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The CB of Russia plans to publish a report on the crypto market


The management of the Bank of Russia strongly opposes the recognition of bitcoin as a legal payment instrument. The head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina, periodically confirms her tough position and calls BTC a fraud and a financial pyramid. Soon, the regulator promises to publish its...


Singapore-regulated company launches two Bitcoin funds


Singapore-based MAS-regulated finance company Fintonia Group has launched two institutional-grade bitcoin funds. Fintonia Bitcoin Physical Fund and Fintonia Secured Yield Fund are for professional investors looking for opportunities to interact with a new asset class. The Bitcoin Physical Fund buys...


SEC will discuss options for legalizing cryptosphere with experts


Next week on December 2, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) plans to hold talks with representatives of the expert community on the regulation of the digital currency market. The statement of the American regulator notes that in addition to the legalization of cryptocurrencies, the SEC...


CB of Canada sees no threat to the economy from cryptos


The Bank of Canada believes that no threats to the state's economy come from cryptocurrency. The position of the regulator was announced by its official representative Paul Baudry. The share of crypto payments is so low that their impact on the financial sector is hardly felt. However, the official...


Japanese banks will take part in digital yen testing


Back in July, some details of the project to create the Japanese digital currency (CBDC) became known. The CBDC concept is going to be formed in 2022. This week, Japanese media reported that about 70 companies and banks are planning to participate in the development and testing of the token. An...


First Australian pension fund decides to invest in crypto


There are a growing number of pension funds around the world that have included digital currencies in their portfolio. The first Australian fund decided to follow the path of similar financial structures from other countries. Rest Super fund manages $ 46.8 billion in assets and serves 1.8 million...


Whales control over 90% of the exchange balance of bitcoin


Turbulence returns to the crypto market after each spike in the activity of large bitcoin addresses or so-called whales. According to Santiment, wallets holding between 100 and 10,000 BTC triggered an escalation in volatility last week. Recall that the price of bitcoin on some trading floors fell...


Indian government offers crypto cooperation to democratic countries


Today India is one of the few countries that intend to work with cryptocurrencies in the long term. The government of this state has been going for a long time to create a regulatory framework for digital currencies and recognize them as a separate class of assets. Recently, the Indian authorities...

Bank of England

Bank of England Supports Global CBDC Concept


Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) are the instruments of our future to bring about a global financial revolution. This point of view is shared by the management of the Bank of England. Deputy Head of the Central Bank John Cunliffe, during his speech at the Parliamentary Committee on Economic...

Mr. Goxx

Mr. Goxx, a cryptotrader hamster, died


On Monday, November 22, a crypto trader hamster named Mr. Goxx (real name - Max) died. “It is with deep sorrow that we must announce the loss of our beloved furry friend,” they wrote. The rodent showed no signs of serious illness, they said, but suddenly quit eating and fell asleep calmly on...


Long-term BTC storage trend continues to dominate


Bitcoin (BTC) has been falling in price since the end of last week, but crypto fans still refuse to sell it. According to the Glassnode platform, the number of wallets with a non-zero BTC balance in the second half of November reached an all-time high of 38.76 million. Researchers recall that the...


Kraken: Australian authorities hinder development of cryptosphere


The Australian office of the Kraken crypto exchange criticized the policy of the country's authorities. As Jonathan Miller, representing the company's top management, noted, if regulators introduce licensing of trading floors, business development will slow down. Australia is among the countries...

Digital euro

European CB will strengthen control over crypto payments


The leadership of the European Central Bank is not only working on the launch of the digital euro but also trying to tighten control over all types of cryptocurrency transactions. This week, the regulator issued a press release announcing plans to include stablecoins and other digital assets in the...


Test version of Brazilian CBDC will appear by the beginning of 2022


Back in early summer, the press center of the Central Bank of Brazil announced the regulator's plans to issue a digital version of the real (CBDC) within the next two to three years. Then, information about the start of token testing began to spread on social networks. The Central Bank denied these...


What are cross-chain bridges?


What are cross-chain bridges? These are decentralized applications that allow the same asset to be transferred between different blockchains. Cross-chain bridges allow you to move tokens of various standards (ERC-20, BEP-20, and others) between blockchains. There are also cross-chain bridges that...


British regulator is interested in blockchain analytics tools


The UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has announced a tender for blockchain analytics firms. The cost of the contract is £ 500,000 ($672,000). “FCA is looking for a third-party service provider in this area that can provide access to a platform that supports reliable and efficient analysis of...

Cathie Wood

ARK Invest CEO iterates inevitability of a bullish scenario for BTC


Over the next five years, we will see the price of bitcoin (BTC) jump above $ 500,000. This forecast was announced by the CEO of ARK Invest fund Cathie Wood. Moreover, it is not the first time that it has declared that the leading cryptocurrency is aimed at growth in the long term. Even in moments...


DeFi protocols lost $10.5 billion since early 2021


A study by Elliptic says that users of projects deployed in the DeFi market have lost $ 10.5 billion since the beginning of 2021 as a result of hacker attacks and fraudulent schemes. Last year, the damage was only $ 1.5 billion. According to DeFiLlama, in June 2020, the value of funds blocked in...

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