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Unknown trader $875,000 Unisocks for nine pairs of socks


A major holder of Unisocks (SOCKS) redeemed $ 875,000 tokens at the exchange rate at the time of writing in exchange for nine pairs of socks that secured the digital assets. In May 2019, Uniswap decentralized exchange released 500 meme tokens, each valued at $ 12. Subsequently, the limited supply...

Rari Capital

Rari Capital lost about $11M as a result of hacking


An unknown person withdrew assets worth about $ 11.3 million from the Rari Capital decentralized financing protocol. Researcher Igor Igamberdiev noted that the attack was the first cross-network exploit - the attacker stole funds for it from the Value project, which is powered by Binance Smart...


Binance suspends withdrawals


On Monday, May 10, Binance suspended the withdrawal of all assets. “Our team is working on this. We apologize for the inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience,” the message says. Trading platform representatives did not disclose the reasons for the suspension. According to them, the...


Crypto derivatives: make money using them


What are derivatives? A derivative is an economic agreement about the future price of a cryptocurrency, security, product, or service. The subject of such a contract is called the underlying asset. Sellers and buyers of derivatives do not own the underlying assets but sell and buy the right to...


Over the week the rate of Cardano has risen by more than 30%


Altcoin Cardano (ADA) soared in price by almost 50% in April. Interest in this cryptocurrency has increased markedly over the past few months in both the spot and futures markets. For example, in March, open interest in futures on ADA reached $ 1 billion for the first time. The price of the altcoin...

Ethereum Classic

Ethereum Classic soars in price by 300% in a week


Ethereum Classic (ETC) altcoin has risen by about 300% over the past seven days. The coin reached $ 145 the day before on some trading platforms - this is the maximum value in the history of the cryptocurrency. A correction came today, ETC slipped to $ 120. However, observers believe the retreat is...


Turkish authorities will control large crypto transactions


On April 30, a ban on operations with cryptocurrencies came into force in Turkey. However, the country's Central Bank immediately rushed to clarify that there is no talk of a complete ban on digital assets. Bitcoin and other coins cannot be used to pay for goods and services. The state is simply...


Luxury condominium in Miami began selling apartments for BTC


Arte Surfside condominium boutique has opened the sale of apartments in Miami for BTC and Ethereum as part of a partnership with the SolidBlock trading platform. According to the press release, the cost of the apartments starts at $10.3 M or the equivalent in crypto. Arte explained the decision to...

Metis DAO

Metis DAO will host IDO on the Ignition platform


The IDO (Initial DEX Offering) of the Metis DAO project will be held on the Ignition platform from PAID Network in a lottery format. Investors need to register on the token sale page before May 8, 07:00 (Moscow time). Ignition will award lottery tickets for every 1000 PAID tokens in the Metamask...


Bitmain orders 5nm chips for its ASIC miners


ASIC miner manufacturer Bitmain has placed an order with Taiwanese TSMC for 5nm chips for its hardware. It is reported by Tom’s Hardware. TSMC plans to start production in the third quarter of 2021 and significantly increase production for Bitmain in the first quarter of 2022. TSMC N5...


Amazon offers cloud mining services for Chia


Tech giant Amazon has unveiled the Chia cryptocurrency mining solution on its cloud computing platform Amazon Web Services (AWS). In a quick guide, the company talks about the specifics of mining Chia and offers several options for using their cloud system for these purposes: Compute resources of...


Unknown has moved "sleeping" since 2013 500 BTC


On Tuesday, May 4, 500 BTC (about $ 27.6 million) went into motion for the first time since consolidation in 2013. This address received funds from dubious exchanges. He is ranked at an average level of risk. In March 2021, the Telegram channel announced the first movement of 5,000 BTC (about $ 284...


Coinbase to close headquarters as part of decentralization


Nasdaq-listed bitcoin exchange Coinbase has announced plans to become a predominantly telecommuting firm. The company has ditched its headquarters and is planning to close its former headquarters in San Francisco in 2022. By doing this, Coinbase aims to show workers that none of the locations will...


IRS will gain access to Kraken customer data


The US federal court ordered the Kraken cryptocurrency exchange to provide the IRS with information about users who made large transactions in 2016-2020. According to a statement, the IRS has served Kraken with the so-called John Doe summons. The agency is interested in the data of clients who,...


China is steadily losing its status of the largest BTC miner


China continues to control the lion's share of the BTC hashrate. However, in the expert environment, some have already paid attention to factors signaling a gradual decrease in the influence of the Celestial Empire on the BTC network. According to Chun Wang, co-founder of one of the greatest mining...

Artichain Finance

Artichain Finance: AI-Smart contract generator united AMM


Decentralized finance startup,, known for being the first automated market makers (AMM) that integrated yield farming with artificial intelligence-smart contract is now running on Binance Smart Chain, with lots of other features that let you earn and win tokens. This artificial...


Georgia starts considering options for issuing digital lari


The Georgian authorities decided to follow the example of those countries that are actively developing a national digital currency (CBDC). Recall that the Bank of France recently reported on the successful test of a token pegged to the euro. This week, the Central Bank of Georgia announced that it...


Filecoin developers introduce NFT storage service


Protocol Labs, behind the development of the Filecoin decentralized platform, has released a free service called NFT.Storage. It is designed to store non-fungible tokens. The service was developed in conjunction with blockchain startup Pinata. It is based on Filecoin and IPFS technologies....

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