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Gensler: Authorities need to protect investors with crypto regulation


Gary Gensler, who is the head of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), has repeatedly stated the need for the gradual implementation of legislation governing relations in the cryptocurrency industry. According to Gensler, the regulatory framework will ensure the protection of investors and...


Number of BTC on Coinbase falls to a min since the end of 2017


The Glassnode team recorded a sharp drop in the number of bitcoins (BTC) on the Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange. According to researchers, the volume of digital currency on Coinbase is now at its lowest level since December 2017. Moreover, the outflow of coins had continued since May of this year,...


CryptoPunks creators will cooperate with talent agency from Hollywood


The Larva Labs development team known from CryptoPunks has partnered with United Talent Agency (UTA), whose clients include Johnny Depp, Wes Anderson, and Susan Sarandon. In addition to actors and directors, the talent agency also partners with musicians, comedians, and digital artists who are...


Donald Trump says he doesn't trust cryptocurrencies


Former US President Donald Trump has previously repeatedly criticized Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market in general. According to him, such tools are used by criminal structures and rogue states. In addition, virtual currencies do not have any material support, which creates additional risks for...


High Ethereum fees are driving users to leave to other blockchains


Ethereum transaction fees have started to rise since August 22nd. Last Friday, August 27, the average commission on the blockchain reached $ 38.3 - this is the highest value since May 2021. Ethereum fees have continued to climb despite recent updates from London and EIP-1559. Since mid-August, the...

South Africa

Another central bank joins the camp of bitcoin opponents


Many central banks periodically criticize Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Last week, the People's Bank of China criticized digital currencies and urged citizens to stay away from such instruments. The Reserve Bank of South Africa has joined those regulators who refuse to recognize digital...

El Salvador

In El Salvador protests began against the legalization of BTC


Residents of El Salvador protested against the country's first cryptocurrency legalization. They are worried about the rise of corruption. The Salvadoran Association of International Freight Carriers has demanded an amendment to the bill, removing the obligation to accept digital gold as payment....


FTX CEO calls crypto derivatives "misunderstood" tools


Critics of cryptocurrency derivatives do not understand how important these financial instruments are in increasing the liquidity and efficiency of digital asset markets. The head of the FTX platform, Sam Bankman-Fried, said this in an interview. “This is a somewhat misunderstood area. Many...


OpenSea NFT Marketplace Trading Volume Exceeds $3B


Over the past 30 days, the NFT-centric OpenSea platform has had a trading volume of $ 3.11 billion. During the month, the marketplace recorded more than 195,000 unique users who made 2.22 million transactions. According to Dune Analytics, in August the marketplace's trading volume exceeded the...

US Treasury crypto news

The US Treasury Proposes Data-Sharing Crypto Rules


The national treasury of the US proposes to adopt new crypto reporting rules in a $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation bill. Roll Call, a Washington D.C. website delivering Congress news, posted a report. An administration official whose identity is disclosed told Roll Call the Treasury proposed...


Bittrex CEO praises UAE for creating conditions for crypto development


According to Steven Stonberg, CEO of the Bittrex cryptocurrency exchange, the United Arab Emirates has real opportunities to become a center for the development of blockchain technologies. One of the largest cities in the Middle East, Dubai is already on the list of innovative regions. If a...

Solana surges above $110

Solana (SOL) Reached a New High Breaking Above $119


Gaining over 20% in the previous 24 hours, Solana's SOL token set a new record. After breaking the $100 milestone, it went higher and surged to $119. On August 27, Solana tweeted about some new incentive called "Ignition" which will come on August 31. Ignition will last till October 8....


Hackers hacked hot wallets of Bilaxy bitcoin exchange


Seychelles-based cryptocurrency exchange Bilaxy reported a hot wallet hack. Users were advised to refrain from making deposits. The company does not disclose the amount of damage. On the night of August 28-29, Bilaxy suddenly stopped working. According to MyCrypto security analyst Harry Denley, the...

Crypto Cuba

Cuba’s CB to Allow Cryptocurrencies and Regulate Them


The Republic of Cuba plans to legalize and regulate Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. On August 26, the country's states-issued news provider "Gaceta Official" announced Resolution 215. According to it, Cuba's Central Bank will establish new laws related to crypto. To advertise crypto,...


India plans to start testing its token by the end of 2021


India has joined those states that are accelerating the development of a national digital currency. Testing of the Central Bank token (CBDC) should begin before the end of this year. Shaktikanta Das, representing the leadership of the Central Bank, told the journalists about this. The Reserve Bank...

Solana surpasses $90

Solana (SOL) Reached a New All-Time High Surpassing $90


SOL, the native token of the Solana blockchain, updated its all-time high, breaking above $90 today. Over the last 24 hours, the price of the coin increased by around 8%, over the previous 7 days it went up around 14.5% . Solana was released in March 2020. Today SOL is the 10th largest...


People’s Bank of China calls on citizens to abandon BTC


In the spring, the Chinese authorities sharply increased pressure on companies representing the cryptocurrency industry. At first, almost all miners came under pressure, and officials began to squeeze them out of the country. Then the crackdown on cryptocurrency services began, and Beijing banned...


Police in Brazil arrested $ 28.6 million in cryptocurrencies


Brazilian Federal Police seized 150 million Brazilian reais ($ 28.7 million) worth of cryptocurrency in Operation Kryptos, linked to an alleged pyramid scheme. Law enforcers arrested five people. In addition to digital assets, the police ended up with $ 3.6 million in cash in US dollars, 21 premium...

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