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Mike Novogratz drew attention to the weakening of the activity of sellers


Despite strong sell-offs in the stock market last Thursday, bitcoin was able to stay above $19,000. On Friday, September 30, the largest digital currency is trading at $19,551. Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz believes that BTC held steady in September because the majority of investors left the...


Kazakhstan is preparing to legalize cryptocurrency transactions


The authorities of Kazakhstan allowed cryptocurrency exchanges to open bank accounts within the framework of the special economic zone. Thus, the government has taken another step toward legalizing the digital asset market. It became known yesterday that Kazakhstan is preparing to allow the...

Telefonica crypto payments

Spain's Top Telecom Company Now Accepts Crypto Payments


Spain's largest telecommunications company Telefónica enables purchases in Bitcoin, Ether, and other cryptocurrencies for its online tech marketplace Tu. To offer this option, the company partners with the cryptocurrency exchange Bit2Me. Telefónica also launched its NFT marketplace that operates...

Hinman speech XRP

Judge Torres Ordered the SEC to Present Hinman's Speech Documents


Ripple scored an essential victory in the case with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. According to judge Analisa Torres' decision revealed on Sept. 29, the financial regulator should present documents by Bill Hinman, former director of the SEC's Division of Corporation Finance. The judge...


LFG denied information about sending 3313 bitcoins to exchanges


Do Kwon's partner, the Luna Foundation Guard, formally refuted claims that he delivered 3313 bitcoins to exchanges, according to the reports. The CryptoQuant team delivered such information at the start of the week. Analysts discovered that LFG transmitted 3313 BTC to the platforms OKX and KuCoin...

Christine Lagarde cryptocurrencies

ECB President Concerned that Crypto Can Affect CBs Negatively


At an international conference held by the Banque de France, the president of the European Central Bank, Christine Lagarde expressed her concerns about cryptocurrencies. She mentioned two main points regarding crypto assets in general. Lagarde says that the evolution of the industry was stormy as...


TV presenter Kevin O'Leary explains why Jamie Dimon is afraid of BTC


JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon has been critical of digital currencies over the past few years. Bitcoin, in his opinion, poses the greatest threat to the financial sector. TV presenter Kevin O'Leary explained why the banker is so critical of cryptocurrencies. According to him, Dimon fears that...


Bitcoin falls below $19K amid a return of negativity to stock markets


On Wednesday, September 28, cryptocurrencies were again in the red zone against the backdrop of increasing pressure on the stock markets. The bitcoin rate fell to $18,700, the coin continues to trade at a two-week low. Ethereum rolled back to $1282. The Merge fork did not improve the attractiveness...


The trading volume of the BTC/GBP pair is growing


Trading from misty Albion was compelled to migrate to bitcoin as a result of the British pound's decline versus the US dollar. Over the previous several days, the BTC/GBP pair's trade volume has been rising. The cryptocurrency exchanges Bitfinex and Bitstamp saw the highest increase in activity...

Robinhood crypto wallet

Robinhood Launches Its Crypto Wallet with Polygon for Some Users


Fintech company Robinhood will issue a beta version of its non-custodial digital asset wallet to 10,000 iOS customers on its waitlist. First, the company revealed the plans for launching a wallet in May. The Chief Technical Officer of the platform, Johann Kerbrat tweeted that Polygon will be the...


Tether launches tokens on the Polkadot blockchain


Tokens based on Polkadot have been released by the largest stablecoin, Tether (USDT). Polkadot is one of the most well-liked ecosystems on which Web3 applications are based, according to the USDT issuer in a statement. Tether chose to launch stablecoins on this blockchain to provide their users...

FTX Voyager bid

Crypto Exchange FTX Wins the Auction to Buy Voyager's Assets


FTX US won the bid to acquire the bankrupt Voyager’s digital assets. An announcement by the crypto lending company says the auction included lots of participants and took 2 weeks of multiple rounds. As a result, FTX US offered the highest and the best bid. FTX US's bid was valued at around $1.422...


The number of NFT holders grew by more than 30% in three months


The NFT market has expanded significantly over the past two years. The number of holders of tokenized collections continues to grow despite the dominance of bearish sentiment in the cryptosphere. The development of the NFT industry has forced some governments to create an infrastructure for digital...

Australia crypto adoption

1 M Australians Have Plans to Buy Crypto Over the Next 12 Months


Annual crypto survey by the Australian crypto exchange Swyftx reveals that despite the Crypto Winter, Australian crypto ownership increased by 4% year on year. In 2021, 17% of the survey participants owned crypto, while this year this metric reached 21%. Results show that Australians have long-term...


Brazil to check exchanges for compliance with anti-money laundering laws


In connection with a money laundering probe, six cryptocurrency exchanges' operations have been under scrutiny since last Thursday by Brazilian law officials. The nation's officials claim that both people and businesses might use digital currency to legitimate illegal earnings and avoid paying...

Bank of America

Bank of America calls for considering crypto as a class of risky assets


Cryptocurrencies should be viewed as risky assets, Bank of America said in a report. Bank analysts are skeptical about the medium-term prospects for bitcoin and other virtual currencies. Back in the middle of summer, Bank of America recorded a weakening in investor interest in an innovative tool....

Kraken crypto exchange SEC

Kraken’s Incoming CEO Has No Plans to Register With the SEC


Crypto exchange Kraken's newly appointed CEO Dave Ripley said he has no intentions to register with the US Securities and Exchange Commission because Kraken doesn't offer users to trade securities. According to Reuters, the executive added that there are no plans to delist any securities that the...

Do Kwon Terra Luna

Interpol Released Red Notice for Terra Luna Founder Do Kwon


Interpol is looking for Terraform Labs co-founder Do Kwon. The organization issued a red notice for him. According to a report by Bloomberg, Interpol requested law enforcement worldwide to locate and arrest Do Kwon related to the $60 billion worth of cryptocurrencies wiped out of the market. ...

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