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Jim Cramer

CNBC host sold almost all of his bitcoins


Popular TV presenter Jim Cramer said back in the spring that he was able to make good money on Bitcoin’s winter rally. In total, the journalist invested about $ 500,000 in cryptocurrency. However, already in the summer, the expert’s opinion began to change due to the fall of the market in May....

Peter Schiff

Opponents of bitcoin intensified amid falling crypto market


Bitcoin started the new week with a sharp drop in the rate. On the evening of June 21, the coin fell to $ 32,000. On some exchanges, it briefly dropped even below this psychological mark. Against the background of the fall in the value of BTC and altcoins, opponents of the cryptosphere have once...

MicroStrategy owns over 100.000 Bitcoins

MicroStrategy Bought Additional 13,005 Bitcoins for $489 M


Enterprise analytics company MicroStrategy revealed buying 13,005 bitcoins for $489 M. The company's CEO Michael Saylor tweeted that currently, the company owns over 100.085 BTC purchased for around $2.7 B at an average price of about $26,080 per coin. MicroStrategy has purchased an additional...


Dogecoin collapsed by more than 40% in 24 hours


Cryptocurrencies on Tuesday, June 22, continue to trade in the red. Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) fell 6% and 15% during the Asian session to $32,100 and $1,885, respectively. The largest losses from the top ten digital currencies were incurred by Elon Musk's favorite coin Dogecoin (DOGE). Recall...


CNN will sell historical news moments in NFT form


CNN will list historical moments in the news in the NFT format as part of the Vault by CNN: Moments That Changed Us project. The NFT collection will include iconic moments from CNN's 41-year history. Non-fungible tokens include exclusive TV channel content, presidential election results, space...


The CB of Portugal issued BTC licenses to crypto exchanges


Bitcoin exchanges received licenses from the Central Bank of Portugal, giving them the right to operate in the country. In early 2021, Portugal entered into force a law regulating the operation of trading platforms focused on the cryptosphere. The press center of the Central Bank said that the...


Bitcoin fund reserves fell to a four-month low


The fall in the value of bitcoin in May and June led to a sharp decline in the interest of institutional investors in this instrument. According to ByteTree Asset Management, the volume of cryptocurrency managed by Canadian, American, and European funds fell to a four-month low. Last Friday,...

Bitcoin hashrate falls

Bitcoin Hashrate Fell at 103.34 EH/s


According to data provided by the mining calculator CoinWarz, the Bitcoin hashrate fell at 103.34 EH/s. Hashrate is an important indicator of BTC performance as it reflects the value of how many hashes are being produced by miners attempting to solve a BTC block. So, it depends on the mining...

Danske Bank

Largest Danish Bank will not reject Bitcoin transactions


The press office of Danske Bank, the largest bank in Denmark, announced that it does not intend to reject transactions with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. At the same time, the bank does not plan to offer any cryptocurrency services to its clients. Danske Bank will alert people to the risks of...

Scams Ledger wallet

Scammers Send Fake Ledger Wallets to Users


Scammers are sending fake hardware wallets to people whose data was collected through a 3rd party data leak. Those are fake wallets for stealing crypto. The scam first appeared in May. Cybercriminals mailed people packages that include a fake Ledger Nano wallet. On June 17, Ledger explained the...

Binance Chain

Binance Chain daily transactions plummet 60% in a month


The underlying asset of the Binance Chain network, the BNB token (Binance Coin), has suffered losses over the past few weeks. The rollback is observed against the background of the general correction of the cryptocurrency market. On Saturday, June 19, the BNB fell to $ 340. Cryptocurrency...

Paraguay Bitcoin

Paraguay Will Legalize BTC in July


A Paraguayan official, Deputy of the Nation, Carlos Helman, said the country is going to legalize BTC in July. He informed the news via Twitter. Rejala is a Bitcoin supporter and his profile picture on Twitter is with Laser Eyes. He says Paraguay needs to make progress hand-in-hand with the new...


Sichuan province miners ordered to stop work until June 20


The authorities of the Chinese province of Sichuan demanded to stop the activities of “key” miners and forbade local energy companies to supply them with electricity. According to the portal, on June 18, the Sichuan Provincial Development and Reform Commission and the local Department of Energy...


Whales have gained highest amount of ETH since July 2016


Ether (ETH) fell to $ 2387 on Thursday, June 17, and the altcoin continues to trade in the red. The coin is likely to hit the lows today. However, despite the drop in the cost of ether, large investors continue to accumulate cryptocurrency and withdraw it from trading floors. This trend has been...

Landon Cassill crypto

Nascar Driver Will Get His Salary in Crypto


Racecar driver in NASCAR, Landon Cassill will get some amount of his salary in BTC and LTC in terms of sponsorship with crypto asset trading platform Voyager. Cassil shared the news via Twitter. Voyager concluded a contract with Cassill, which will start function this weekend. @InvestVoyager...


Grayscale expands asset list for new products


Grayscale Investments has listed 13 additional assets based on which it can offer new investment trusts to clients in the future. The company has promised to periodically update the list. Grayscale explained that they do not guarantee the launch of new products based on each of the presented... application announces USDC support


Cryptocurrency company Circle has announced a partnership with startup behind the offline navigation service. As part of the agreement, the platform will add support for the USD Coin (USDC) stablecoin. According to the press release, users will be able to use stablecoins for instant...


Indonesia banned payment for goods and services using BTC


Indonesia joined those countries that decided to declare war on bitcoin and the crypto sphere in general. The central bank of this country has banned the use of any digital currencies when paying for goods and services. Perry Varjiyo, who is the head of the Central Bank of Indonesia, made a...

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