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Venus BSC protocol funds exceeded $10 billion

The Venus DeFi Landing Project has a total value of Locked Funds of $ 10.4 billion. The next largest TVL project powered by Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is PancakeSwap. His smart contracts are focused on cryptoassets for $ 8 billion. The total value of funds blocked in the BSC segment is $ 33.2

Bitcoin Ethereum Cardano

New All-Time Highs from BTC, Ether, and Cardano

The crypto market keeps surging. Not only are the prices growing, but there are also new all-time highs reached by a number of cryptocurrencies. Today BTC price set a record high of $64.870 coming closer to $65.000. The second-largest cryptocurrency Ether crossed $2.397 and Cardano surpassed $1.56.

Dogecoin surges

Dogecoin Reaches a New All-Time High of $0.14

The price of Dogecoin has seen over a 79% increase in a day setting a new all-time high of over $0.14. It is the tenth cryptocurrency by market cap which stands at above $16.1 B. The coin is one of the top performers of the year in general. It gained more than a 2000% increase in 2021. There were

Binance Coinbase stock token

Binance Is Adding Coinbase Stock Token

Crypto trading platform Binance revealed the addition of the Coinbase stock token today. It will take place after Coinbase goes public on Nasdaq. This means Binance visitors will be offered to acquire Coinbase stock in portions. The platform outset listing non-commission, exchangeable stock


Latest Blockchain and Cryptocurrency News


CoinShares launches physically backed ETP in XRP

CoinShares has announced the launch of an ETP powered by Ripple's XRP token. Each CoinShares Physical XRP share is physically backed by 40 XRP. Initially, the ETP under the ticker XRPL will be traded on the SIX Swiss Exchange, Switzerland's largest stock exchange, and will have a base commission of

Rapper Nas

Rapper Nas is an investor in Coinbase

In 2013, Coinbase closed a $ 25M Series B funding round. Participants included QueensBridge Venture Partners, a venture capital firm co-founded by American rapper Nas. The company did not sell its stake, which means it is one of the beneficiaries of the upcoming direct listing on Nasdaq. At the

ConsenSys Ethereum

ConsenSys Raised $65 M in its First Funding Round

Today Ethereum-focused software company ConsenSys announced completing its first external funding round with over $65 M. Among the participants were major firms like JP Morgan, UBS, Mastercard, Alameda Research, Protocol Labs, Maker Foundation, and others. The financial backing was held through a

Galaxy Digital Bitcoin ETF

Galaxy Digital Applied for Bitcoin ETF

On April 12, financial services provider Galaxy Digital introduced an appeal with the SEC for a Bitcoin ETF. If authorized the product will be offered on the stocks and options market NYSE Arca previously known as ArcaEx. Its rate will be estimated through Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index. The firm

Bithumb Global

Bithumb Global adds BitRiver token to listing

Datacenter network operator BitRiver has issued a BTR token, the price of which is equal to the annual cost of 1 W of electricity. On April 19, trading in the asset will start on the Bithumb Global cryptocurrency exchange. The price of 1 BTR at the time of launch will be $ 0.3504. It will be traded



Anonymous cryptocurrencies

Anonymous cryptocurrencies

What? How? Why? Anonymous cryptocurrencies are peer-to-peer systems. They have own internal unit of account. The main goal of this type of cryptocurrencies is to provide complete privacy for transactions of money, which is done by cryptographic protocols. The use of last ones is aimed to make


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