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Ether Ripple Vitalik Buterin

Vitalik Buterin's Tweet About XRP Started a Debate


Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin replied to a tweet by Bankless founder David Hoffman about the new crypto regulatory changes in Canada. The rules define that investors are allowed to buy an unlimited amount of Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. However, there is a $20,000 limit for...

Jesse Powell

Kraken CEO criticizes US authorities for sanctions against Tornado Cash


The imposition of sanctions against the Tornado Cash cryptocurrency service caused discontent among many experts and businesses focused on the blockchain industry. Jesse Powell, CEO of the Kraken exchange, joined the critics of the decision of the US Treasury. He believes that limiting the...


Dogecoin corrects as sales resume


The Dogecoin rate soared to $0.0876 last Tuesday, the highest value since the beginning of June 2022. Altcoin began to add value at the end of last week. The Santimemt team has spotted a spike in whale activity on the Dogecoin network. The blockchain saw a surge in transactions of over $100,000....

OTR gas stations crypto payments

Australian Gas Station OTR Now Accepts Cryptocurrencies


On The Run (OTR) petrol stations partners with the crypto exchange company and payment terminal provider DataMesh Group to offer customers the opportunity to pay in cryptos. Due to the partnership, customers can pay directly in-store for everyday goods through the application...


Losses of the largest bitcoin miners exceeded $1 billion


As a result of the collapse of bitcoin, the largest mining companies suffered heavy losses. The list of victims is headed by miners Core Scientific, Marathon, and Riot. Their total losses have exceeded $1 billion since the collapse of the Terra ecosystem. Other companies Bitfarms and Greenidge also...


Coinbase Plans to Suspend ERC-20 Token Transactions During Merge Update


The largest American cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase announced the suspension of transactions with ERC-20 standard tokens during the September Merge update. Last Tuesday, the company's press service announced support for the long-awaited fork, designed to complete the transition of Ethereum to the...


Capitalization of Tether increased by $2 billion


In early August, the US Treasury imposed sanctions against the Tornado Cash service, which allows anonymous sending of digital currencies. Washington has evidence that this site was used for money laundering. The capitalization of the stablecoin Tether (USDT) has increased by almost $2 billion...


Institutional investors again began withdrawing capital from crypto funds


CoinShares analysts recorded the first outflow of institutional capital from crypto funds in the last six weeks. The researchers estimate that over seven days, large investors withdrew $17 million from crypto-focused funds. Bitcoin instruments lost $21 million, but traders put $2.6 million into...

Chainalysis crypto crime

Crypto Crime Fell by 25% This Year, Chainalysis Reports


Blockchain data platform Chainalyis released an update on the mid-year crypto crime. According to data, illicit activities fall and notable expectations are predicted. Chainalyis says 2022 has been a significant year for the crypto industry, with essential price declines across all digital assets...

Inc. 5000 Ripple

Ripple, Distributed Ledger, and BlockFi Listed in the Inc. 5000


Inc. 5000 magazine, which introduces the fastest growing companies in the United States, released its 2022 edition. Companies on the list are ranked according to percentage revenue growth from 2018 to 2021. To be on the list, companies must have been founded and generating revenue by March 31,...

Celsius bitcoin mining

Court Allowed the Bankrupt Celsius to Mine and Sell Bitcoin


Crypto platform Celsius got approval from a U.S bankruptcy judge to mine and sell bitcoins. According to the court document, mining is one of the main operations of Celsius, which Debtor subsidiary Celsius Mining LLC is among the largest crypto mining firms in the US. The release also noted the...


Binance is preparing to receive a license from Kazakhstan


In May 2022, the CEO of the Binance exchange, Changpeng Zhao, visited Kazakhstan and conferred options for cooperation with the President of the Republic, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev. The crypto company expressed its readiness to help this Asian state in the formation of its own blockchain...

BitGo Galaxy Digital

BitGo Sues Galaxy Digital for Canceling $1.2 B Deal


BitGo, a crypto company based in California is going to sue investment manager Galaxy Digital for calling off a $1.2 bln purchase deal. Galaxy says the reason for the step is that BitGo didn’t present audited financial reports for 2021 that meet the demands of the deal. The company added they...


Litecoin failed to hold on to a two-month high


Litecoin (LTC) reached its highest level since the beginning of the summer over the weekend. On August 14, on some trading floors, the altcoin broke above $65 - this is the maximum value since June 8. However, LTC could not break the resistance in this area, and the rollback resumed on...

Jurrien Timmer crypto adoption

Fidelity Exec Says Stablecoins Could Accelerate BTC Adoption


In the latest Crypto Banter episode, the Director of Global Macro at Fidelity Investments, Jurrien Timmer said he believes stablecoins pegged to the dollar will increase the adoption of Bitcoin. According to Timmer, if stablecoins are regulated, and there aren't negative headlines that we had seen,...

Fed crypto

Fed Released Guidelines for Cryptocurrency Banks


The US Federal Reserve issued guidelines for evaluating account and services requests. On Monday, the Central Banks announced that its Board of Directors established a three-tiered review framework to provide additional clarity considering due diligence and scrutiny. Fed says there are different...


Stablecoin AUSD collapsed to $0.05 after a hacker attack


Unknown people attacked the Polkadot-based Acala Network protocol and issued more than 1.2 billion AUSD. As a result, the price of the stablecoin at the moment fell to $0.05. The stablecoin is worth $0.87 as of this writing. "We have discovered an AUSD-related Honzon protocol setup problem....


Shares of mining companies soared by 120% in a month


Against the background of the resumption of capital inflows into the cryptosphere, mining companies were able to win back the losses incurred in May and June. Shares of the largest miners have, on average, rebounded 120% since the beginning of July, according to Yahoo Finance. In particular, shares...

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