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Finder: Bitcoin could hit $80,000 by 2025


Bitcoin today fell below $19,000. At the same time, many experts remain optimistic and believe that BTC will grow in value in the long term. The Australian company Finder polled crypto experts, most of whom said that Bitcoin could reach $80,000 by 2025. In subsequent years, BTC will achieve more...

El Salvador

Salvadorans are against buying bitcoins at the expense of the budget


In September 2021, a law came into force in El Salvador recognizing bitcoin as a legal means of payment. The initiator of its adoption was the President of the country Nayib Bukele. After that, the authorities of El Salvador periodically entered the market to purchase cryptocurrency to replenish...


Bitcoin whale reserves fall to a three-year low


The largest bitcoin holders often referred to as whales, have been among the most active sellers. They have been getting rid of the accumulated cryptocurrency over the past few months. As a result, their reserves have fallen to a three-year low, according to the Santiment report. Just last week,...


Exchange Kraken will stop serving Russian users


Last week, the cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopay announced the termination of services for users from the Russian Federation. The trading platform motivated its decision by the need to comply with the sanctions imposed on Moscow by Western countries. The day before, another bitcoin exchange,...


CoinShares: Bitcoin funds raised $8.8 million in a week


Last week, institutional investors invested about $8.8 million in Bitcoin-focused crypto funds. Analysts at CoinShares note that big capital has been entering this instrument for the past five weeks in a row. Since the beginning of 2022, the net inflow of institutional money into BTC funds amounted...

Société Générale

Société Générale will provide cryptocurrency custody services


A license to deal with digital currencies has been given to Société Générale by the French Financial Market Authority (AMF). For the past few years, this banking behemoth has been considering blockchain technology. A unique division of Forge Bank is responsible for conducting market research...


Another crypto exchange joins anti-Russian sanctions


Cryptocurrency exchanges registered in the European Union began to limit the possibilities of Russian users. Last week, the service announced that it was joining the sanctions against the Russian Federation. Until October 27, users of this crypto wallet must withdraw funds,...


DBS Bank Strategist Points to Bitcoin's Strengths


According to strategist and vice president of DBS Bank Daryl Ho, bitcoin has several advantages over traditional currencies. He told reporters that transactions on the BTC network can be made continuously and without the need for approval from any regulatory authorities. Independence is the main...


Ark Investment: Bitcoin could reach $1 million by 2030


In a forecast released at the start of 2022, Ark Investment anticipated that bitcoin will increase to $1 million. Analysts predict that during the coming years, the BTC rate will increase. CEO of Ark Investment, Cathy Wood, likewise anticipates a risky scenario. According to her, bitcoin will soar...

Gary Gensler

Gary Gensler Thinks CFTC Should Regulate Stablecoins


Gary Gensler, the chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), declared at the end of 2021 that his agency should oversee transactions involving digital currency. According to him, securities regulations can be used to control these transactions. Gensler changed his position last...


Binance Pool Launches $500M Fund to Support Bitcoin Miners


Binance Pool has announced the creation of a $500 million fund to provide debt financing to struggling bitcoin miners. The initiative targets both public and private players in the industry. The loan will be issued for a period of 18 to 24 months secured by cryptocurrencies and/or...


MakerDAO DeFi Protocol Revenue Drops 86%


In the third quarter, the income of one of the oldest DeFi projects MakerDAO collapsed by 86%, drawing attention to the analytical company Messari. An analyst under the pseudonym Johnny_TVL cited falling demand for loans and several large liquidations as the reasons. The protocol's revenue fell to...


The volume of transactions with the digital yuan exceeded $14 billion


As of the end of summer 2022, the cumulative volume of e-CNY transactions reached 100.04 billion yuan (~$14 billion), according to the People's Bank of China. For comparison, at the end of 2021, the figure was 87.57 billion yuan (~$13.68 billion), and 261 million unique digital wallets were...


Open Interest in Ethereum Futures Rises to a Monthly High


Ethereum (ETH) on the night of Thursday, October 13, fell to $1267. The largest altcoin has been trading above $1,300 for the past few weeks. The September fork of Merge did not help the coin, on the contrary, after the update, it began to lose ground. Trading in a narrow range signals that...


Hacker withdrew $2.3 million from TempleDAO


On October 11, an unidentified individual obtained 1,831 ETH (about $2.3 million) from one of the staking vaults by abusing a flaw in the TempleDAO DeFi project smart contract. The team pledged to reimburse users who were harmed by the hack. The attacker withdrew a total of 321,154 xLP tokens in a...


USDC stablecoin capitalization fell by 12%


In May and June, the capitalization of the stablecoin USD Coin (USDC) grew due to the massive influx of investors after the collapse of the Terra ecosystem. The USDC supply topped $56 billion, but it has fallen 12% over the past month. As of October 11, the capitalization of the stablecoin was just...


Bitcoin mining difficulty increased by more than 13%


Another change to the level of difficulty for mining bitcoins was made on Monday. The highest rise in difficulty since May 2021, this metric is up 13.55 percent. The previous change was made on September 14 when the challenge increased to 32.05 T. It climbed to 35.61 T on October 10. In parallel,...


Portugal is preparing to pass a law on the taxation of crypto traders


From 2023, Portugal may introduce a tax on income from transactions with digital currencies. Its rate will be 28%. Portugal is included in the list of states where comfortable conditions for cryptocurrency investors have been created. If the local parliament passes a bill to tax the digital...

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