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Binance USA investigation

The USA Examines the Possibility of Insider Trading at Binance


The USA authorities are investigating Binance Holdings to find out whether the company is engaged in insider trading or market manipulation activities. As Bloomberg announced on Friday, the probe is confidential. The media platform got the news from the people familiar with the case. They informed...


Bitcoin exchange balance fell to three-year low


On the night of Friday, September 17, Bitcoin fell to $47,700. On the eve of the morning, the coin tried to gain a foothold above $ 48,000, having secured the support of American investors. However, in the second half of the day, the activity on the market weakened again, and soon the correction...


Representative of cryptosphere is included in rating of the Time


At the end of 2018, the world-famous Time magazine first spoke about bitcoin. A column by Alex Gladstein about BTC was published on its pages. The author wrote that cryptocurrencies give people economic freedom. In the future, bitcoin will become an alternative to the modern financial system. Now...

Avalanche AVAX new high

Avalanche’s Native Coin AVAX Reached a Record High


AVAX, the native coin of the open, smart contracts network for building dapps, Avalanche, reached a new all-time high of $68.84 on On September 16, the company revealed completing a $230 M fundraising via a token sale. The investment was headed by Polychain and Three Arrows...


Former BitMEX executive agreed to extradition to the US


Bermuda-based ex-director of business development at BitMEX Gregory Dwyer agreed to extradition to the United States to face trial. In October 2020, the US Department of Justice indicted the exchange's co-founders Arthur Hayes, Ben Delo, Samuel Reid, and Dwyer for violating the Bank Secrecy Act....

Africa crypto adoption

Africa’s Crypto Adoption Grew by Over 1200% In a Year


Data from Chanalysis show that the crypto industry of Africa is making progress at a fast pace. In the previous year, received crypto has gone up by more than 1200%. From July 2020 to June 2021, African countries got about $105.6 B worth of crypto in total. The surge is notable, especially...


Coinbase has applied to register as a futures intermediary


Bitcoin exchange Coinbase has applied NFA to register as a futures commission merchant (FCM). In the long term, the step will allow the company to obtain a CFTC license. In the United States, companies wishing to offer derivatives to clients must obtain a CFTC license. To do this, they usually need...

Scaramucci SkyBridge Capital

Scaramucci's SkyBridge Capital Now Holds $700 M in Crypto


The founder and managing partner of major investment firm SkyBridge Capital, Anthony Scaramucci announced during a recent interview that the company presently owns $700 M worth of cryptocurrencies and aims to present more crypto products. On September 13, SkyBridge Capital announced a...

Hedge Fund

Cryptocurrency hedge fund profits soar nearly 25%


August turned out to be a good month for hedge funds targeting the cryptocurrency market. According to Eurekahedge, the profit of such financial structures increased by about 25%. Moreover, in terms of profitability, cryptocurrency hedge funds have bypassed their competitors, who prefer to stay in...

Cathie Wood Ark Invest

Cathie Wood Believes BTC Will Hit $500.000 Over 5 Years


The CEO and CIO of New York-based investment management firm ARK Invest, Catherine Wood believes that Bitcoin price will go up to $500.000 in five years. She also announced that the company's confidence in Ethereum rose after the ETH2.0 upgrade. Catherine Wood shared her opinion during the SALT...


Over 2.5M addresses have registered on Ethereum since May


More than 2.5 million new addresses have registered on the Ethereum blockchain since the beginning of May 2021. The researchers also paid attention to the growth of the bitcoin network. They found that the largest number of new wallets appeared in January-April. During this period, the number of...

El Salvador

Special tax regime will be created for BTC investors in El Salvador


El Salvador's authorities are considering options to ease the tax regime for all cryptocurrency investors. Bitcoin holders will be exempt from income tax even if they make large profits from trading with this asset. Javier Argueta, who holds the post of legal adviser to Salvadoran President Nayib...

MicroStrategy purchases more Bitcoin

MicroStrategy Purchases Another 5050 Bitcoins


On September 13, MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor revealed that the firm added 5050 more Bitcoins to its holdings. The deal was done for around $242.9 M in cash with an average BTC price of $48.099. MicroStrategy has purchased an additional 5,050 bitcoins for ~$242.9 million in cash at an average...


After the Alozno fork, ADA's price fell by 10%


Even though today, on September 13, many digital assets showed a noticeable price drop, few could have assumed that the same fate awaited the Carnado project cryptocurrency - ADA. The news of the successful completion of the update, dubbed "Alonzo", caused many positive forecasts for the...

Gary Gensler testimony on crypto

SEC Chair Gary Gensler States His Opinion About Crypto


On September 14, the chairman of the US Securities and Exchange Commission, Gary Gensler stated his opinion related to the crypto sphere before a Senate committee. According to him, major crypto exchanges should register as securities exchanges. The Senate Banking Committee issued Gensler's...


Almost 30% of Americans support Bitcoin's legal tender


A recent poll by analytics platform YouGov found that nearly 30% of respondents support the government's desire to recognize BTC as legal tender. It is worth noting that the largest percentage of supporters of the innovation falls on the Democrats. Republicans, in turn, continue to have a negative...

Ethereum hashrate high

Ethereum Hashrate Set a Record High


As data from Etherscan show the processing power of the Ethereum network reached a new all-time high on September 12, hitting 715.4 terahash/second. The highest mining difficulty of the network was 9,056.548 TH on Sunday. The indicator started to go up in late June. On May 21, China State Council...

Trippy Bunny

Trippy Bunny donates all income to a suicide prevention fund


The NFT-project Trippy Bunny, operating based on the Solana platform, donates 100% of its income to the American Suicide Prevention Foundation. As of today, the site for the sale of non-financial tokens has donated over $ 220,000 to charity. The statement, in which the developers of Trippy Bunny...

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