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DeFi News

DeFi is a big trend in blockchain technology nowadays, and it’s becoming more and more popular every month. If you are seeking the latest news related to decentralized finance technology, companies that have adopted it, and many other innovations, then you have come to the right place. Blockchain Today is providing readers with the most accurate DeFi news and not only. Subscribe to our newsletter not to miss the most interesting articles about this new technology.

European Commission DeFi

EU Commission Study Says DeFi Needs New Kind of Regulation


The European Union Commission released a new report on the regulation and supervision of decentralized finance, which says the industry requires new rules. The report mentions key differences between traditional finance and DeFi, saying instead of relying on a legal entity, DeFi protocols are...

Mango Markets hack

Mango Markets Hacker Gets $50 M of the Funds


DeFi platform Mango delivered updates on the recent $100 M hack. The team tweeted that $67 M in various cryptocurrencies have been returned to the DAO, while the hacker kept around $50 M. $67M in various crypto assets have been returned to the DAO. Let’s meet up on Monday 3 PM UTC on the Mango...


MakerDAO DeFi Protocol Revenue Drops 86%


In the third quarter, the income of one of the oldest DeFi projects MakerDAO collapsed by 86%, drawing attention to the analytical company Messari. An analyst under the pseudonym Johnny_TVL cited falling demand for loans and several large liquidations as the reasons. The protocol's revenue fell to...


Hacker withdrew $2.3 million from TempleDAO


On October 11, an unidentified individual obtained 1,831 ETH (about $2.3 million) from one of the staking vaults by abusing a flaw in the TempleDAO DeFi project smart contract. The team pledged to reimburse users who were harmed by the hack. The attacker withdrew a total of 321,154 xLP tokens in a...

Mango DeFi hack

DeFi Platform Mango Hit With $100 M Hack


Solana-based DeFi platform Mango was hacked and lost $100 M as a result. Blockchain audit company OtterSec tweeted that attackers were able to manipulate their Mango collateral. They managed to temporarily spike up their collateral value and take out large loans from the Mango treasury. According...


DApps user activity up 3.7% in August


In May, not only the value of leading digital currencies collapse but also the activity of users of blockchain applications (DApps) sharply weakened. The recovery trend was outlined at the end of the summer, according to the report of the DappRadar team. The average daily number of active addresses...

DeFi Kyber Network

KyberSwap Suffers a Frontend Exploit of $265,000


KyberSwap, a decentralized crypto exchange aggregator and liquidity platform developed by Kyber Network was hacked. Today the team announced that they identified and fixed the issue leading to a frontend attack. The protocol added that affected users will be compensated. The team tweeted that they...

FBI warns against DeFi crimes

FBI Warns Against DeFi Crimes


On August 29, The Federal Bureau of Investigation released an announcement warning investors that the number of exploits in DeFi platforms has been growing resulting in investors' losing money. The authority encouraged investors who suspect criminals that have stolen their investments to contact...

DeFi stablecoins Ethereum

Report Says Ethereum Merge Will Negatively Impact DeFi Stablecoins


A new report by Dapp Radar says Ethereum is currently the largest blockchain on which DeFi apps and protocols operate, and the upcoming network upgrade will have an impact on DeFi stablecoins. Stablecoins are an essential part for DeFi, as they are often used in deals to facilitate trading or as...

DeFi Uniswap

Uniswap Blocked Over 250 Addresses Associated with Crypto Crimes


Popular DEX and automated market maker Uniswap has blocked over 250 addresses saying they were related to the sanctioned crypto mixer Tornado Cash or to stolen funds. Yearn.Finance developer Banteg tweeted that 30 of the addresses have a related Ethereum Name Service ID, and they are supposedly...


DeFi platform Oasis will block sanctioned addresses


Sanctioned wallets will not be able to access the Oasis DeFi platform application at the front-end level. As a result of the change in the Terms of Service, addresses marked as high risk will be prohibited by the platform from using to manage positions and withdraw funds. “We recently...

Curve Finance hack

Curve Finance Lost $570,000 as Its Frontend Was Compromised


DeFi protocol Curve Finance was hacked as attackers managed to exploit the frontend. The platform announced that the problem has been detected and reverted. At the same time, the team advised users to revoke any contracts on Curve that they may have in the last several hours. Curve also asked users...

DeFi Aave

Aave Teams up With Pocket Network to Enhance Dapp Development


Popular DeFi platform Aave joined forces with web3 infrastructure Pocket Network to provide higher scalability, and make the development process easier. Aave will benefit from Pocket's 44,000 nodes to get data from various decentralized apps. Also, the integration will allow developers to receive...

Uniswap DeFi phishing attack

Uniswap CEO Warns About Phishing Attack


Changpeng Zhao (CZ), the CEO of the crypto exchange Binance, tweeted yesterday that their threat intel noticed a potential exploit on Uniswap V3. He also wrote that the hacker managed to steal 4295 Ethers (worth about $4.6 M) and launder them via the mixing tool Tornado Cash. CZ said he wants to...

Aave DeFi stablecoins

DeFi Protocol Aave Intends to Issue Its Stablecoin


Decentralized network Aave intends to bring its stablecoin to the sector. The platform's founder Stani Kulechov tweeted that the team has developed an ARC for the stablecoin named GHO. In a proposal, Aave said with community’s voting GHO can be issued on Aave and let users mint the coin adding...

Convex Finance

A hacker attacked the DNS server of the Convex Finance project


The attacker took control of the DNS server of the Convex Finance DeFi protocol to prompt users to approve malicious smart contracts. The project team clarifies the possible damage. The developers emphasized that funds on verified contracts are not affected. However, at least five addresses...

Uniswap NFTs

Uniswap Revealed Acquiring NFT Aggregator Genie


Uniswap Labs, the company behind the development of the Ethereum-based DEX Uniswap, revealed acquiring Genie, the first aggregator for NFT marketplaces. Genie enables discovering and trading NFTs across platforms. Uniswap’s announcement on the deal says the step is a part of the company's mission...

JPMorgan DeFi

JPMorgan to Make Trillions of Dollars of Assets Available in DeFi


Leading investment banking company JPMorgan has big plans related to DeFi. During the Consensus 2022 conference, the head of JPMorgan's Onyx Digital Assets, Tyrone Lobban told Coindesk about the goals to provide institutional DeFi solutions, emphasizing the importance of tokenized assets. According...

DeFi has become a new trend in the world of blockchains and cryptocurrencies. Finance is always about tracking and analyzing, no matter if it's decentralized or centralized. Now, you have an opportunity of reading about innovations of DeFi technology, how can anyone make use of it, or how various companies are trying to get from DeFi all the advantages it has. 2020 is the year of DeFi. More and more companies are starting to implement this technology into their daily flow. That's why it is becoming necessary to be aware of the technology and its modifications. Our Cryptopedia will help you find out additional information about the DeFi technical side and other details. Find Blockchain Today on social media platforms to discuss the most interesting topics with our community.