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NYU professor announces Bitcoin's imminent collapse


There are still a lot of opponents of bitcoin and the crypto market among experts. Now the imminent collapse of bitcoin has been announced by New York University economist Angel Benches. He posted a post on Twitter with a forecast that shortly the cost of BTC and altcoins will collapse to zero....

Bitcoin price crypto

BTC Price Fell Below $34.000 for the First Time Since July


Bitcoin price went down below $34.000 for the first time since July. In the last 7 days, BTC fell by over 21% and hit its lowest level of $33.100 today. At the moment, the coin trades for about $33.500. Bitcoin is about 51% down from its all-time high of $68.789 reached on Nov. 10, 2021. Most of...

El Salvador Bitcoin purchase January

El Salvador Adds 410 Bitcoins to Its Holdings


The president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele revealed that the country obtained 410 bitcoins for $15 M. The BTC price was around $36.580 at the time of the purchase. It's the lowest price since July 26, 2021. Earlier, Bukele tweeted that he would probably miss the dip this time. However, he changed...

Crypto liquidations

Amount of Crypto Liquidations Surpassed $720 M


Crypto prices continued to decline. Bitcoin price dropped to $38.560. Currently, Bitcoin trades at around $39.000. Ether declined to $2800. In the last 24 hours, the global market cap decreased by 7.8% and now stands at around $1.8 trillion....

El Salvador Bitcoin loans

El Salvador to Provide Crypto-Based Loans


El Salvador continues to increase Bitcoin’s role in the country’s economics. Currently, the government considers offering small and medium businesses $10 M in crypto-backed loans. The program will start in the first quarter of this year. Director at Technological Economic International Affairs...

Crypto whales

Activation of whales provoked a short-term breakthrough of BTC above $42K


In the middle of this week, Bitcoin (BTC) broke above $42,000. On some trading floors, the BTC rate reached $42,500 on the morning of January 19. However, a correction soon followed, and the night before, the cryptocurrency fell to $41,292. Today, its capitalization over the past seven days has...

Mike Mcglone

Mike McGlone thinks Bitcoin may run into trouble in 2022


Bloomberg strategist Mike McGlone is known by many as an ardent supporter of bitcoin. Over the past few years, he has repeatedly expressed aggressive forecasts regarding the prospects of cryptocurrency. Now the same analyst has suddenly become less optimistic. If earlier he predicted that BTC could...


Genesis Trading points to a rise in the number of BTC hodlers


Digital asset manager Genesis Trading has recorded an increase in the number of investors holding Bitcoin for more than five months. As a result of the December sell-off in the spot market, hodlers were able to significantly increase their reserves in cryptocurrency. The number of such BTC wallets...

El Salvador

Moody's criticizes El Salvador for bitcoin legalization


The rating agency Moody's considers that the authorities of El Salvador made a big mistake by legalizing BTC. Analyst Jaime Reush expects the investment attractiveness of this Latin American state to decline. Crypto is a volatile instrument. El Salvador recognized BTC and began to invest its...

Seba CEO

SEBA Bank CEO predicted Bitcoin surge to $75,000


According to SEBA Bank CEO Guido Buhler, Bitcoin will continue to expand in 2022. The coin will rise in price as institutional investors enter it. Moreover, the businessman does not exclude that BTC will be able to soar in price up to $75,000. To improve the attractiveness of the cryptocurrency,...


Robinhood says it has no plans to invest in bitcoin


Despite significant customer demand, online broker Robinhood has no intention of investing corporate funds in digital assets. That was announced at the conference The Wall Street Journal by CFO Jason Warnick. “We don't have a compelling strategic reason to invest a significant portion of...


BTC gains price amid improving situation in the US stock market


The improvement in the situation in the American stock market had a positive effect on the positions of both bitcoin and other digital currencies. The night before, BTC jumped above $ 44,100, the highest value since January 6. The correction took place this morning during Asian trading. At the time...


Morocco residents sharply increase their investment in BTC in 2021


Morocco tops the ranking of North African countries in terms of bitcoin investment. According to the Singapore platform Triple-A, approximately 2.4% of the population of this state, or 0.9 million people, have already bought digital currencies. In terms of the number of bitcoin investors, Morocco...


The head of the ARK Invest fund commented on the fall of bitcoin


Many experts have already reacted to the dominance of the negative trend in the crypto market. For example, Bloomberg strategist Mike McGlone said that the pullback would be temporary, but Bitcoin could hold above $ 40,000. So far, the analyst's forecast is coming true, and the largest digital...

Bitcoin fintech stocks

Cryptocurrencies and Fintech Stocks Started Rising


Fintech stocks and cryptos saw a decline in recent months. On Jan. 11, the prices started to go up. The rise followed Fed chair Jarome Powel's speech when he said that the US economy is healthy enough and there's a need for tighter monetary policy. He added that the institution will end asset...

Bill Miller

Billionaire Bill Miller invested up to 50% of his capital in bitcoin


Many large financiers are gradually changing their attitude towards bitcoin and are beginning to view it as a tool for hedging inflationary risks. For example, this point of view is shared by Paul Tudor Jones. Back in 2020, he admitted that he invested part of his capital in BTC. Now billionaire...


The economist allowed Bitcoin to fall below $40K amid high inflation


Bitcoin could break down $40,000 if inflation further exceeds market expectations. Economist Alex Kruger outlined a similar scenario amid the Fed tightening monetary policy. Sensitivity to macroeconomic news is due to changes in the Fed's monetary policy, Krueger is convinced. He recalled the...


Mirror Trading International, organizer of BTC pyramid, arrested in Brazil


The Brazilian military police have arrested the founder and CEO of the cryptocurrency pyramid Mirror Trading International (MTI) Johann Steinberg, who was wanted by Interpol and the FBI in 2019. Law enforcers began spying on the suspect immediately after receiving information about his location in...