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News and Articles by Diana


Novogratz highlights the giant potential of BTC technology


Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz mentioned that investors do not need to fear the fall in the value of bitcoin. The main value of a cryptocurrency lies in its technology. We see the expansion of a qualitatively new ecosystem that is not subject to any state. Novogratz made similar statements...

Jake Cherwinski

Jake Cherwinski announces resignation from Compound Labs


On October 1, Jake Cherwinski announced that he had resigned from his position as General Counsel for Compound Labs. He held this post for two and a half years. 1/ Some personal news: after 2.5 amazing years, yesterday was my last day at @compoundfinance ❤️It's been a genuine honor helping...


Visa wants to launch a universal payment channel on ETH


Visa has shown an increased interest in the blockchain industry over the past few years. In winter, it became known about the plans of the payment system to launch support for digital currencies. As RBC clarifies, now the company wants to develop a network based on Ethereum for converting tokens,...


TikTok announced the release of the NFT collection


Popular service TikTok announced the release of NFTs with the participation of famous content authors. The Top Moments collection will include six “culturally significant TikTok videos” from Lil Nas X, Bella Poarch, Rudy Willingham, Curtis Roach, Gary Weinerchuk, Brittany Brosky, and more. They...


CoinEx crypto exchange leaves the Chinese market


One after another, cryptocurrency exchanges are announcing a gradual withdrawal from the Chinese market. At the end of last week, platforms Huobi and Binance announced the termination of registration of new users from China. After that, lesser-known trading platforms issued similar statements about...


Ethereum ends September in the red the second year in a row


On the last day of September, the largest altcoin ether (ETH) was trading mostly in the red. The coin tried to jump above $ 3000 but did not hold the position, after which the pullback resumed. On the night of Friday, October 1, the ETH rate dipped to $ 2990. Cryptocurrency capitalization is now...

Gary Gensler

Gary Gensler supports launching Bitcoin ETF futures


When Gary Gensler took over as head of the SEC, many expected him to legalize Bitcoin ETFs. However, until now, the American regulator under the leadership of Gensler has not approved a product focused on the cryptosphere.   Analysts note that the slowness of the SEC is preventing institutional...


The trend for long-term storage of bitcoin is growing


In mid-September, Arcane Research reported that the number of bitcoins placed on crypto exchanges had dropped to a three-year low. The last time a similar situation was observed was in August 2018. Long-term BTC holders refuse to sell cryptocurrencies even as they drop in value. According to...


IRS continues to make proposals to improve crypto regulation


The United States Internal Revenue Service Commissioner De Lone Harrison said the IRS is still discussing the possibility of introducing new reforms to the taxation of crypto income. The state department proposes to apply new rules, approaches, and procedures for collecting taxes to a business that...


Twitter demonstrated the work of the NFT verification system


Twitter Marketing Head Justin Taylor posted a video demonstrating an interface for working with non-fungible tokens (NFT). The social platform will allow members to use the latter as avatars. The video was recorded by senior Twitter developer Mada Aflak. To install NFT instead of a profile photo,...

Elon Musk

Elon Musk urges the US to abandon plans for crypto regulation


Tesla CEO Elon Musk is known as one of the fans of the digital currency Dogecoin (DOGE). Last Tuesday, the businessman spoke at a conference in California and called on the US authorities to abandon the implementation of crypto regulation. It is impossible to destroy this industry, but states can...


The share of profitable Ethereum addresses fell below 90%


The September fall in the value of the largest altcoin, Ether (ETH), led to a sharp and noticeable reduction in the share of profitable addresses. Ether capitalization decreased to $ 344.993 billion. According to the Glassnode platform, the share of profitable Ethereum addresses fell to its lowest...

Bobby Lee

Bobby Lee expects all OTC platforms in China to close


The Chinese authorities will continue to put pressure on the crypto sphere; soon, we should expect new prohibitive initiatives from the People's Bank. This point of view is shared by the ex-head of the BTCC exchange Bobby Lee. On CoinDesk TV, he announced that over-the-counter (OTC) platforms are...


More than 60% of institutionals are ready to invest in crypto


Rumors about institutional adoption of crypto have been going on for the past several years. Some experts say that financial institutions are willing to invest in products focused on bitcoin and other coins. However, some skeptics doubt that institutions are interested in innovative tools. For...


Institutionals took advantage of the fall in the PRC stock market


Over the past few months, institutional investors have been withdrawing from bitcoin funds and investing in altcoin-focused products. According to CoinShares, financial institutions took advantage of the fall in the Chinese stock market and invested in crypto products at the most comfortable prices...


Drop in the exchange balance of Ether eases pressure on the market


Almost all categories of investors are involved in the accumulation of Ether (ETH). According to Santiment, the whale addresses accumulated over 21% of the total cryptocurrency supply in September. These wallets now control the highest volume of ETH since early May 2017, the researchers emphasized....

Anthony Scaramucci

Scaramucci questioned institutional acceptance of Bitcoin


SkyBridge Capital, founded by Anthony Scaramucci, is one of the largest BTC investors. Scaramucci himself periodically points out the advantages of digital currency over other instruments. However, it is too early to talk about institutional adoption of bitcoin, the businessman mentioned. According...


UNI was the most productive of the top ten altcoins


Over the past day, the best performance from the top ten largest digital currencies was demonstrated by the UniSwap decentralized exchange token. The UNI coin soared in price by more than 36% to $ 24.81. The capitalization of this cryptocurrency on Monday, September 27, reached $ 15.231 billion....

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