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News and Articles by Diana

Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs noted interest of wealthy clients in cryptos


The so-called family offices, that is, companies that manage the capital of wealthy families, are eyeing the cryptocurrency market. One of the largest investment banks, Goldman Sachs, came to this conclusion. He interviewed his clients who run the family business. According to the results of the...


Coinbase Commerce adds DOGE to supported cryptocurrencies


The e-commerce platform Coinbase Commerce, a division of the crypto exchange of the same name, announced the inclusion of the Dogecoin meme coin in the list of supported digital assets. According to the official statement of the platform management, the Dogecoin project cryptocurrency has become...


SEC head compares stablecoins to securities


The US authorities have decided to expedite the legalization of secured digital currencies. The Ministry of Finance has created an expert group that will develop a regulatory framework for stablecoins. The head of the SEC, Gary Gensler, did not stand aside and commented on the position of American...


NatWest banned customers from crypto exchanges using cards


NatWest announced the temporary suspension of the function for exchanging digital assets with the Binance exchange. The largest commercial bank in the UK mentioned in a statement that its decision is temporary. The reason for such drastic innovations was the uncertainty in the regulation of...


Bitstamp announces Tether EURt stablecoin listing


The oldest European cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp opened deposits for the EURt stablecoin from Tether secured in euros 1: 1 amid great customer demand. The exchange will add EURt / EUR and EURt / USD to the listing. “Access to EURt will save customers in the euro area time and money without...

Virgil Griffith

Ethereum developer Virgil Griffith violated terms of bail


The infamous crypto entrepreneur, the co-founder of the Ethereum project Virgil Griffith, violated the terms of the pledge and was again behind bars. According to reports, the man was caught trying to access his account on the Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange. The decision to change the measure of...


Bank of Canada recognizes role of CBDC in the digitalization


Initially, the Central Bank of Canada spoke out strongly against the launch of a national digital currency (CBDC). However, at the end of last year, the regulator for the first time made a change in its position on this issue. In parallel, the Canadian Central Bank began to look for specialists in...


Bitcoin trading volume fell to annual low


Along with the weakening of network activity, the volume of bitcoin transactions also falls. A study by Arcane Research says the weekly value of cryptocurrency transactions fell to an annual low. This figure has been declining over the past three weeks, analysts said. Last week, trading volume fell...

UBS bank ceo

The CEO of UBS bank classified bitcoin as a doubtful asset


According to the CEO of the Swiss bank UBS Ralph Hamers, bitcoin and similar digital currencies should be classified as unverified assets. At the same time, the financier stressed that the number of UBS bank clients who are interested in cryptocurrencies has sharply increased recently. Many...


The US wants to restrict use of digital yuan at the Olympics


In the United States, Republican legislators believe that it is necessary to restrict the use of the Chinese digital yuan at the upcoming Beijing Olympics. The senators argued their decision, referring to espionage by the PRC. China announced that the digital yuan is going to be used as part of the...

Olympus Token

The Greatest Worldwide Stories Found Their Way to Crypto


Anybody can tell or write a story, but not every story survives the passing of time. The greatest tales of all time are the ones with powerful intrigues and challenges. They can inspire people for thousands of years, no matter the domain they activate. Crypto is not an exception. In this article,...


Osprey Funds CEO doubts US approves Bitcoin ETF this year


According to Osprey Funds CEO Greg King, in 2021, the SEC will not issue permission to launch Bitcoin ETF exchange-traded funds. The expert expressed his forecast during a conversation with employees of Yahoo Finance Jared Blikr and Sanna Smith. The CEO of Osprey Funds recalled the hype in the...


Europe wants to tighten rules for sending digital assets


To curb the money laundering activities of cybercriminals, the European Commission proposed tightening the rules for transferring cryptocurrencies. The European Commission intends to reduce the number of large anonymous transactions involving digital assets, given that most of them may be...


US resident is accused of laundering millions through crypto


The US Securities and Exchange Commission announced the opening of an investigation into Florida resident Aaron Govil. He is accused of laundering $ 7 million through mobile applications under his control. According to the agency, the man, being the CEO and directly the developer of the Teledyne...

Mike Tyson

MicroStrategy CEO urged Mike Tyson to buy bitcoins


On Twitter, the world-famous former boxer Mike Tyson asked his subscribers which cryptocurrency he should invest in. He is considering two options - Bitcoin or Ether. Note that many former athletes are actively entering the cryptosphere. Back in the past year, former UFC fighter and ardent bitcoin...


Turkey to present a crypto regulation bill in autumn


At the end of April 2021, a ban on any transactions with bitcoin and other digital currencies began in Turkey. Crypto exchanges have suspended their activities in this country. However, authorities later announced that the ban was temporary and would soon be lifted. Operations with digital assets...

Paul Krugman

Economist thinks stablecoin market crisis is inevitable


The US authorities have finally acknowledged the gigantic influence of the stablecoin market. Under the auspices of the Ministry of Finance, a special expert group will begin to work, which will develop a regulatory framework for regulating operations with digital currencies backed by fiat money....


Hong Kong and Lithuania remind Binance to license company


Crypto company Binance continues to face claims from regulators around the world. This week, Hong Kong and Lithuania urged exchange management to register with local jurisdictions to be eligible to work with crypto traders. Otherwise, the company will face problems. The Hong Kong regulator reminded...

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