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Rio de Janeiro crypto city

Rio de Janeiro to Acquire BTC and Build Crypto City


Brazilian city Rio de Janeiro’s mayor Eduardo Paes, disclosed plans to buy BTC with 1% of the city's treasury funds at the Rio Innovation Week. Also, he said that there'll be up to 10% discount on prices in the case of BTC payments. As Paes stated, Rio aims to turn into South America's tech...


Investors withdrew more than 203,000 ETH from exchanges in a week


The price of Ether (ETH) has increased by almost 3.5% over the past 24 hours to $3342. According to the ViewBase platform, during the week investors withdrew 203,147 ETH from centralized crypto exchanges for a total amount of up to $682.997 million. The exchange balance of ETH in mid-January...

FTX ventures crypto

FTX Establishes $2B Fund to Invest in Crypto Startups


Cryptocurrency exchange FTX launched a new venture capital to back web3 and crypto startups. FTX Ventures will be led by Amy Wu, a partner at VC Lightspeed Venture. Previously, in November 2021, Lightspeed in the leadership of Wu, together with FTX and Solana Ventures, launched a $100 M Web3...

New York

Eric Adams: New York should become the center of crypto industry


New York Mayor Eric Adams, who was elected on November 2 and took office on the first day of 2022, gave an interview to a popular business publication. The media asked if the measure received a salary in bitcoins, which he announced even before his appointment. When asked by journalists, Adams...

Ripple SEC Eth docs

Ripple Will Access the SEC’s Docs on Ethereum, Judge Decided


As per a recent decision by the US Magistrate Judge Sarah Netburn, the SEC will disclose emails related to a speech, in which an ex-official William Hinman stated that Eth isn't a security in 2018. Then, he said that the cryptocurrency is decentralized enough. This speech plays a major role in the...

Seba CEO

SEBA Bank CEO predicted Bitcoin surge to $75,000


According to SEBA Bank CEO Guido Buhler, Bitcoin will continue to expand in 2022. The coin will rise in price as institutional investors enter it. Moreover, the businessman does not exclude that BTC will be able to soar in price up to $75,000. To improve the attractiveness of the cryptocurrency,...


LTC address activity has been on the rise since the end of December


In November, the price of Litecoin (LTC) exceeded $285, then the cryptocurrency began to fall. As a result of the December and January sales, the altcoin fell to $127. The rebound occurred in the middle of the current week. On January 12, LTC jumped over 5% to $140.1. Cryptocurrency wins back...

Tesla merch Dogecoin

Tesla Now Accepts Dogecoin for Some Products


Electric vehicle company Tesla started accepting Dogecoin for merch as Elon Musk tweeted today. Tesla merch buyable with Dogecoin— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) January 14, 2022 ...


Robinhood says it has no plans to invest in bitcoin


Despite significant customer demand, online broker Robinhood has no intention of investing corporate funds in digital assets. That was announced at the conference The Wall Street Journal by CFO Jason Warnick. “We don't have a compelling strategic reason to invest a significant portion of...


BTC gains price amid improving situation in the US stock market


The improvement in the situation in the American stock market had a positive effect on the positions of both bitcoin and other digital currencies. The night before, BTC jumped above $ 44,100, the highest value since January 6. The correction took place this morning during Asian trading. At the time...

Hong Kong

Hong Kong authorities to tighten control over stablecoin issuers


The Hong Kong Monetary Authority fears that stablecoin issuers have insufficient reserves to back up all of their tokens. To this end, the regulator plans to tighten control over such companies to protect investors. On the eve of the Department published a document in which it spoke about the risks...


FTX CEO calls for unified crypto regulation system


Many representatives of the cryptocurrency industry periodically state that the digital asset market will grow at the expense of institutional capital. However, for the penetration of investment funds and financial companies into the crypto sphere, it is necessary to legalize it. According to the...

derivatives trading Coinbase

Coinbase To Acquire FairX and Offer Derivatives Trading


Popular crypto exchange Coinbase unveiled the upcoming purchase of FairX, a platform that delivers futures products. In a release published by the company, the team said that the goal is to provide derivatives trading, both for retail traders and institutions for all U.S.users. At start, the market...


Morocco residents sharply increase their investment in BTC in 2021


Morocco tops the ranking of North African countries in terms of bitcoin investment. According to the Singapore platform Triple-A, approximately 2.4% of the population of this state, or 0.9 million people, have already bought digital currencies. In terms of the number of bitcoin investors, Morocco...


Bitcoin network sales are unprofitable


The dominance of a negative trend in the market is evidenced by a decrease in the SOPR indicator. Most addresses are selling cryptocurrency at a loss in the current cycle, as evidenced by the latest data from the CryptoQuant team. The SOPR index displays the financial performance of the addresses...

International Monetary fund cryptos

IMF Says Crypto's Growth Raises Fin. Stability Concerns


On January 11, the International Monetary Fund issued a report on cryptos. The institution said that BTC and other digital currencies have grown from an unknown asset category to an integral component of the digital money revolution, which causes financial stability worries. The IMF mentioned that...

Pudgy Penguins

The cost of Pudgy Penguins NFT increased by 50% in just one day


Recently, many analytical business publications writing about cryptocurrency pointed to an unexpected rise in the price of Pudgy Penguins NFT. The cost of non-fungible tokens of this project increased by 53.6% in just a day. Experts attribute this to the fact that an indefatigable scandal has...

Near protocol crypto

NEAR Protocol (NEAR) Hit a New All-time High of Over $18


The price of the native token of the dapp platform Near Protocol, NEAR hit a new all-time high of $18.28. In the last 24 hours, the NEAR price went up by over 14%. At the moment, NEAR is the 19th largest crypto with a market cap. of more than $11 bln The number of projects built upon the protocol...

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