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Shop to crypto cashback with CLYTIE


Crypto cashback, or crypto cashback reward program, is a type of incentive program in which an amount of Bitcoin is paid to a customer upon their purchases at the store. In other words, when users buy goods, they are immediately rewarded with a small percentage of money spent. The reward is usually...

Ulti Arena

NFT Marketplace for Game Assets launching Private Sale


Designing Indie or AAA game assets is no easy feat. There are millions of 2D/3D characters, weapons, sprites, music, sound, user interfaces available on various marketplaces out there. But tracing all those assets to original creators is extremely difficult. Once an Artist or Developer sells...

Alium Finance

Alium Finance FLASH ZENDIT: Announcement + Participation


$ALM Pool Opens on Thursday, May 20th, 2 PM UTC Layer 2 solutions undoubtedly have helped make cryptocurrencies much more accessible to the average user while AMMs has made it users much more accessible to projects. With DeFi and NFTs also finding more use cases, one project, Alium Finance aims to...


The STC Token is live-and over 10 crypto exchanges are ready


Being backed up by over 500 universities due to its unique approach towards students and cryptocurrencies, Student Coin succeeded in selling all its STC tokens dedicated to the ICO. Although the Launchpad was intended to last until April 30th, the 150th phase ended nine days sooner due to the...

Artichain Finance

Artichain Finance: AI-Smart contract generator united AMM


Decentralized finance startup,, known for being the first automated market makers (AMM) that integrated yield farming with artificial intelligence-smart contract is now running on Binance Smart Chain, with lots of other features that let you earn and win tokens. This artificial...

Ken the Crypto

Ken The Crypto tells How to Get the Most out of the Bull Run


The year 2021 is what people call the "Bitcoin Year", and the reason is self-explanatory. This recent bull-run has brought to the crypto community not only vendors but also institutions and big businesses. Elon Musk invested $1.5 billion in Bitcoin, and in less than a month, he got a $1...


Hips Payment Group Launches Merchant Token (MTO)


Solution supports decentralized finance (DeFi) trend with consumer protection via smart contracts. DUBLIN, Ireland (April 1, 2021) – HIPS Payment Group Ltd., a provider of innovative and cost-effective e-commerce and mobile payment solutions, today announced that their highly anticipated...


OpenDAX3 Crypto Trading Platform Launch by Openware, Inc.


OpenDAX3 is one of the most awaited open-source Blockchain cryptocurrency exchange software products of Openware, announced for release on March 2021. Openware is a trusted Blockchain software development company focused on the development of advanced cryptocurrency trading software platforms. The...


Islamic Finance Meets Blockchain Technology


Caizcoin marks the next step in the cryptocurrency domain - bringing blockchain technology to Islamic business enthusiasts. Its fully own blockchain bears the name of Caizchain, which will be ready for the public during the next months.Why is this great news? Because we’re talking about the first...

Crypto Buds

Crypto Buds unveils full collection of 10K collectibles


TORONTO, March 30th, 2021 / Crypto Buds has released a completely original, inaugural collection of 10,000 NFT digital playing cards for sale to the general public. At the time of writing this, 1824 tokens have been sold and only 176 remain before the next price definitely act now and...

Student Coin

Join the Most Awaited ICO of the Year


After 12 years of existence, it was about time for crypto to be recognized as it deserves. Step by step, blockchain technology made its way to public institutions after it conquered vendors and business enthusiasts. With all the issues that came with bank services, no wonder people are so hyped...

Crypto Buds

Crypto Buds Unveils Collection of 10K Digital Playing Cards


Representing First NFT Card Collection Ever Created for a Booming Crypto Art Market Over 200 tokens sold in the first hour, with over 1400 sold within the first week! Toronto,Canada March 23, 2021 – Crypto Buds ( announced it had officially launched its business,...


FROGE Coin is now Live - Get it while it’s fresh


Today marks the launch of the biggest meme coin competitor- Froge Coin. The blockchain is an all-in-one cryptosystem that will include a crypto coin and an up-to-date crypto blockchain. Yes, you heard that right! Froge is a crypto coin that's sure to bring joy and happiness to all its users. And...

Netbox.Global announces new update on Whitepaper and Roadmap


Driven by the desire to make everything as accessible to people as possible, the team behind the Netbox.Global brand has updated its data on the services and products offered. It has also expanded its product portfolio to cover what online browsers offer, discovering new utilities for blockchain...

MGT Solar

MGT Solar - new project joining blockchain with green energy


MGT Solar launches an innovative new project combining blockchain with a sustainable green energy solution. Token holders have the benefit of earning dividends by holding their...

BambooDeFilaunches IEO

BambooDeFi Launches an Initial Exchange Offering


Ethereum-deployed protocol BambooDeFi announced the launch of Bamboo Token IEO listed on CHAINX exchange. The project aims to promote DeFi technology and offers people an alternative to the traditional banking system. It allows opening an account without having to tell any personal information....

USDT in poker

USDT Is A Game Changer For Online Poker


CoinPoker - the flagman of the industry, the biggest and the oldest pure crypto poker room is the first to introduce USDT as the in-game currency, solving the ever prevailing volatility issues and creating grounds for accelerated growth. Alongside launches two promotions giving away 100,000 GTD in...

DeepTradeBot: The innovation of large companies

DeepTradeBot: The innovation of large companies


The world has evolved enormously in recent years, and the world of investment and speculation has been no stranger to this evolution. Currently more than 40% of the operations carried out in the main world stock exchanges are operated by automatic robots (according to the digital newspaper...

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