Nigel Farage Believes Bitcoin Is the Ultimate Freedom

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Bitcoin Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage, a former Member of the European Parliament believes that Bitcoin is the ultimate freedom.

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At the Bitcoin Amsterdam conference, he said Bitcoin, as any new idea, faces the opposition of the entire establishment. Farage finds that Bitcoin is an economic insurgence driven and led by individuals who are worried about the power of the government. He mentioned people want to be free and independent.

Talking about regulations and the risks of over regulations, Farage expressed concerns that political circles that may regulate the industry, have very little knowledge of crypto.

According to him, lawmakers need real education.

Farage also mentioned Central Bank Digital Currencies, which according to him can take away economical freedom while hundreds of governments have been discussing the prospects of them.

The former EP member said he's a fan of Bitcoin as it's proven itself to be the number one technology to work, and it's getting better. He also noted that the government can't control the coin and can’t tell people how to use their coins.