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Diem stablecoin project closes

Meta's Crypto Project Diem Shuts Down


Meta's stablecoin project Diem, initially called Libra, is shutting down. According to a report by Wall Street Journal, a person familiar with the subject said that the Diem Association is selling the technology to California-based bank Silvergate Capital for $200 M. Silvergate Capital agreed to...


Hacker opened Trezor wallet, to which investors forgot the access code


The other day, the American media sparkled with headlines that local investors living in New York forgot the access code and secret phrase from their Trezor One cryptocurrency wallet. By the way, a good amount has already accumulated on the device - against the backdrop of an increase in the cost...

Warner Music Group the sandbox

Warner Music Group Partners with The Sandbox


New York-based international record label conglomerate Warner Music Group is intending to hold virtual concerts in the metaverse. The company disclosed that it collaborates with the Ethereum-based shared digital space The Sandbox to set a virtual musical world. WMG obtained an estate that will...


Open interest in Ethereum futures drops over 50%


At the beginning of December last year, open interest in Ethereum futures was at its maximum. The number of contracts was close to $14 billion. However, then this figure began to decline as ETH retreated in the spot market. As a result, open interest in Ethereum futures dropped 50.5% to $6.87...

SEC explores crypto lending products

The US SEC Reviews Products of Gemini, Celsius, and Voyager


The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is examining the products of crypto companies Celsius, Voyager, and Gemini. According to a Bloomberg report, the scrutiny is a part of an expanded inquiry into businesses that provide lending products and allow customers to deposit tokens and earn...


Donald Trump's son threatens TrumpCoin with legal action


The son of the former President of the United States, currency billionaire Donald Trump, Eric, recently posted an appeal to the TrumpCoin project on his Twitter account. Cryptocurrency startup, according to Trump Jr., uses the name of his family for personal gain without any consent or approval....

El Salvador

IMF urged the authorities of El Salvador to repeal the BTC law


Many international organizations and agencies are calling on the leadership of El Salvador to repeal the law recognizing bitcoin as legal tender. Recall that this document began to operate in the Latin American state since September last year. Since that time, El Salvador has been periodically...

Vladimir Putin Russia crypto

Vladimir Putin Mentioned Russia’s Advantages in Crypto Mining


The president of Russia, Vladimir Putin does not totally agree with the position of the country's Central Bank that crypto mining and trading should be banned. Today, during the meeting with the government members, Putin talked about crypto regulations. Referring to the paper released recently by...


Lamborghini launches NFT collection


Recently, the NFT space has been actively replenished with new supporters - from ordinary "Instagrammers" to world-famous corporations. For example, the Italian manufacturer of expensive sports cars Lamborghini recently announced that their company is preparing to launch an unusual...


Bithumb will stop withdrawing funds to the unverified users' wallets


South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb periodically states that it will adhere to its country's laws to combat the criminal use of digital assets. As part of compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, this trading platform will stop the withdrawal of funds to the wallets of unverified...

Ripple XRP SEC

Ripple Grows While the Lawsuit Continues With the SEC Winning Time


Ripple continues to grow with its valuation hit $15 billion after buying back its Series C shares from investors. The CEO of the company, Brad Garlinghouse announced that despite the ongoing case, Ripple’s financial position is the strongest ever. Excited to announce @Ripple bought back our...

Adidas Prada

Adidas and Prada team up for exclusive NFT collection


Adidas Originals and Prada have teamed up again to create a new product. So, just recently, the companies released a joint collection called Re-Nylon, which is branded items made from innovative textiles, created from recycled plastic waste and textile fiber waste. Less than a month after the...

Stellar XLM smart contracts

Stellar Plans To Support Smart Contracts in 2022


The Vice President of Tech Strategy at the Stellar Development Foundation, Tomer Weller announced that in 2022 the protocol plans to support the development of smart contracts. Stellar is a decentralized payments technology that provides cross-border transfers between any pairs of currencies. With...

Bear market

The market came to a bearish period


Last Monday, the largest digital currency collapsed to its lowest level since last July. The coin on some trading floors tested values ​​below $33,000, but on Tuesday it was able to rebound. Compared to the peak values ​​recorded in November, the value of BTC has fallen by almost 5%. In the...

Elon Musk McDonald's Grimace

McDonald’s Answer to Musk Led to a Creation of a New Token


Yesterday Elon Musk tweeted that he would eat a happy meal on TV if Mcdonald's accepts Dogecoin payments. The fast-food company answered to Musk, saying that it would accept DOGE only if Tesla accepts GrimaceCoin. Grimace is a purple character featured in some campaigns of...

Elon Musk Dogecoin McDonalds

Musk Says He’ll Eat Happy Meal on TV if McDonald’s Accepts DOGE


Tesla CEO Elon Musk mentioned his favorite crypto asset in a tweet again. Today he announced that if McDonald's accepts Dogecoin, he would eat a happy meal on TV. I will eat a happy meal on tv if @McDonalds accepts Dogecoin— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) January 25, 2022 ...


NYU professor announces Bitcoin's imminent collapse


There are still a lot of opponents of bitcoin and the crypto market among experts. Now the imminent collapse of bitcoin has been announced by New York University economist Angel Benches. He posted a post on Twitter with a forecast that shortly the cost of BTC and altcoins will collapse to zero....

South Korea

South Korea announced completion of the first phase of testing CBDC


Recently, the Central Bank of South Korea completed the first phase of testing the state-owned digital asset CBDC. It is known that the trial use of the sovereign cryptocurrency was launched in August 2021 and ended in December. Already, according to the YNA report, the financial regulator has...

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