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Hedge Fund

Cryptocurrency hedge fund profits soar nearly 25%

August turned out to be a good month for hedge funds targeting the cryptocurrency market. According to Eurekahedge, the profit of such financial structures increased by about 25%. Moreover, in terms of profitability, cryptocurrency hedge funds have bypassed their competitors, who prefer to stay in


Latest Blockchain and Cryptocurrency News

Dapper Labs Google Flow

Dapper Labs Revealed a Cooperation with Google

Vancouver-based blockchain and software development enterprise Dapper Labs revealed cooperating with Google to scale the Flow protocol. As stated in the press release, Google will allow the network nodes to carry out building on its cloud service. Google Cloud is the official cloud provider of Flow

MicroStrategy purchases more Bitcoin

MicroStrategy Purchases Another 5050 Bitcoins

On September 13, MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor revealed that the firm added 5050 more Bitcoins to its holdings. The deal was done for around $242.9 M in cash with an average BTC price of $48.099. MicroStrategy has purchased an additional 5,050 bitcoins for ~$242.9 million in cash at an average


After the Alozno fork, ADA's price fell by 10%

Even though today, on September 13, many digital assets showed a noticeable price drop, few could have assumed that the same fate awaited the Carnado project cryptocurrency - ADA. The news of the successful completion of the update, dubbed "Alonzo", caused many positive forecasts for the



yield farming

The Concept of Yield Farming

What is Yield Farming? Yield Farming allows the owners of crypto to make more crypto. It's done by lending the funds to other users via smart contracts. In return the lending part receives rewards. Anyway, the process isn't as simple as it seems from the first sight. Actually, yield farmers need to


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