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Gary Gensler crypto news

Digital Asset Intermediaries Must Register with the SEC: Gensler


The US Securities and Exchange Commission’s Chair says operators that implement transactions with crypto assets need to register with regulators similar to other markets. Gary Gensler finds that these operators execute various services supervised by the SEC, like exchange, brokerage, custodian,...

White House crypto mining

White House Report Analyzes Bitcoin Mining and Its Impact


The White House released a report exploring the challenges and opportunities of cryptocurrencies for energy and climate change problems in the US. According to the report, the use of digital assets based on distributed ledger technology is growing. The White House says as an emerging tech...


Chainalysis admits price divergence between ETH and BTC after The Merge


The price of Ethereum may show independent dynamics from other cryptocurrencies after the Merge, as staking will make the second largest cryptocurrency by capitalization similar to bonds or commodities. This is stated in the study Chainalysis. The upcoming merger on September 15-16 will lead to the...

Ethereum Classic

Ethereum Classic jumps 10% amid increased activity of miners


Since the beginning of the week, Ethereum Classic (ETC) has been gaining in value. The ETC rate has strengthened by almost 10% to $36 in a few days, the capitalization of the altcoin at the time of publication of this review was $4.935 billion. Cryptocurrency is strengthening against the backdrop...

Pantera Capital Dan Morehead

Pantera Capital CEO Says the Next Bitcoin Bull Run Is Near


Pantera Capital founder and CEO Dan Morehead predicts that the next Bitcoin bull market is near. In a recent interview, the executive said he believes that blockchain can easily decouple from the risk-off and risk-on mentality in years. He added this even if the main markets like equities, bonds,...

Voyager auction

Voyager Digital Is Going to Auction Assets Next Week


Bankrupt cryptocurrency lender Voyager Digital announced they are going to auction off the rest of the assets on Sept. 13 amid the implementation of the restructuring plan. Voyager filed for bankruptcy in July. In a hearing presentation, the company said lots of bids were submitted. At the end of...

Avalanche Nereus Finance

Avalanche Faced a $371,000 Flash Loan Attack


Blockchain protocol Avalanche saw a flash loan attack of $371,000 worth of USDC stablecoins. According to blockchain security company Certik, the hack possibly impacted lending protocol Nereus, decentralized trading Trader Joe, and automated market maker Curve Finance. Later, Nereus Finance...


Buterin asked subscribers about the fair price of ENS domains


Vitalik Buterin asked his Twitter followers how much they consider fair to register a domain in the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) system. 91,130 people took part in the survey. Of these, 49.8% felt that the acceptable cost of registering and owning a five-character ENS domain for 100 years should not...


The capitalization of the crypto market fell by more than 6% in a day


According to the CoinGecko service, over the past 24 hours, the capitalization of the cryptocurrency market has decreased by another 6% to $940.248 billion. Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) fell 5% to $18,795 and $1,517, respectively. Cardano (ADA), Solana (SOL) and Dogecoin (DOGE) retraced 8% to...

Three Arrows Capital Crypto

Bankrupt Hedge Fund 3AC Withdraws $45 M from Curve and Convex


Cryptocurrency hedge fund Three Arrows Capital withdrew $45 M from deposits it staked on DeFi platforms Curve, and Convex earlier. According to the blockchain analytics platform Nansen, a wallet that belongs to the company removed around 20,945 staked Eth worth around $33.3 M from Curve. Also, the...

SEBA Bank Ethereum staking

SEBA Bank Launched Ethereum Staking for Institutions


Swiss Bank SEBA has launched Ethereum staking services for institutional clients before the expected Merge event, scheduled for this month. The offering allows users of the bank to receive rewards on their holdings on a monthly basis. According to the statement, variable lock-up intervals will be...

KPMG blockchain crypto

Crypto Will Continue to See Decline in Investments: KPMG


International audit, tax, and advisory services provider KPMG predicts a slowdown in crypto investments for the next months of 2022. According to a report on the performance of fintech companies in the first half of 2022 by KPMG, the blockchain/crypto sector still sees big deals. KPMG mentioned...


Indian banks and companies to take part in digital rupee testing


The Reserve Bank of India wants to involve fintech companies and commercial banks in testing CBDC. In March, the Ministry of Finance announced that the Central Bank token could be launched as early as 2022. According to the local publication Moneycontrol, the regulator has begun negotiations with...

Charles Hoskinson Ethereum Classic

Charles Hoskinson Says Ethereum Classic Is a Dead Project


Charles Hoskinson, a co-founder of the Cardano blockchain protocol, finds that Ethereum Classic is a dead project. He shared this opinion while responding to a user tweet on the rejection of his recent proposal to make changes to the ETC's treasury fund. The Cardano executive recommended changing...

crypto mining Armenia

Armenia Might Become the Next Bitcoin Mining Hub


Armenia, a country at the crossroads between Europe and Asia increases its Bitcoin mining capacity. Recently, the digital platform ECOS revealed adding 60 megawatts of capacity to its mining facility running from 2018. Processing at one of the hydroelectric plants on the Hrazdan river, the mining...

LG electronics

LG Electronics launches NFT platform based on Hedera Hashgraph


The South Korean corporation LG Electronics has launched an NFT platform with the support of Hedera developers. LG Art Lab allows users to buy, sell and display digital collectibles through TVs. “All LG products running webOS 5.0 will be able to interact with the app,” the announcement...

Crypto mining Poolin

Mining Pool Poolin Halts Withdrawals Because of Liquidity Crisis


Cryptocurrency mining pool Poolin announced that its service PoolinWallet is halting all withdrawals, flash trades, and internal transfers within the system from September 5. According to the company, the aim is to preserve assets and stabilize liquidity along with operations amid the dull market....

Binance USDC

Binance Stops Supporting the USDC Stablecoin


Leading crypto exchange Binance revealed stopping support for the second largest stablecoin USDC. According to a press release, the platform will exchange users' holdings to its Binance USD in an automated way. Binance will no longer offer USDC Savings and DeFi Staking options, and all USDC...

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