Bitcoin mining difficulty increased by more than 13%

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Another change to the level of difficulty for mining bitcoins was made on Monday. The highest rise in difficulty since May 2021, this metric is up 13.55 percent.

The previous change was made on September 14 when the challenge increased to 32.05 T. It climbed to 35.61 T on October 10.

In parallel, mining activity is at an all-time high. According to, on the brink of breaking 257 Eh/s, Bitcoin's hashrate hit a new milestone.

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Following the mining of each 2016 block, the mining difficulty is changed typically every two weeks. It enables you to have a largely constant block time (about 10 minutes).

The previous night, Bitcoin dropped to $19,287. However, the network's capacity is still increasing, which shows that miners are still optimistic.

They are waiting for a BTC bounce very soon. The top five mining pools now include AntPool, F2Pool, ViaBTC, SlushPool, and Poolin.