Quant Ecosystem’s QNT Token Grows by 40% In a Week

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Quant Network QNT

QNT, the native crypto of the blockchain interoperability network Quant, saw about 40% price increase in the last 7 days despite bear market trends continuing to dominate.

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Currently, QNT is the 28th largest crypto with over $2.6 billion market cap. The token trades at around $218.

Quant was founded in 2015. The network uses Overledger technology to ensure interaction with various blockchains. QNT powers the ecosystem serving as a means for payment.

QNT's recent price increase is related to recent developments of the network.

Previously, in June, Quant announced a tokenization product, which enables developers to release crypto tokens on Polygon, Ethereum, and XDC Network. Later, in August the team informed the community about launching a non fungible token standard QRC-721.