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IMF crypto

IMF Executive Tells Not to Leave Crypto After Terra’s Crash


Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, Kristalina Georgieva, finds that the collapse of Terra blockchain's UST stablecoin shouldn't be a reason to abandon the crypto market. At the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting, she advised not to draw out the importance of the crypto...


The Japanese holding will launch a division for the storage of crypto


Japanese financial giant Sumitomo Mitsui Trust plans to create a subsidiary that will provide custody services for digital currencies. According to Nikkei Asia, the Japan Digital Asset Trust division will serve institutional investors who fear for the safety of their digital assets. Thus, another...


Litecoin is threatened with withdrawal from the South Korean exchanges


The update of MimbleWimble on the Litecoin (LTC) network allows you to ensure the confidentiality of transactions. However, the anonymity of LTC blockchain users has raised concerns among South Korean cryptocurrency exchanges. As part of compliance with local anti-money laundering legislation,...

India Reserve Bank crypto

India Reserve Bank Governor Warns Against Cryptocurrencies


The governor of India's Central Bank, Shaktikanta Das mentioned the risks related to cryptos in an interview with CNBC-TV18. Pointing to the fall of crypto prices, Das said that Indian regulators have been cautioning against the sector previously. Recently, prices of cryptocurrencies dropped...


Europeans view digital assets as a tool to increase family savings


Despite the high risks of investing in digital assets and general market volatility, many citizens continue to see cryptocurrencies as a tool that can increase their monetary savings. This, by the way, is evidenced by the results of a recent survey conducted by the Kantar analytical company...

Balenciaga crypto payments

Balenciaga Is Going to Support Payments in Bitcoin and Ether


Fashion house Balenciaga will provide the possibility to make payments in cryptos, particularly in Bitcoin and Eth. The brand's flagship stores in LA, New York, and its online store will support the option. Earlier this month Balenciaga released its NFT collection on the NFT marketplace of...

Andre Cronje crypto

Andre Cronje's Possible Return to DeFi Boosts FTM Price Growth


DeFi architect Andre Cronje, who served as a technical advisor for the smart contract platform Fantom, may return to the industry. This March, Cronje together with Anthon Nell, whith whom they worked on various DeFi projects, announced leaving the industry. What makes suggest that the developer may...


Pantera Capital: The market is entering a bearish phase


According to Pantera Capital analysts, the cryptocurrency market is in a long bearish phase. As evidence, Paul Veradittakit, who represents the fund's research division, pointed to the dominance of negative sentiment in the camp of traders over the past four weeks. The cryptosphere is highly...

Lagarde crypto

European CB President Lagarde Says Crypto Has No Value


According to the European Central Bank’s president, Christine Lagarde cryptos are based on nothing and must be regulated so that people won't put their life savings in the assets. A Bloomberg report says Lagarde told Dutch television in an interview that in the case of cryptos, there isn't an...


The head of the SEC predicts the collapse of many cryptocurrencies


According to the Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Gary Gensler, it is possible to regulate the cryptocurrency market using the existing securities legislation. This week, Gensler commented on the collapse of the UST stablecoin. The head of the SEC predicts that in the near...


Terra's collapse provokes the fall of cryptocurrencies close to it


The depreciation of the coins of the Terra cryptocurrency project - LUNA and UST, continues to negatively affect the digital asset market. So, over the past few days, amid panic discussions about the fall of the above coins, several more cryptocurrencies related to Terra's activities have fallen in...


Traders have sent about 40K BTC to exchanges since May 11


The fall in the value of bitcoin below $30,000 occurred after a large amount of cryptocurrency entered the exchanges. The IntoTheBlock report states that since May 11, a total of about 40,000 BTC have been sent to trading platforms. As a result of a massive reset, the largest digital currency...


The number of active Ethereum addresses decreased by only 7%


According to CryptoQuant CEO Qi Yang Ju, activity on the Ethereum network remains consistently high. The number of addresses sending and receiving funds daily fell by only 7% despite the sharp increase in volatility after the collapse of the UST stablecoin. As a result of the turbulence, the...


Bitcoin enters another phase of accumulation


Three Arrows Capital CEO Su Zhu commented on the position of bitcoin. In his opinion, the largest digital currency is entering a new phase of accumulation. The BTC exchange rate on Friday, May 20, strengthened to $30,144. Su Zhu pointed to several factors that signal a gradual change in trend. Over...


Pakistani authorities will collect taxes from traders and crypto companies


In January 2022, the Pakistani authorities were preparing to ban all types of cryptocurrency transactions. The corresponding document was prepared to take into account the position of the Central Bank of the country, which demanded the introduction of fines for violating such a ban. However,...


Facebook to Launch Digital Asset-Enabled Payments Platform


Despite how the digital asset market has suffered amid the decline in the BTC, as well as the depreciation of LUNA and UST, some tech giants do not even think to pause in the implementation of their crypto plans. So, the other day, the media began to actively discuss applications that Meta's...

Philip Falcone

Philip Falcone wants to create a channel about crypto and blockchain


There are many resources dedicated to cryptocurrencies on the Internet, including YouTube channels and social networks. Despite the crisis and the departure of many media from the market, a large number of sites and blogs about the cryptosphere are still available to users of the World Wide Web....


BitMEX exchange will launch spot trading in cryptocurrencies


Spot transactions with digital currencies will become available to users of BitMEX. The press service of the company said that transactions can be made in tandem with Tether (USDT). Investors will be able to trade with bitcoin, ether, UniSwap, ChainLink, Polygon, and Ape. Through the launch of...

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