based on data from...


Nirvana will sell a series of NFTs consisting of exclusive photos


In February, the famous American rock band Nirvana will launch a collection of non-fungible tokens (NFT), which will consist of exclusive photos of the team. It should be noted that the presented photos were not in print and were taken before the release of the second Nevermind album in 1991....

Uniswap CEO JPMorgan

JPMorgan Closed the Account of Uniswap CEO


The CEO of leading decentralized exchange Uniswap, Hayden Adams announced that JP Morgan Chase closed his banking accounts without notice or clarification. In a tweet, Adams said that there are many people and companies that banks target just for the reason that they work in the crypto sphere. 🤡...


The share of profitable DOGE addresses fell to 40%


The Dogecoin (DOGE) rate on the night of Monday, January 24, strengthened to $0.14. The capitalization of the altcoin over the past day increased by more than 9% to $18.398 billion. As a result of the December and January sales, the share of profitable addresses decreased to 40%, according to a...

White House regulations

White House to Present Government Policy of Crypto in February


The US presidential administration is going to issue an initial government strategy for the crypto industry next month, after which agencies will estimate the risks and advantages of digital assets. A report by Bloomberg, based on the information from people familiar with the subject, reveals that...


Morocco's leading bank joins RippleNet payment network


Recently it became known that one of the leading banks in Morocco, Attijariwafa Bank, is joining the payment network of the RippleNet cryptocurrency project, which was created by the well-known American blockchain company Ripple, which is the developer of the digital asset of the same name. It must...


China stopped the activities of a large crypto group


It is no secret to anyone that the Chinese government has recently been waging a fierce fight against the cryptocurrency industry, not giving it the slightest chance for its development. However, despite this, various fraudulent groups continue to carry out illegal cryptocurrency fraud, deceiving...

El Salvador Bitcoin purchase January

El Salvador Adds 410 Bitcoins to Its Holdings


The president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele revealed that the country obtained 410 bitcoins for $15 M. The BTC price was around $36.580 at the time of the purchase. It's the lowest price since July 26, 2021. Earlier, Bukele tweeted that he would probably miss the dip this time. However, he changed...

Rishi Sunak

British chancellor believes crypto-ads are misleading the market players


Rishi Sunak, the British chancellor, recently expressed his concerns about the promotion of cryptocurrency investment through the mass media. In his opinion, advertising misleads financial market customers and can entail huge risks. "Advertising carries a threat because they can cause great...

Fed Central bank digital currency

US Fed Published a Study on Digital Dollar


The Federal Reserve System of the USA published a research paper on the digital USD, discovering the currency’s advantages and shortcomings. The establishment said that this is the first step between the system and stakeholders. Originally, the release was expected to be published in the summer...

Paxos CEO

Paxos CEO expects big changes in crypto in 2022


According to the CEO of Paxos stablecoin developer Charles Cascarilla, in 2022 the cryptocurrency industry will enter a qualitatively new phase of development. First of all, this concerns the entry of institutional investors into digital assets. We will also see the massive adoption of...

Irene Zhao

Instagram model made a fortune selling an NFT collection of her photos


Popular Instagram model Irene Zhao recently launched a special Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) called IreneDAO, as well as a collection of native tokens, which caused a flurry of discussion in the NFT space. IreneDAO was launched on the weekend, but in two days the popularity of the...

Crypto liquidations

Amount of Crypto Liquidations Surpassed $720 M


Crypto prices continued to decline. Bitcoin price dropped to $38.560. Currently, Bitcoin trades at around $39.000. Ether declined to $2800. In the last 24 hours, the global market cap decreased by 7.8% and now stands at around $1.8 trillion....

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