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Win up to 150,000 USDT at PlayV's First Trading Event


Do you find it challenging to invest in cryptocurrency? Do you always sell your coins at a loss? You've missed the 'moonshot' coins, and you have no idea at which point you should sell your HODL coins? That's okay; many of you say the same, so we created PlayV, the crypto trading strategy...


Who will be the big gainers in 2022 - SFM, SHIB, BRISE, HUH or APEBUSD?


With Bitcoin (BTC and Ethereum (ETH) at their lowest point in months, the market is positioned for a turnaround and a sharp rise back to an all-time high as it did following the dip of July 2021. Aside from the well-known cryptos, there has been a lot of growth recently in the whole market. ApeBUSD...

Flashloans Staking — A New Way to Earn Crypto


This week we announced that the Staking platform feature will be going live, we now have all the membership levels and staking benefits. So let’s take a look what staking is, the staking functionality on the platform and how it works. What is Staking? Staking is a...


iNf4mation records huge Pre-Sale with 6.62M visitors in just 72 hours


*iNf4mation’s first-ever pre-sale not only gets completed in just 2 days but also records the longest queue waiting time. December 21, 2021: Next-gen data privacy platform iNf4mation witnessed a roaring success with its recently concluded first pre-sale round this month. The presale was so...

Shiba inu classic



SHIBA INU CLASSIC, is generating a lot of interest among crypto enthusiasts and among the early stage investors in crypto projects, as its IEO ( Initial Exchange offering) was sold out in less than 4 seconds on Kanga Exchange. The IEO was scheduled to be held on 22nd Nov, 2021 at 10 AM UTC. The...


DhabiCoin Signs with the LBANK Exchange and Is on Six Exchanges Worldwide


The team behind DhabiCoin (DBC) hasn't stopped working for a moment since the DBC token began its ICO phase in March of this year. That's because the DBC team's commitment has always been to bring to its investors and the cryptocurrencies world market what is most innovative, safe, and promising...

Passive token

Passive Token - Generating True Passive Income


Recently launched Passive Token brings new meaning to the term ‘passive income’. True passive income is often hard to achieve without extensive work and initial investment. Passive Token aims to change this with it’s unique tokenomics model and ecosystem. Part of the Retire Token ecosystem,...

Premier League

LassoCoin Launches with the Premier League in its Sights


December 20, 2021 — LassoCoin launched last week as the first-ever 100% crypto holder controlled English Football Team. LassoCoin will save a 100+ year old club on the brink of bankruptcy due to COVID, providing the club with capital to develop into a serious contender and earn a promotion to the...

TLT token, product of Madagascar Time is here to Takeover the Lottery Industry

TLT token, product of Madagascar Time is here to Takeover the Lottery Industry


On 9 December, Madagascar Time Limited, an uprising start-up project, released its sister token TLT (Times Lottery Takeover). This unprecedented and incredibly efficient lottery system uses blockchain technology which creates transparency so that everyone can publicly see the rewards sent fairly....


Rent Hardware and Mint Tokens with WEWE


WEWE Global has launched its latest product: Cloud Minting Program, to take part in the minting of tokens. The advantage it offers is that buying a program gives you a rental contract for hardware that will produce tokens. This hardware does all the work, and as a customer you receive free tokens...

Tron Sender - Bulk Send Tron tokens from A CSV file

Tron Sender - Bulk Send Tron tokens from A CSV file


Tron Senders Bulk sending tool allows you to distribute Tron, TRC10 and TRC20 tokens to multiple wallet addresses and easily Distribute tokens from a CSV file Anyone conducting an airdrop to promote their project and wants to reward its users or advocates in their token should check out...




In November 2021, Grayscale published a report titled, "The Metaverse, Web 3.0 Virtual Cloud Economies." Written by Grayscale's research analyst Matt Maximo and head of research, David Grider, the report focused on metaverse education, explaining the possibilities presented by this rising... crypto swap platform

Start using Bitcoin Lightning Network on


Instant Swap platform lately announced it had integrated Bitcoin Lightning Network into its accountless platform. is an account free crypto swap platform which lets users to swap up to 40 cryptocurrencies in a secure and instant manner. With just one click visitors can swap tokens...


Myntfarm Offers a Way for Anyone to Participate in Crypto Mining


With the rise of crypto currency, more people are mining at home or are interested in trying. Crypto mining allows you to generate a constant stream of crypto by submitting processed transactions or “Blocks”. However, running a mining unit in a residential home tends to negatively impact the...


TRADOCAPS, DeFi Smart Investment, is releasing the SEED SALE of $TADOC


On November 20th, 2021, TRADOCAPS, a new ecosystem powered by BSC Chain, released the SEED SALE of its native token, $TADOC. TRADOCAPS aspires to integrate all smart traders, investors, and crypto assets into a unified blockchain ecosystem via smart contracts, which will make trading experience...


CODI Finance, DeFi Ecosystem On Solana, Announces IDO


November 11, 2021 - After recently extending its Private Sale to November 14th and raising the minimum buy-in price for investors, CODI is proceeding with plans for an IDO on November 7 in the hopes of accelerating the CODI platform's launch. CODI's IDO would start on November 7, 2021, with a 10%...


Phaeton Goes Into Partnerships To Foster Goals Achievement


On The widespread of Blockchain technology continues to foster innovations and businesses globally. Recently, Phaeton released a first-of-its-kind renewable-energy-powered Blockchain named after the birthing company Phaeton Blockchain. With its Smart Contracts and Sidechain functionalities, the...


DhabiCoin (DBC) announces the partnership with BigOne Exchange


One is not enough, two is good, three is necessary! Now it's on five exchanges for launch is an extraordinary achievement in the world of cryptocurrencies, and this feat has just been achieved by the DhabiCoin (DBC) token. DhabiCoin (DBC) announced on its social networks another pre-listing...

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