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How Much Does an Axie Cost? How Can I Get It?


The cost of Axie Infinity is something that a lot of people are curious about, if Google searches are anything to go by. Axie Infinity is a play-to-earn (NFT) game that has a game design that is comparable to that of Pokémon GO and was launched in December 2020. Since that time, the value of the...

El Salvador Bitcoin Beach

El Salvador Will Invest Over $200 M in BTC Beach Infrastructure


El Salvador President Nayib Bukele said the country will provide over $200 M in infrastructure investments to upgrade Bitcoin Beach. The beach El Zonte was renamed Bitcoin Beach as it accepts Bitcoin. The place has become a tourist hotspot, and investments will serve for the construction of...


FTX Helps South Korean Busan Launch Crypto Exchange


The blockchain sector will be developed, and a platform for trading digital assets will be established, according to a deal that the South Korean city of Busan inked with the FTX bitcoin exchange. A news statement states that the partnership with FTX is a component of a larger strategy to...


Bitcoin mining difficulty increased by 9% at once


As a result of the next recalculation, the difficulty of mining the first cryptocurrency increased by 9.26%, to 30.97 T. In the approximately two-week period between the latest metric adjustments, the average network hashrate was 221 EH/s. According to Glassnode, network computing power (smoothed...

Jim Cramer crypto

Jim Cramer Says You May Lose Your Life Savings Because of Crypto


American TV personality Jim Cramer says investors should get out of crypto, NFTs, and special purpose acquisition companies. According to him, the assets could result in the loss of investors' life savings. On the recent episode of "Mad Money," the host said he changed his opinion about...


Jerome Powell's Speech Triggered Bitcoin's 6% Drop


Last Friday, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell announced the readiness of the American regulator to raise the discount rate if he fails to stabilize inflation at 2%. Over the past few days, the price of bitcoin has decreased by 6%, on Wednesday the coin is trading at around $20,274. The measures of the US...

JPMorgan crypto opinion

JPMorgan Executive Views Most Crypto as Junk


The CEO of the JPMorgan's blockchain unit, Umar Farooq says except for a few dozen tokens, other cryptos are likely to disappear. He expressed this opinion during the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s Green Shoots seminar on Monday. According to Farooq, the use cases of digital assets haven't...


Bitcoin managed to return to values above $20,000


Cryptocurrencies bounced back slightly on Tuesday morning after a poor start to the week. The bitcoin rate rose to $20,413. Over the past 24 hours, BTC capitalization has reached $390.516 billion (+2.7%). Ether (ETH) is also gaining in value, with the largest altcoin trading at $1,578 at the time...

Iran crypto imports

Iran Now Allows the Use of Crypto for Imports


Iranian government officially confirmed a regulations bill, which allows the use of cryptocurrencies as a means for payments in imports. A week ago, the Iranian Importers Association stressed the importance of a stable regulatory framework for cryptos. Earlier this month the country placed its...


Dubai publishes rules for placing crypto ads


Dubai is included in the list of the largest cities in Asia, where comfortable conditions are created for the work of crypto companies. The authorities of the metropolis this week introduced new rules for posting content that promotes investments in digital currencies. The author of the amendments...


Binance Suspends Tezos Startup Baking Bad Account


Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has suspended the corporate account of Tezos ecosystem-focused startup Baking Bad. The latter called the actions of the platform unlawful. “July 1, without any explanation, our corporate account on Binance was blocked. Today all our balances were reset to zero...

Spain metaverse Mundocrypto

Spain’s Fin. Regulator Warns about Crypto Metaverse Event


Fin. regulators in Spain are planning to watch for a large crypto metaverse event, Mundocrypto, that will take place in Madrid. The National Securities Market Comission (CNMV) warned that managers of the event and sponsors aren’t authorized to deliver investment services or collect funds....


Trustee Plus will represent Ukraine at Web Summit 2022 in Lisbon


The Ukrainian cryptocurrency neobank Trustee Plus will take part in the large-scale IT conference Web Summit 2022. The event will take place from 1 to 4 November in Lisbon. In addition to Trustee Plus, 23 startups from Ukraine will take part in it. Neobank Trustee Plus is based on the principles of...

Japan crypto tax

Japan to Make Changes in Crypto Tax Laws


The Japanese Government revealed it is going to review and make changes in the crypto tax law that are effective for companies in the fiscal year of 2023. The country's Financial Services Agency and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) will be exploring how digital asset organizations...


The Irish became less interested in cryptocurrencies


The Irish authorities have a negative attitude towards digital currencies and urge citizens not to invest in such instruments. The head of the Central Bank Dervill Rowland warned compatriots that buying bitcoin is fraught with great risks. According to Finder, the share of cryptocurrency investors...


Binance maintains its leading position in the crypto market


Binance is confidently holding the first place in the ranking of cryptocurrency exchanges both in terms of trading volumes and in terms of popularity among Internet users. This platform is ahead of its competitors in terms of popularity in many countries. According to SimilarWeb, more than 300...

Valkyrie CIO crypto

Valkyrie CIO Predicts Further Bitcoin Fall


In a recent interview Steven McClurg, the CIO of the asset management Valkyrie said Bitcoin may decline further although we are close to the bottom. The executive says markets depend on macro trends and inflation. As rates are going higher than expected, all risk assets are going to fall....

BitBoy Atozy YouTube

BitBoy Crypto Sued Atozy, but Later Dropped the Lawsuit


Crypto Youtuber Ben Armstrong, who is also known as BitBoy Crypto, sued Erling Mengshoel (Atozy) over defamation claims. BitBoy later said they will drop the lawsuit as the processes have become public. The matter was over a video of BitBoy, where he talked about a certain token. Atozy found that...

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