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BNB (BNB) price, charts and news



BNB market data

BNB Coin Price: $230.51
BNB Market Cap: $35,465,445,804
BNB Circulating Supply: 153,856,150 BNB
BNB Total Supply: 153,856,150 BNB
BNB 24 Hour Volume: $1,085,054,838
BNB 24 Hour High: $--
BNB 24 Hour Low: $--
BNB 24h Change: -0.04%

What is BNB?

Binance platform started its ICO and built own crypto Binance coin. And the coin became fuel for this platform. The name “Binance” came from a mixture of terms binary and finance. This platform carries three ways of trade orders at present. And these ways are stop limit, limit and market orders. The Platform aims to improve the centralized exchanges, the team wants to solve the problems with insecurity, poor language support and poor architecture of exchanges. Binance is also one of those few exchanges that are really global and is providing rare coins that are used in specific locations. Binance token originally works on the Ethereum blockchain and corresponds to all ERC20 standards. This coin operates in various layers of the native exchange. For instance, it maintains exchange ecosystem by giving them an opportunity to exchange, trade or list variety of fees, of course following all the terms of the Binance. The utter amount of the Binance coin reached 200 million. There are some cases of often using a BNB, like payment of trading charges, buying virtual presents on Uplive and so on. Binance has a plan of building a decentralized exchange, where their token will be exploited as a fuel for the platform. In 2019 many businesses use BNB as a method of payment. The market capitalization of this coin reached $2 billion in 2019. When starting 1 BNB cost was $0.11.

BNB price historical chart

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