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Uniswap CEO JPMorgan

JPMorgan Closed the Account of Uniswap CEO

The CEO of leading decentralized exchange Uniswap, Hayden Adams announced that JP Morgan Chase closed his banking accounts without notice or clarification. In a tweet, Adams said that there are many people and companies that banks target just for the reason that they work in the crypto sphere. 🤡



Mining process

Mining: all about the process of getting crypto coins

Every person that has access to a computer and the Internet surely has heard about the mining. Most of them didn’t even get what it means, how it works and why do people need this. Here we are going to consider all the little details of the mining process and understand its purpose. This article

How does blockchain work?

How does blockchain work?

What is blockchain? The significant part of people living today has heard about blockchains. They may understand anything or know nothing about this concept, but this word follows us every day and in each corner of the world. The greatest part of the specialists says that this system will be the


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