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News and Articles by Diana

Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden puts his own NFT up for auction


Former National Security Agency (NSA) and CIA officer Edward Snowden has auctioned his first non-fungible token. The NFT Stay Free features a digitized portrait of Snowden as clippings from the NSA's US lawsuit filed. Snowden has listed the token for sale through the Foundation marketplace. Trading...

Larry Fink

Head of BlackRock saw no chance for BTC to become a currency


Bitcoin will not be a substitute for fiat money, but it could become a major asset class. This is the opinion of the CEO of BlackRock, which manages $ 8.7 trillion in assets, Larry Fink expressed in an interview with CNBC. Despite the successful listing on the Nasdaq of the cryptocurrency company...


Long-term Bitcoin storage trend continues to dominate


Long-term bitcoin holders refuse to sell all of their cryptocurrency even as it skyrockets in 2021. This is the conclusion reached by Glassnode analysts, who also recalled that this week BTC tested values ​​above $ 64,000. Holders of the cryptocurrency dumped some of the coins during the rally,...


Berlin hardfork took place on the Ethereum network


On April 15, a Berlin hard fork took place on the Ethereum mainnet at block # 12,244,000. In anticipation of the event, the price of the asset renewed its all-time high above $ 2,460, and open interest in futures reached a record $ 8.1 billion. Berlin has implemented four proposals to improve...


Green Party of Germany received €1 million in bitcoins


Greifswald-based software developer Moritz Schmidt donated € 1 million (approximately $ 1.2 million) to the Green Party in Germany (Die Grünen). This is the largest translation the party has ever received in one go. Schmidt earned this amount from cryptocurrency trading. “The investor made it...


Novogratz announced further growth in crypto market cap


According to the billionaire and CEO of Galaxy Digital Mike Novogratz, the growth of the cryptocurrency market capitalization will continue in the coming years. On the air of CNBC, the businessman recalled that already now the value of all digital currencies exceeds $ 2 trillion, and this is not...


Ether is close to $2500


Already during today's trading, the largest altcoin ether (ETH) can break the psychological mark of $ 2500. On Thursday morning, April 15, the ETH rate on the Binance exchange jumped to $ 2,480. Cryptocurrency capitalization at the time of publication of this review exceeded $ 283.643 billion. The...

Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith will sell a new horror movie in the form of NFT


Film director, producer, and actor Kevin Smith will auction his new horror film, Killroy Was Here, as an NFT. The NFT buyer will have the right to display, distribute and broadcast the motion picture. According to the director, it reminds him of the sale of the film Clerks, which he brought to the...


Venus BSC protocol funds exceeded $10 billion


The Venus DeFi Landing Project has a total value of Locked Funds of $ 10.4 billion. The next largest TVL project powered by Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is PancakeSwap. His smart contracts are focused on cryptoassets for $ 8 billion. The total value of funds blocked in the BSC segment is $ 33.2...


Polychain supports DeFi social trading platform project


The Enso Finance project has raised $5M in investment. The round was led by venture capital firm Polychain Capital and Dfinity's Beacon Fund. Other contributors include Multicoin Capital, P2P Capital, Spartan Group, Zola Global, and The LAO. “The Enso platform allows for an unlimited number of...


CoinShares launches physically backed ETP in XRP


CoinShares has announced the launch of an ETP powered by Ripple's XRP token. Each CoinShares Physical XRP share is physically backed by 40 XRP. Initially, the ETP under the ticker XRPL will be traded on the SIX Swiss Exchange, Switzerland's largest stock exchange, and will have a base commission of...

Rapper Nas

Rapper Nas is an investor in Coinbase


In 2013, Coinbase closed a $ 25M Series B funding round. Participants included QueensBridge Venture Partners, a venture capital firm co-founded by American rapper Nas. The company did not sell its stake, which means it is one of the beneficiaries of the upcoming direct listing on Nasdaq. At the...


Cardano wants to conquer the DeFi market


The explosive growth of the DeFi decentralized finance market in 2021 has attracted the interest of developers of almost all leading blockchains. Cardano (ADA) has decided to compete with Ethereum and Binance Chain, which are popular among DeFi application creators. Altcoin developers have...

Bithumb Global

Bithumb Global adds BitRiver token to listing


Datacenter network operator BitRiver has issued a BTR token, the price of which is equal to the annual cost of 1 W of electricity. On April 19, trading in the asset will start on the Bithumb Global cryptocurrency exchange. The price of 1 BTR at the time of launch will be $ 0.3504. It will be traded...


Blockcap to open headquarters in Texas


Blockcap, a mining company, has announced plans to open its headquarters in Texas and expand its fleet to 42,000 devices to mine the first cryptocurrency. Blockcap currently generates over six bitcoins a day using approximately 10,000 miners, according to a press release. The current capacity is...


Binance Coin price reaches $600 high


On Monday, April 12, the BNB token quotes of the Binance cryptocurrency exchange reached $600. At the time of writing, BNB is trading near $578. The growth of the asset over the last day was 25.3%, over seven days -...


Whales accumulated up to 2.2% of the total supply of bitcoin


Large investors or so-called "whales" continue to hoard bitcoins. Analysts have found that at the moment they have accumulated up to 2.2% of the total market supply of the cryptocurrency. We are talking about investors controlling 100,000 or more BTC, according to the team's report. The...

Hester Peirce

Hester Peirce calls Bitcoin to ban discussion nonsense


Efforts by governments to ban bitcoin trading will require shutting down the internet. This opinion was presented by the Commissioner of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Hester Peirce in a podcast organized by MarketWatch. “We have passed the right moment to ban bitcoin in the US....

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