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The head of the ARK Invest fund commented on the fall of bitcoin


Many experts have already reacted to the dominance of the negative trend in the crypto market. For example, Bloomberg strategist Mike McGlone said that the pullback would be temporary, but Bitcoin could hold above $ 40,000. So far, the analyst's forecast is coming true, and the largest digital...

Bitcoin fintech stocks

Cryptocurrencies and Fintech Stocks Started Rising


Fintech stocks and cryptos saw a decline in recent months. On Jan. 11, the prices started to go up. The rise followed Fed chair Jarome Powel's speech when he said that the US economy is healthy enough and there's a need for tighter monetary policy. He added that the institution will end asset...

Bitcoin mining block hiring

Jack Dorsey’s Block Is Hiring To Build BTC Mining System


Financial services company Block (previously Square) is looking for specialists to launch the next-gen bitcoin mining ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) system. The company posted several job announcements on Linkedin looking for a custom digital design lead and digital product...


Pakistani authorities to study Binance's ties to crypto scam for $100M


The Pakistani Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) is investigating possible links between Binance and a multi-million dollar crypto scam in the region. The FIA's cybercrime division has asked regional manager Hamza Khan to clarify its position on the company's ties to deceitful mobile apps for...


Hackers modified dnSpy debugger for hidden crypto mining


MalwareHunterTeam specialists have uncovered a malicious version of the dnSpy debugger that installs hidden miners and Trojans on victims' computers. dnSpy is commonly used by researchers and developers to adjust and decompile programs. The software is also popular with cybersecurity professionals...

Joe Rogan crypto

Joe Rogan Hopes Cryptocurrencies Will Change the World


During a recent episode of the podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience ”with his fellow podcaster Adam Curry, the host said that he had a lot of hope for crypto. The two media personalities talked about the crypto industry among other subjects. In Rogan's opinion, crypto ether will fall apart, or it...


Citizens of China download the app for transactions with digital yuan


In-app stores for devices based on Android and Apple operating systems, the RMB transaction service ranked first in the number of downloads in China. This program is currently still in the testing phase. However, according to the results of the first week, after the application appeared in the...

Lympo hack LMT tokens

Sports NFT Platform Lympo Lost $18 M In a Hack


Lympo, a subsidiary of game development company Animoca Brands, focused on creating a sports NFTs ecosystem, was hacked. As announced, exploiting the hot wallet security vulnerability, the hacker managed to withdraw 165.2 M of the platform’s native utility LMT (Lympo Market Token) cryptos,...

Bill Miller

Billionaire Bill Miller invested up to 50% of his capital in bitcoin


Many large financiers are gradually changing their attitude towards bitcoin and are beginning to view it as a tool for hedging inflationary risks. For example, this point of view is shared by Paul Tudor Jones. Back in 2020, he admitted that he invested part of his capital in BTC. Now billionaire...

Gary Gensler Ethereum securities

Gary Gensler Doesn’t Say If He Finds Eth Is a Security or No


The US SEC chair Gery Gensler was asked whether he finds Ethereum is a security or not during a recent Squawk Box program. To the question of his views on Ether and XRP, which the regulator argues is security, Gensler said that he wasn't going to speak about a certain project during a public forum....


The economist allowed Bitcoin to fall below $40K amid high inflation


Bitcoin could break down $40,000 if inflation further exceeds market expectations. Economist Alex Kruger outlined a similar scenario amid the Fed tightening monetary policy. Sensitivity to macroeconomic news is due to changes in the Fed's monetary policy, Krueger is convinced. He recalled the...


Mirror Trading International, organizer of BTC pyramid, arrested in Brazil


The Brazilian military police have arrested the founder and CEO of the cryptocurrency pyramid Mirror Trading International (MTI) Johann Steinberg, who was wanted by Interpol and the FBI in 2019. Law enforcers began spying on the suspect immediately after receiving information about his location in...

Bitfarms January 2022 Bitcoin

Bitfarms Purchased 1000 Bitcoins


Nasdaq-listed Bitcoin self-mining company Bitfarms announced adding 1000 Bitcoins for $43.2 M to its holdings. Presently, the company owns more than 4300 coins. With the recent acquisition, Bitfarm's holdings of bitcoin went up by 30%. In the published press release, the mining operations provider...


Experts doubted possibility of making $800 on ETH mining via Tesla


San Francisco resident Siraj Raval uses his 2018 Tesla Model 3 to mine Ethereum cryptocurrency. According to the crypto enthusiast, he launched free mining software on an Apple Mac mini M1 computer by connecting it to the car's center console. Five graphics cards are powered by a Tesla battery....

crypto mining Kosovo

Kosovo Regulators Seized Mining Machines after the Ban


The police of Kosovo disclosed seizing 300 BTC mining machines on Jan. 8. In a release published by the country's police, it’s said that performing legal duties, officials together with the regulator Kosovo Customs found BTC mining hardware ANTIMER in the region of North Mitrovica. In another...


Argentine government prepares innovations for mining farms


Thanks to a fairly reasonable price for electricity, Argentina has been and is a very attractive country for companies that are mining bitcoin. But regular media reports suggest that this is about to change as state-owned electricity wholesaler Cammesa is planning to raise its price for mining...

Binance CZ wealth

Binance CEO CZ Is among the 15 Richest Billionaires


Changpeng Zhao, The CEO and founder of Binance, the leading crypto exchange by trading volume, is among the richest billionaires globally. According to a report by Bloomberg, with a fortune of $96 bln, CZ is now ahead of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Google co-founder Larry Page, and ranks 11th....


DhabiCoin is just hours away from making history in the crypto market


The countdown to the official listing of DhabiCoin (DBC) has started on six exchanges, three of them already at launch. In nine months of the ICO phase, DhabiCoin accomplished a feat never seen before in the crypto-actives market, overcoming the market's distrust and becoming one of the main bets...

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