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Larry Fink

Head of BlackRock saw no chance for BTC to become a currency


Bitcoin will not be a substitute for fiat money, but it could become a major asset class. This is the opinion of the CEO of BlackRock, which manages $ 8.7 trillion in assets, Larry Fink expressed in an interview with CNBC. Despite the successful listing on the Nasdaq of the cryptocurrency company...


Long-term Bitcoin storage trend continues to dominate


Long-term bitcoin holders refuse to sell all of their cryptocurrency even as it skyrockets in 2021. This is the conclusion reached by Glassnode analysts, who also recalled that this week BTC tested values ​​above $ 64,000. Holders of the cryptocurrency dumped some of the coins during the rally,...


Green Party of Germany received €1 million in bitcoins


Greifswald-based software developer Moritz Schmidt donated € 1 million (approximately $ 1.2 million) to the Green Party in Germany (Die Grünen). This is the largest translation the party has ever received in one go. Schmidt earned this amount from cryptocurrency trading. “The investor made it...

Bitcoin Ethereum Cardano

New All-Time Highs from BTC, Ether, and Cardano


The crypto market keeps surging. Not only are the prices growing, but there are also new all-time highs reached by a number of cryptocurrencies. Today BTC price set a record high of $64.870 coming closer to $65.000. The second-largest cryptocurrency Ether crossed $2.397 and Cardano surpassed $1.56....

BTC surged to $63.000

Bitcoin Reached a New All-Time High Surpassing $63.000


The price of BTC has seen around a 5% increase in a day reaching a new all-time high of over $63.250 with a market cap of around $1.1 trillion. This surge happens ahead of the crypto exchange Coinbase's going public on Nasdaq, which will be on April 14. Generally, the majority of cryptocurrencies...

Galaxy Digital Bitcoin ETF

Galaxy Digital Applied for Bitcoin ETF


On April 12, financial services provider Galaxy Digital introduced an appeal with the SEC for a Bitcoin ETF. If authorized the product will be offered on the stocks and options market NYSE Arca previously known as ArcaEx. Its rate will be estimated through Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index. The firm...

Microstrategy board of directors

MicroStrategy's Board of Directors to be Paid in BTC


The CEO of the Business intelligence company MicroStrategy, Michael Saylor announced via tweet that the board of directors now get fees in BTC. The Board of Directors of @MicroStrategy is now paid in #bitcoin. $MSTR— Michael Saylor (@michael_saylor) April 12, 2021 ...


Whales accumulated up to 2.2% of the total supply of bitcoin


Large investors or so-called "whales" continue to hoard bitcoins. Analysts have found that at the moment they have accumulated up to 2.2% of the total market supply of the cryptocurrency. We are talking about investors controlling 100,000 or more BTC, according to the team's report. The...

Hester Peirce

Hester Peirce calls Bitcoin to ban discussion nonsense


Efforts by governments to ban bitcoin trading will require shutting down the internet. This opinion was presented by the Commissioner of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Hester Peirce in a podcast organized by MarketWatch. “We have passed the right moment to ban bitcoin in the US....

HSBC MicroStrategy

HSBC Bans Trading MicroStrategy Stocks for BTC Investments


British international banking and financial services provider HSBC informed the customers about the change of its policy concerning virtual currencies and relevant products. Therefore, MicroStrategy is viewed as one of them and is banned on the institution's online trading platform — HSBC...


Fidelity believes institutional adoption of BTC will proceed


In the coming years, we will see institutional adoption of Bitcoin (BTC) go mainstream. This point of view is shared by Tom Jessop of Fidelity. The top manager is confident that the majority of large investors are already changing their attitude towards BTC and other digital currencies. Changing...

Meitu Bitcoin investment

Technology Company Meitu Made Another BTC Investment


China-based software company Meitu that presents the popular photo editing app, announced an additional $10 M investment in Bitcoin. The firm acquired 175.6 coins on April 8, thus making the total number of its BTC holdings 940. Overall, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange-listed firm now holds $100 M...

Peter Thiel BTC China US

Peter Thiel Says China May Use BTC as a Financial Weapon


German-American businessman, co-founder of Pay Pal, Peter Thiel thinks it is quite possible that China uses BTC as an economic instrument against the US. Thiel expressed this opinion during an online seminar set by Richard Nixon Foundation on April 6. Ex-Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and previous...


Bitcoin hashrate has updated its all-time high


The total amount of computing power in the network of the first cryptocurrency reached a record high of 179.4 EH/s. On April 2, a recalculation of the difficulty of bitcoin mining took place - the indicator increased by 5.82%, reaching a record 23.14 T. Ethan Vera, CTO of the Luxor mining pool,...

Sacramento Kings BTC

Sacramento Kings to Offer Staff BTC as Salary


The players of the American famous basketball squad, Sacramento Kings will be able to get their salaries in BTC. The CEO of the association Vivek Ranadivé revealed the news on April 5 in terms of the Clubhouse talk. He was a host of the room “Draper and Friends” created by a successful venture...


Marathon increases Bitcoin reserves to 5134 coins


In the Q1 of 2021, the American mining company Marathon Digital Holdings mined 196 BTC. The total assets of the firm in the first cryptocurrency reached 5134.2 BTC worth about $ 301 million. In January, Marathon allocated $ 150 million from reserves for the purchase of the first crypto. The company...

Microstrategy investment April

MicroStrategy Invested Another $15 M in BTC


Another time, business analytics platform Microstrategy invested $15 million in Bitcoin by acquiring 253 coins. The company announced the news via a blog post on April 5. Thus, the total sum of the firm in BTC surpassed $5.4 B. Michael Saylor, the CEO of MicroStrategy wrote on Twitter that the...

Grayscale BTC trust ETF

GrayScale Intends to Change Its BTC Trust Into an ETF


Leading digital currency asset manager on the global scale, Grayscale announced its plans to turn the BTC Trust (GBTC) into an ETF. The asset manager filed a paper with the US SEC. Grayscale requested an ETF authorization back in 2016 but took back the request because of regulatory issues....