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Argentina orders crypto exchanges to provide data on traders


Control over crypto traders began to be strengthened by many countries. South Korea, for example, will force all users of bitcoin exchanges to pay tax to the treasury from 2022. Argentina is also acting in a similar direction. The country’s tax office this week ordered all crypto exchanges to...

Internet Computer

Newly Released Coin Internet Computer Is Among the Top 10


Internet Computer (ICP), a coin released on May 10, now has a market cap of about $35.2 B and is among the top 10 cryptos. The token trades at about $283. Its highest price of $737 was registered on the launch day. ICP is the in-built token of IC built by the tech firm Dfinity Foundation. The...

Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski sells NFT at Christie's for $175,000


American model and actress Emily Ratajkowski sold NFT Buying Myself Back: A Model for Redistribution at Christie's for $175,000. The name NFT refers to an article by Ratajkowski in The Cut blog of New York Magazine on September 15, 2020. In the article, the model criticized artist Richard Prince...

ADA above $2

Cardano (ADA) Hits a New All-Time High Surpassing $2


The native token of the Cardano blockchain ADA has seen over a 12% increase during the previous 24 hours and hit a new all-time high of $2.18. Currently, ADA ranks 4th by market cap, which stands at about $66.8 billion. The new record has taken place at a time when many cryptocurrencies see price...


Argo Blockchain got green data centers for mining in Canada


Argo Blockchain has bought two data centers in the Canadian province of Quebec. The facilities previously owned by are using the power of the local hydroelectric power plant. The total capacity of the data centers is 20 MW. They already house "a significant portion" of the Argo...


Microsoft will close Azure Blockchain platform


Microsoft will close its cloud blockchain platform Azure Blockchain Service on September 10, 2021. The service does not support the deployment of new projects from May 10. The clients of the platform are JPMorgan financial holding, Starbucks coffee chain, and Singapore Airlines. Users were asked to...

Cara Delevigne NFT

Cara Delevingne Introduces Her First NFT "Mine"


Supermodel, movie star and singer Cara Delevingne have worked together with unknown artist Chemical X to represent her first NFT. The token is called "Mine" and it is in the form of a video. Delevingne said, the collectible aims to point out that everybody is unique and beautiful. ...

Craig Wright

Court allowed Wright to file a lawsuit against Bitcoin Core


The High Court of London has allowed self-proclaimed Bitcoin creator Craig Wright to file a lawsuit against Bitcoin Core developers. The company represents the interests of Wright's Tulip Trading Limited (TTL). There are 16 developers as defendants, including Jonas Schnelli, Peter Wülle, Marco...

Tron Tether

Tether Reveals Its Reserves. Tron Issues $30.9 B in USDT


On May 13, Tether Holdings, the creator of the stablecoin Tether (USDT) presented the crackup of its reserves done on March 31. As stated in the report, the stablecoin's reserves are mainly composed of 75.85% cash and equals, then come secured loans, bond certificates, valuable metals, and other...

Coinbase lists Dogecoin

Coinbase to List Dogecoin on Its Platform


Brian Armstrong, the Chief Executive Officer of Coinbase, announced the listing of Dogecoin on the platform within six weeks. Armstrong informed the news during a call with investors and analysts arranged to discuss Coinbase Global's run in Q1, 2021. According to him, the listing will take place...


Singapore's largest bank launches cryptocurrency trusts


DBS Bank's Wealth Clients Division has added Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and XRP investment trusts to its product line. The tool is available in US dollars, Japanese yen, Hong Kong, and Singapore national currencies. The bank said that this is the first proposal of this kind in Asia. The...

Elon Musk Dogecoin developers

Elon Musk Working With Doge's Developers. The Coin Raises


Today, May 14 Tesla and Space X CEO Elon Musk tweeted about the crypto industry twice. In his first tweet, the business magnate noted that he strongly believes in crypto, but is worried about fossil fuel use. To be clear, I strongly believe in crypto, but it can’t drive a massive increase in...

Anthony Scaramucci

The head of SkyBridge Capital bets 0.005 BTC on Tesla mining


The founder of the SkyBridge Capital investment company Anthony Scaramucci divined that in the coming year one of Elon Musk's companies will enter the market of environmentally friendly cryptocurrency mining. “Elon is not a man of half measures. I predict he will revolutionize the bitcoin mining...


Diem withdrew the application for a license in Switzerland


The project behind the development of the digital currency, Diem, has withdrawn an application for a license as a payment system in Switzerland. This was reported by the local Financial Market Supervision Authority (FINMA). The Swiss regulator explained the withdrawal of the application by the fact...

MicroStrategy Bitcoin Investment

MicroStrategy Acquires 271 Bitcoins for $15 M


On May 13 Virginia-based business analytics firm MicroStrategy revealed acquiring 271 Bitcoins for $15 M. The average cost of one unit was about $55.387. The company's CEO Michael Saylor informed that overall MicroStrategy holds around 91,850 bitcoins purchased for about $2.241 B. MicroStrategy...


Phison predicts SSD shortage by 2023 due to Chia miners


The Taiwanese company Phison Electronics has warned of an upcoming increase in SSD prices due to the excitement around the mining of the Chia cryptocurrency. In the third quarter of 2021, Phison, along with other manufacturers of NAND flash memory and SSD controllers, intends to increase the cost...

BTC mining difficulty ath

Mining Difficulty of BTC Sets New Record Highs


The mining difficulty of BTC reached a new high of 25.05 trillion, which means about a 21.53% increase. As it is known mining is the process of new bitcoins adding the circulation and the difficulty indicates how complicated it is to mine a block or how much calculational effort it requires. ...

Vitalik Buterin sells his meme coins

Vitalik Buterin Sells Shibs, Sends the Sum to an Indian Fund


Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin sold a significant part of his meme coins directing the sum to different contribution funds. Among his purchases was selling Shiba Inu tokens (SHIBs) worth $1.2 B and sending the money to a charity fund for India's current fight to overcome COVID. When Shiba...

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