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Understanding Cryptocurrency Taxes


In countries like the U.S., cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum are regarded as ‘property’ for tax considerations. When you sell, trade, or otherwise get rid of your cryptocurrency in whatever way, you are more likely to incur capital gains and capital losses on your investments in crypto, just...


Top Blockchain Data APIs


The cryptocurrency, blockchain, and DeFi industries generate genuine interest among developers. To ensure that your project gets the very best features and functionality it requires, it is vital to use a crypto data API. Using a set of definitions and protocols, APIs are techniques that let two...


Top 5 NFT Software Developers


NFTs are trendy these days, that's why we have decided to make a top NFT software development company, so you can choose wisely when you need this kind of service. Let's make everything clear and start with the understanding of the NFT concept itself. What Is NFT? A unit of account known as an NFT,...


Top 5 DeFi Development Companies


The decentralized finance (DeFi) market has been in the spotlight for years. This segment is changing a lot of processes in business and investments. Using DeFi tools opens up new perspectives for entrepreneurs, but how to choose a company that will help extend your business or bring your ideas to...


How To Protect My Crypto Project During the Crash?


It's no secret that the crypto industry is going through a tough time. Prices are crashing, investors are fleeing, and regulatory uncertainty is hanging over the entire sector. So, what can you do to protect your crypto project during this tumultuous period? First and foremost, it's essential to...


What is Metaverse: the concept of the new world


Metaverse Essentials The word metaverse itself was coined by science fiction writer Stephenson in his novel Snow Crash. According to the plot, the world is experiencing a global catastrophe. The usual Internet is no longer popular, the metaverse has come instead. Instead of real life, people live...

Ethereum scaling solutions explained

What Are Ethereum Offchain Scaling Solutions?


Ethereum is the most used blockchain protocol as of December 2021. However, as the network is heavily congested, it faces difficulties such as high transactional costs and delayed operations. Meanwhile, alternative blockchain ecosystems continue to grow, making the competition stronger. At the...


What are cross-chain bridges?


What are cross-chain bridges? These are decentralized applications that allow the same asset to be transferred between different blockchains. Cross-chain bridges allow you to move tokens of various standards (ERC-20, BEP-20, and others) between blockchains. There are also cross-chain bridges that...

Crypto Slots

Best Crypto Slot and Casino Software Developers


Cryptocurrencies struggled to find a place to fit in a world ruled by fiat currencies. Mainstream financial networks didn't rush to welcome digital capital into centralized banking networks. However, online gambling platforms saw potential in crypto tokens. Cryptocurrencies and online gambling...


Nine reasons to learn blockchain technology


Blockchain and Bitcoin go hand in hand. The younger brothers of BTC are the rest of the cryptocurrencies (altcoins) and tokens that are mentioned when discussing the ICO. Many people know that cryptocurrencies gain strength only thanks to the peculiarities and power of the technology. However, many...

Crypto pyramid

The history of two largest cryptocurrency pyramids


Cryptocurrencies have many benefits, for example, low transfer fees, fast transactions, limited emission, etc. But despite this, digital assets still have a controversial reputation that hinders their recognition in the society. One of the reasons for this is financial pyramids. This term is used...

NFTs and why are they special

What Are NFTs? What's So Special About Them?


NFTs represent a different world in decentralization. Although the first of them was created in 2014 by New York artist Kevin McCoy, and the term was defined later, in 2017, it is in 2021 that the popularity of these tokens has seen significant growth. But, what are NFTs, and what's special about...

Olympus Token

The Greatest Worldwide Stories Found Their Way to Crypto


Anybody can tell or write a story, but not every story survives the passing of time. The greatest tales of all time are the ones with powerful intrigues and challenges. They can inspire people for thousands of years, no matter the domain they activate. Crypto is not an exception. In this article,...


How to identify controlled and censor-resistant blockchains


Not all blockchains are the same. Every week we hear about new blockchain applications that promise us a better and brighter future. Now the blockchain is used not only for cryptocurrencies - there are absolutely new and even unexpected ways of using it. Given the wide variety of alleged use cases...


How to choose a DeFi platform


Now that the cryptocurrency domain has gotten so much hype between economists, a lot of entrepreneurs took advantage of the opportunity and founded their own DeFi project. Now that there are so many options, how can you possibly choose one to invest in? Luckily, we gathered here everything you...


How to protect data on the blockchain?


Blockchain is advertised as one of the most secure technologies, which uses a high degree of data encryption, which almost completely protects them from unauthorized and fraudulent changes. Despite this, security threats exist. They can be avoided by adhering to the principles below. 1. Storage of...


Three things you shouldn't do when price of Bitcoin drops


Digital currencies and blockchain technology have already stood the test of time. If once cryptocurrencies and even their technology were considered a bubble, now many companies and investors are betting on them. The volatility of bitcoin attracts many investors, who mostly act on the latest news...

Binance guide

A Guide to Binance and the BNB Token


Binance is one of the most widely used crypto exchanges on a global scale. It provides trading and brokerage services. The name of the platform consists of two words "binary" and "finance", which means digital finance as in the IT industry binary refers to the system that only...

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