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Binance replied to Barclays decision to ban withdrawals


Earlier this week, it became known that a large British bank, Barclays, prohibited its clients from sending funds to the Binance cryptocurrency exchange. The financial giant said this decision was prompted by its desire to protect investors from fraudsters. The administration of the Binance...

Binance expanding

Binance Has a New Compliance Head Along with Other Employees


Major crypto exchange Binance has shared the news of expanding its compliance team amid regulatory issues. Binance's new Director of Compliance is Jonathan Farnell. The exchange aims to develop the scope of its regulatory product, among them regulated e-money and crypto-asset services. Farnell...

Visa BlockFi rewards Bitcoin

Visa & BlockFi Present BTC Rewards Credit Card


Crypto financial operations enterprise BlockFi issued its BTC returns credit card. The initiative of the card was first mentioned at the end of 2020. At that time, the waiting list was opened. Currently, the process of approving customers from the list has begun. BlockFi's card offers users to...


Bybit will add verification procedure for withdrawal of BTC


The Bybit cryptocurrency exchange will require corporate clients and individuals to undergo KYC procedures to withdraw bitcoins. According to the information on the website, the measure was implemented to “increase security requirements for all traders.” Companies are required to provide a list...

Goldman Sachs about Ether vs BTC

Goldman Sachs Says Eth Can Be the N1 Digital Store of Value


Major investment bank Goldman Sachs stated in a note to customers that the blockchain offering the most options for real use is Ethereum. The institution suggests Ether may grow into the leading digital store of value. Goldman assumes that Ether's entire market cap could get ahead of BTC in the...

Hard fork

Developer offered a block number to start the London hard fork


Ethereum developer Tim Beiko initiated a proposal to activate the London hard fork on the main network of the second-largest cryptocurrency by capitalization on block # 12965000, expected on August 4. Co-founder of the EthHub research platform Anthony Sassano emphasized that the final decision...

Ethereum 2.0 staking Sygnum bank

Sygnum to Become the First Bank to Enable ETH 2.0 Staking


Switzerland-based digital asset bank Sygnum launched services of Ether 2.0 staking, becoming the first bank on the global scale to do so. As stated by the institution, customers will be able to use its banking platform that brings up to a 7% yield yearly. Staking will be possible to do from users'...

Crypto trading

Analysts pay attention to weakening of crypto trader activity


Compared to May, in June 2021, the activity of users of cryptocurrency exchanges has significantly decreased. According to the Block Research team, the volume of trading in digital currencies last month was $ 958.3 billion. Compared to May, this figure fell by about 56%, the researchers note....

Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills mansion is for sale with BTC payment option


In Beverly Hills, a mansion for $65M was put up for sale, which can also be paid for with bitcoin. At the exchange rate at the time of writing, the price in the first crypto is around 1930 BTC. In the case of a purchase with Bitcoin, the transaction will be the largest in the real estate sector...

China crypto regulations

In China Closed a Tech Firm That Might Be Involved in Crypto


China's Central Bank ordered the shut down of the software firm Beijing Qudao Cultural Development Co, saying it may provide crypto services. Authorities ordered the firm to cancel operations, also deactivating the website. According to Chinese law, Beijing-based companies are disallowed to...


Barclays has banned clients from sending funds to Binance


The world's largest crypto exchange Binance has come under scrutiny from many countries. Great Britain was on the list of such countries. The Kingdom's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has ordered the Binance platform to stop serving local traders. The regulator motivated its decision by the fact...

Ether Bitcoin Celsius

Celsius CEO Says Ether is Overperforming BTC


During a recent interview with Kitco News, Celsius Network CEO Alex Mashinsky shared his views on the two largest cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin and Ethereum. Mashinski finds that the possible scenario when Ether gets ahead of BTC has already begun. Talking about Celsius, he noted that the flippening...

Ddos Attack hit by a DDoS attack


On July 5, the information resource was subjected to a DDoS attack. Attackers demand to pay them 0.5 BTC (over $ 17,600 at the time of writing). That was announced by the operator of the site under the nickname Cobra. “This is a very powerful attack and difficult to deal with. I...

Bitcoin whales June 2021

BTC Supply Held by Whales Surges to Two-Month High


Whales seem to show a higher interest in BTC compared to the statistics from May. Data shows that the number of coins held by whale entities reached its peak since May, going up to 4.216 million from 80.000. Whales are considered the addresses controlled by a single network participant that...


Whales sold 60,000 bitcoins in two weeks


Bitcoin ends the week below $ 35,000, with the coin trading at $ 33,670 on Saturday. According to some analysts, BTC is unlikely to break through to $ 35,000 in the coming days. Network activity remains weak, which means that no serious movements in the market will take place soon. Data from the...

The Hermitage

The Hermitage and Binance have started discussions about NFT


The State Hermitage is in talks with the Binance exchange regarding the issuance of NFTs and the sale of tokenized works of art. This is reported by "Interfax" concerning the statement of the head of the legal department of the museum Marina Tsyguleva. She clarified that all exhibits are...

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty at the lows

BTC Mining Difficulty Sees The Largest Fall Ever


Data from Glassnode reveals that the BTC blockchain faces the largest decline since its creation. The mining difficulty of the coin went down by around 28% at block 689,471 on July 2. #Bitcoin mining difficulty just saw its largest downward adjustment in history: -28%


Regulators target Binance crypto exchange


Binance started having problems in many countries. First, it became known about the company’s problems in Canada and the UK. The Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA) then urged Binance’s management not to hesitate to register to serve local traders. Now control over the activities of the...

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