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Top Blockchain News

Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden puts his own NFT up for auction

Former National Security Agency (NSA) and CIA officer Edward Snowden has auctioned his first non-fungible token. The NFT Stay Free features a digitized portrait of Snowden as clippings from the NSA's US lawsuit filed. Snowden has listed the token for sale through the Foundation marketplace. Trading

ether dogecoin

Ether and Dogecoin Hit New All-Time Highs

In the past 24 hours, Ether and Doge reached new all-time highs: $2,547 and over $0.3 correspondingly. Hovering around $2500 for a few days, the second cryptocurrency managed to overpass the barrier. The price of the token surged above $2,547. One of the reasons to cause price increase was the


Berlin hardfork took place on the Ethereum network

On April 15, a Berlin hard fork took place on the Ethereum mainnet at block # 12,244,000. In anticipation of the event, the price of the asset renewed its all-time high above $ 2,460, and open interest in futures reached a record $ 8.1 billion. Berlin has implemented four proposals to improve


Latest Blockchain and Cryptocurrency News

Ark invest buys Coinbase shares

ARK Invest Purchased $110 M Coinbase Shares

Reuters announced that today New York-based ARK funds acquired 341,186 Coinbase shares worth above $110 M. On April 14, when Coinbase stock (COIN.O) went public on Nasdaq, the firm sold some of its Tesla shares and obtained 749,205 shares of $246 M worth of Coinbase. After the second deal, the

Turkey crypto ban

Turkey Disallows Crypto Payments

Turkey's central bank disallowed payments with cryptocurrencies and crypto assets saying they include transfer risks and can cause irrecoverable damage. Media of the country reported that the central bank's instructions placed at the “Regulation on the Disuse of Crypto Assets in Payments” paper

NFT in the form of a gray pixel

One Pixel of Digital Art Sold for over $1.36 M

Interest in non-fungible tokens is growing. At the same time, some record-breaking purchases surprise many. Recently an artwork from digital artist Pak, that represented just a separate gray pixel, was sold for $1.36 M on the platform of Nifty Gateway with Sotheby’s auction house management.



Security token

What is security token?

Advanced people in the crypto environment surely have heard and know what security token is. But for newbies, it is often very tricky to get acquainted with so many terms and new concepts. We are here to make everything clear for the ones, who are making their first steps into the crypto universe.


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