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Dogecoin crypto

DOGE Presents Its First Roadmap in Partnership with Buterin


The team behind the development of the meme coin Dogecoin, presented its first roadmap "trailmap". It includes 8 points. Among them are Dogecoin protocols library LibDogecoin and development solution GigaWallet. In the announcement, Dogecoin Foundation revealed that Vitalik Buterin...


Bitcoin exchange balance is 6.3% of the total crypto supply


At the moment, about 1.3 million bitcoins are listed on exchanges, the CryptoRank team said in a statement. This volume of cryptocurrency accounts for 6.3% of the total BTC market supply. In October last year, the exchange balance of bitcoin was 9.5% of the supply of digital currency. Already in...

Turkey Erdogan crypto

Turkish President Erdogan Sent Crypto Bill to Parliament


The local media of Turkey says, according to the country’s president, Recep Erdoğan, crypto law is now ready and it’ll be sent to the Parliament with no setback. He revealed the news in a recent meeting with economics journalists. In his speech, Erdoğan said people will see the guarantee of...


Cynthia Lummis plans to present a bill to legalize the cryptosphere


Senator Cynthia Lummis from Wyoming plans to submit a crypto sphere bill next year for consideration by the US Congress. She told Bloomberg that this is a large-scale document designed to stimulate the development of the blockchain industry in the United States and ensure the safety of...


More than 50 countries have introduced restrictions for cryptocurrencies


A total of 51 countries in the world have imposed bans on cryptocurrencies to some extent. What follows from a report from the Office of Global Legal Research (GLRD) of the US Law Library of Congress. GLRD noted that since the first publication of the report, the number of such jurisdictions had...

El Salvador Nayib Bukele Bitcoin

Nayib Bukele Responds to El Salvador’s Btc Policy Critiques


The president of El Salvador is at the center of discussions for his Bitcoin policy. In September El Salvador made Bitcoin legal tender, becoming the first country to do so. Along with this, the government has been adding its BTC holdings. President Bukele's move wasn't perceived well by everyone....


The world's first SMS was sold at an NFT auction


A digital duplicate of the world's first SMS was traded at an auction in France. SMS with the text "Merry Christmas" December 3, 1992 programmer Neil Papworth sent the leader of the British mobile operator Vodafone Richard Jarvis. An NFT lot includes a copy of the authentic communication...


Miners adhere to a cumulative strategy


Over the past two years, bitcoin miners have joined the ranks of hodlers or long-term holders of cryptocurrencies. If in 2017-2019 mining pools mainly sold coins, then the latest data from the Glassnode platform shows that their strategy has changed. Since the beginning of 2020, they have chosen to...

Cynthia Lummis Bitcoin

Senator Lummis Will Present Crypto Bill in 2022


US senator Cynthia Lummis, who is a supporter of crypto, announced her plans to put forward a comprehensive crypto bill that will bring the industry clarification. The politician is in favor of including crypto in financial systems properly. A Bloomberg release says, the regulatory structure that...


SushiSwap token skyrocketed by almost 18% in 24 hours


The digital currency SushiSwap (SUSHI), the underlying asset of the decentralized crypto exchange of the same name, soared in price by almost 18% in 24 hours. Now the altcoin's capitalization reached $ 846.653 million. Tonight the token jumped above $ 6 for the first time since the beginning of...


Kraken acquires investment platform Staked


The popular digital asset trading platform Kraken has announced the purchase of the equally well-known non-custodial betting service Staked. Based on the official statement of the exchange, all its users will be able to join the operation of the investment platform in January 2022. In the...

Mike Novogratz Bitcoin volatility

Mike Novogratz Expects Bitcoin Volatility to Come Down


During a talk program Squawk Box, Galaxy Investments CEO Mike Novogratz said that with increasing demand from institutions for Bitcoin, the volatility of the coin is likely to reduce. According to Novogratz, that is a good thing. In his opinion, BTC is a store of value and not a transactional...


CME has provided data on trading in micro-futures on Ether


Traders have shown weak interest in micro-Ether (ETH) futures on the Chicago Exchange (CME). As a reminder, this product became available on December 6th. A similar Bitcoin-focused product was launched at CME on May 3rd. Moreover, the interest in micro-futures on BTC was significantly higher...

Bitcoin SEC ETFs

SEC Rejects Spot Bitcoin ETFs from Valkyrie and Kryptoin


The US SEC continues to disapprove physically-backed Bitcoin Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). On Dec. 22, the regulator released the decisions on the requests from the exchanges NYSE Arca to trade shares of the Valkyrie BTC Fund and Cboe BZX to trade Kryptoin BTC ETF Trust. The reasons for rejections...

XRP Brad Garlinghouse Ripple

Ripple CEO Says 2021 Was the Strongest Year for the Company


A year ago, on December 22, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) started a lawsuit against the blockchain company Ripple and its executives Chris Larsen, and Brad Garlinghouse. The regulator says XRP, the native crypto of Ripple, is unregistered security, and Ripple Labs wasn't allowed...


76% of Bitcoin addresses remain in profit


The SOPR indicator exceeded one, and it suggests that investors are selling at a profit. The day before, this indicator was below 1, that is, traders were selling bitcoins at a loss for themselves. The growth of the index today was the result of an improvement in the situation in the crypto market....

Jack Dorsey web 3 VCs

Jack Dorsey's Anti-Web 3 and VC Tweets Created a Movement


Block (formerly Square) CEO Jack Dorsey criticized the web 3 sphere recently, saying it isn't decentralized, but venture capital firms are those who own it. In a tweet published on December 21, the former CEO of Twitter said web 3 is a centralized entity with a new label. In a later tweet, Dorsey...

SHIba Inu

Whales resume buying Shiba Inu tokens


The Shiba Inu (SHIB) token soared 10% last Tuesday. Cryptocurrency capitalization reached $ 18.8 billion. Altcoin began to rise in price against the backdrop of a surge in the activity of large SHIBA wallets. One of the whale addresses spent $ 134 million buying 4 trillion Shiba Inu tokens earlier...

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