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Bitcoin China crypto

China Releases New Warnings Against Bitcoin


The government of China released new warnings against Bitcoin and the crypto market. Given the recent price drop, China finds the Bitcoin price is heading to zero. Local media reports that a release from the state-run Economic Daily restates the negative attitude of the authorities against cryptos....


CoinFLEX Suspends Withdrawals and Trading of Its Token


Cryptocurrency derivatives platform CoinFLEX has suspended user withdrawals due to “extreme market conditions” and “counterparty uncertainty.” This was announced by the head of the company Mark Lamb. Lamb stressed that the said counterparty is not Three Arrows Capital (3AC) hedge fund or...


The Fed recommends Congress accelerate the development of a digital dollar


The Federal Reserve will recommend to Congress to expedite the Digital Dollar Launch Project (CBDC). As the head of the Federal Reserve Jerome Powell noted, the modernization of the financial infrastructure of the state requires certain decisions. However, this issue should not be a priority at...


Michael Saylor calls bitcoin a "lifeboat"


MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor reiterated the benefits of Bitcoin. He has previously repeatedly praised the leading digital currency and reminded us that his software company is one of the largest public holders of BTC. MicroStrategy will not sell Bitcoin even if the price falls below $10,000. In...

Changpeng Zhao Bitcoin

Binance CEO Says BTC Could Stay Below $69 K for Some Time


Changpeng Zhao, the founder, and CEO of the top cryptocurrency exchange platform Binance finds Bitcoin could stay below its all-time high of $69,000 for the next two years after the recent crypto market crash. In an interview with the Guardian, CZ noted 4 years ago people would have been very happy...


Binance.US Removes Fees for Bitcoin Transactions


It will be possible to buy and sell bitcoin on the American Binance.US platform without commissions. The administration cancels fees from BTC transactions carried out in tandem with the three leading stablecoins. As Binance.US CEO Brian Schroder noted, the new transaction processing procedure began...

Ontario Securities Commission crypto

Canada Took Enforcement Actions Against KuCoin and Bybit


Canadian monetary authority OSC (Ontario Securities Commission) published a release saying digital asset exchange platforms Bybit and KuCoin haven't complied with the securities laws. According to the publication, the platforms were not compliant with laws as they enabled Canadian residents to...

Arthur Hayes

Arthur Hayes expects increased pressure on bitcoin and ether


In mid-June, the founder of the BitMEX exchange, Arthur Hayes, did not rule out a stronger pullback for Bitcoin and Ethereum. In his opinion, if the leading digital currencies fall below the psychological levels of $20,000 and $1,000, then sales may become aggressive. This is exactly what we saw...


How Jax.Network makes Universal Basic Income a Reality via Blockchain


Experiments with universal basic income (UBI) started long ago and have taken place in many countries across the globe. Some of them were quite successful but they failed to scale and remain sustainable. While there are multiple reasons for UBI not lasting beyond the pilot stage in the real world...

Tether UK stablecoin

Tether Is Releasing a British Pound-Pegged Stablecoin


Tether introduced a new stablecoin. The digital asset will reflect the price of the UK’s official currency Pound Sterling. The GBP₮ coin will be brought to the market in July. According to a publication by Tether, the coin initially will be available on Ethereum. GBP₮ will be the fifth...


Interest in BTC on the Internet rose to the highest level since May 2021


The return of turbulence to the crypto market and the fall in the value of bitcoin caused a surge of interest on the Internet in the leading digital currency. According to the Google Trends service, last week the number of search queries for bitcoin reached the highest level since May last year....

Deloitte NYDIG crypto

NYDIG and Deloitte Collaborate to Help Companies Adopt Crypto


Bitcoin-dedicated fin. services provider NYDIG built a collaboration with top business consulting and services company Deloitte to help firms of various sizes to include digital currencies in their operations. The two companies will work on different BTC products such as banking, consumer loyalty...

Bitfarms Bitcoin mining

Mining Company Bitfarms Sold Half of Its Bitcoins


BTC mining company Bitfarms sold half of its Bitcoin holdings, which is 3,000 coins in the past week for around $62 M to reduce debt as the decline in the BTC price has had a negative impact on the business. The team wrote that it now holds around 3,349 Bitcoins, and daily BTC production of about...

Elon Musk about crypto

Elon Musk Mentioned He Had Never Said People Should Buy Crypto


At the Qatar Economic Forum, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk noted that he had never said people should buy cryptocurrencies. To the question of what he thinks about the current crypto market conditions and whether he still finds people should invest in crypto, the businessman answered he hadn't...

crypto lending Solend

Solend Canceled the Decision to Take Control Over Whale's Account


Solend, a decentralized lending protocol based on the Solana blockchain, recently voted to take control over a whale's account to mitigate risks related to liquidation. The network said if SOL drops and the whale gets liquidated, the platform may end up in debt. However, the next proposal...

Bitcoin Ether prices

Bitcoin Bounces Back to $20,000, Ether to $1,100


Most cryptos increased in price in the last 24 hours. Bitcoin and Ethereum gained around 10% and 15%, surpassing $20,000 and $1,100 respectively. The total crypto market cap increased by about 9% and currently stands at above $894 billion. Before the rally, on June 19, Bitcoin dropped below $18,000...

Elon Musk Dogecoin

Elon Musk Said He Will Keep Supporting Dogecoin


Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk tweeted on June 19 that he will continue to support Dogecoin, which is the first and most popular meme coin. One of the users replied to the post saying "Keep buying it then," to which Musk answered "I am". I will keep supporting Dogecoin—...

FBI LinkedIn crypto scams

FBI Warns About Crypto Scams on LinkedIn


The US investigative agency warned about the presence of crypto scammers on the popular professional platform LinkedIn. During an interview with CNBC, FBI special agent Sean Ragan said crypto fraudsters on LinkedIn are an essential threat to user safety. He added that there are a lot of potential...

Cryptocurrency came to us in 2009 and became a twofold phenomenon. Many think these assets will bring freedom to the traditional financial system: many suppose they can give opportunities to scammers and fraud. But no matter what, everyone understands that crypto has become a serious game-changer in world economics.

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