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Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs noted interest of wealthy clients in cryptos


The so-called family offices, that is, companies that manage the capital of wealthy families, are eyeing the cryptocurrency market. One of the largest investment banks, Goldman Sachs, came to this conclusion. He interviewed his clients who run the family business. According to the results of the...

THORchain attacked

THORchain Suffers an $8 M Attack By a White Hat


Decentralized liquidity protocol THORchain became the target of cybercriminals. For the third time in the course of a month, the protocol was attacked. As the team informs via Twitter the hack that took place on July 23, was a white hack, where the attacker willingly caused less damage. THORchain...


Coinbase Commerce adds DOGE to supported cryptocurrencies


The e-commerce platform Coinbase Commerce, a division of the crypto exchange of the same name, announced the inclusion of the Dogecoin meme coin in the list of supported digital assets. According to the official statement of the platform management, the Dogecoin project cryptocurrency has become...

Axie Infinity new high

Axie Infinity (AXS) Reached a New All-Time High of Over $32


Gaining over a 37% increase over the previous 7 days, the native token of the blockchain-based gaming platform Axie Infinity, AXS reached a new high of over $32. In 2021, the token's price has gone up by around 5.000%. Currently, AXS ranks 48 by market cap which stands at over $1.8 B. Founded in...

Busta Rhymes Holds Bitcoin

Busta Rhymes Buys BTC After "The B Word" Conference


American rapper, songwriter Busta Rhymes or Trevor George Smith Jr., announced holding Bitcoin and eyeing for Ether next. The celebrity announced being inspired by the live discussion by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, Space X CEO Elon Musk, and ARK Invest's CEO Cathie Wood in terms of "The B...


SEC head compares stablecoins to securities


The US authorities have decided to expedite the legalization of secured digital currencies. The Ministry of Finance has created an expert group that will develop a regulatory framework for stablecoins. The head of the SEC, Gary Gensler, did not stand aside and commented on the position of American...

JP Morgan crypto services

JP Morgan Made Crypto Funds Available for Its Clients


Wealth managers of one of the US largest banks, JP Morgan now are authorized to provide their customers access to crypto, reports Business Insider. Thus, the establishment became the first of the largest banks in the US to do so. The five crypto products that JP Morgan's consultants can operate...


NatWest banned customers from crypto exchanges using cards


NatWest announced the temporary suspension of the function for exchanging digital assets with the Binance exchange. The largest commercial bank in the UK mentioned in a statement that its decision is temporary. The reason for such drastic innovations was the uncertainty in the regulation of...


Bitstamp announces Tether EURt stablecoin listing


The oldest European cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp opened deposits for the EURt stablecoin from Tether secured in euros 1: 1 amid great customer demand. The exchange will add EURt / EUR and EURt / USD to the listing. “Access to EURt will save customers in the euro area time and money without...

Global X Bitcoin ETF

Global X Files for a Bitcoin ETF


New York-based exchange-traded funds operator Global X filed with the US SEC to list its BTC Trust on the Cboe BZX Exchange owned by Cboe Global Markets. The trust's administrator will be leading US bank BNY Mellon. It was mentioned in the filing that the Trust aims to mirror the BTC indicators...

Virgil Griffith

Ethereum developer Virgil Griffith violated terms of bail


The infamous crypto entrepreneur, the co-founder of the Ethereum project Virgil Griffith, violated the terms of the pledge and was again behind bars. According to reports, the man was caught trying to access his account on the Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange. The decision to change the measure of...

Stellar MoneyGram

Stellar Foundation Approached MoneyGram for Acquisition


As reported by Bloomberg on Wednesday, Stellar Foundation, a non-profit organization standing behind the development of the Stellar network and the cryptocurrency XLM, contacted money transfer company MoneyGram on a possible purchase. Bloomberg informs the news was provided by unnamed people...


Bank of Canada recognizes role of CBDC in the digitalization


Initially, the Central Bank of Canada spoke out strongly against the launch of a national digital currency (CBDC). However, at the end of last year, the regulator for the first time made a change in its position on this issue. In parallel, the Canadian Central Bank began to look for specialists in...

Vitalik Buterin Ethereum Conference

Vitalik Buterin Says Ethereum Must Go Beyond DeFi


Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin said in his speech during Ethereum Community Conference (EthCC), held in Paris that Ethereum aims to progress beyond the DeFi space. The 4th EthCC began on July 20 and will end on July 22. Buterin referred to DeFi and cryptocurrencies as the most interesting part...


Bitcoin trading volume fell to annual low


Along with the weakening of network activity, the volume of bitcoin transactions also falls. A study by Arcane Research says the weekly value of cryptocurrency transactions fell to an annual low. This figure has been declining over the past three weeks, analysts said. Last week, trading volume fell...

Musk about Bitcoin

Elon Musk Revealed He Owns BTC During "The B Word" Conference


On July 21, during Bitcoin-centered "The B Word" conference, Ark Invest's CEO Cathie Wood, Tesla's CEO Elon Musk, and Square's CEO Jack Dorsey had a live discussion with the moderation of Steve Lee. Answering the question about his views on BTC, Musk said "It makes sense to support...

UBS bank ceo

The CEO of UBS bank classified bitcoin as a doubtful asset


According to the CEO of the Swiss bank UBS Ralph Hamers, bitcoin and similar digital currencies should be classified as unverified assets. At the same time, the financier stressed that the number of UBS bank clients who are interested in cryptocurrencies has sharply increased recently. Many...

Bitcoin price $31.800

BTC Goes Up to $31.000: Will It Secure the Support Level?


After falling below $30.000, the Bitcoin price managed to go up by around 7% over the last 24 hours. Currently, the coin trades at around $31.800. Data from a cryptocurrency information platform Bybt shows that as Bitcoin dropped to its 1-month low of $29.360 yesterday, whales stepped in. In one...

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