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Anthony Scaramucci

The head of SkyBridge Capital bets 0.005 BTC on Tesla mining


The founder of the SkyBridge Capital investment company Anthony Scaramucci divined that in the coming year one of Elon Musk's companies will enter the market of environmentally friendly cryptocurrency mining. “Elon is not a man of half measures. I predict he will revolutionize the bitcoin mining...

MicroStrategy Bitcoin Investment

MicroStrategy Acquires 271 Bitcoins for $15 M


On May 13 Virginia-based business analytics firm MicroStrategy revealed acquiring 271 Bitcoins for $15 M. The average cost of one unit was about $55.387. The company's CEO Michael Saylor informed that overall MicroStrategy holds around 91,850 bitcoins purchased for about $2.241 B. MicroStrategy...

BTC mining difficulty ath

Mining Difficulty of BTC Sets New Record Highs


The mining difficulty of BTC reached a new high of 25.05 trillion, which means about a 21.53% increase. As it is known mining is the process of new bitcoins adding the circulation and the difficulty indicates how complicated it is to mine a block or how much calculational effort it requires. ...

Tesla Elon Musk Bitcoin

Tesla Stops Bitcoin Payments, the Coin's Price Drops


Today, May 13, Tesla CEO Elon Musk informed that the company is no longer allowing payments in Bitcoin. In the tweet posted by Musk, he mentioned that the reason is BTC's using a large amount of energy which is bad for the surroundings. When the coin starts using more environment-friendly energy,...

Palantir Technologies

Palantir Technologies will consider investing in Bitcoin


Data analysis software developer Palantir Technologies is considering investing in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Writes about this CNBC concerning a statement for investors. The company announced financial results for the first quarter of 2021 and noted that digital assets are "clearly...

Stanley Druckenmiller about dollar and Bitcoin

Stanley Druckenmiller Talked About Dollar Status and Crypto


American billionaire investor, hedge fund manager Stanley Druckenmiller finds that cryptocurrencies can solve problems created by the Fed’s controversial policy at the time of the global pandemic. He noted that the dollar is at the risk to lose its global reserve currency position. The dominance...

Tom Brady laser eyes

Tom Brady's Avatar on Twitter Now Is With Laser Eyes


The US National Football League (NFL) star Tom Brady changed his Twitter profile pic to one where he has laser eyes to support Bitcoin. Earlier rumors were spread that the player has invested in BTC. #NewProfilePic— Tom Brady (@TomBrady) May 10, 2021...

Crime Bitcoin

A Man Who Ordered His Wife's Murder Paying in BTC was Found


A man from the US state Tennessee, Nelson Repogle used BTC to order his wife's assassination. He contacted the hitman via a murder-for-hire online platform. Fortunately, the FBI succeeded to prevent the crime. The case was discovered by FBI Special Agent Clay Anderson. Repogle sent the hired...

Mark Zuckerberg Bitcoin

Mark Zuckerberg Named One of His Goats Bitcoin


Media magnate, Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg posted a photo of two of his goats on May 10. In the description, he said that the names of the goats are Max and Bitcoin. The post raised various discussions among the users. Many posted that it might mean that Zuckerberg supports BTC and or...


Luxury condominium in Miami began selling apartments for BTC


Arte Surfside condominium boutique has opened the sale of apartments in Miami for BTC and Ethereum as part of a partnership with the SolidBlock trading platform. According to the press release, the cost of the apartments starts at $10.3 M or the equivalent in crypto. Arte explained the decision to...

Square Bitcoin revenue

Square's BTC Revenue Grew 11 Times


On May 6, American financial services and digital payments company Square released a shareholder letter for the first quarter of this year. As the paper shows, Square's P2P payment solution Cash App generated $3.51 B of BTC revenue during Q1, 2021. For the same interval of the previous year,...


Unknown has moved "sleeping" since 2013 500 BTC


On Tuesday, May 4, 500 BTC (about $ 27.6 million) went into motion for the first time since consolidation in 2013. This address received funds from dubious exchanges. He is ranked at an average level of risk. In March 2021, the Telegram channel announced the first movement of 5,000 BTC (about $ 284...

Mercado Libre buys Bitcoin

E-Commerce Company Mercado Libre Made $7.8 M BTC Purchase


On May 5, Buenos Aires-based e-commerce technology firm Mercado Libre published the Q1 results of the company, where it stated buying $7.8 million worth of BTC. The firm added recently acquired coins to its balance sheet. In the issued press release Mercado Libre published the progress of the...


China is steadily losing its status of the largest BTC miner


China continues to control the lion's share of the BTC hashrate. However, in the expert environment, some have already paid attention to factors signaling a gradual decrease in the influence of the Celestial Empire on the BTC network. According to Chun Wang, co-founder of one of the greatest mining...

New York Bitcoin mininig

New York May Freeze BTC Mining to Protect the Environment


A bill brought in the NY State Senate considers halting BTC mining for 3 years to study deeply its consequences for the surroundings. Bill 6486 was put forward by Senator Kevin Parker to the Senate's Committee on Environmental Conservation. If approved Bitcoin mining will be allowed only after a...

S&P Dow Jones Ether BTC

S&P Dow Jones Indices Issued BTC and Ether Indexes


Widely followed American stock market S&P Dow Jones presented indexes of BTC and Ether. The entity first disclosed the intention in December 2020. The initial plan was to launch indices for the leading 550 most exchanged crypto coins and tokens. Released S&P Bitcoin Index (SPBTC) and...

Charlie Munger about Bitcoin

Charlie Munger Considers BTC Success "Disgusting"


American billionaire businessman, vice-chairman of the US-based international conglomerate holding firm Berkshire Hathaway, Charlie Munger considers Bitcoin advancement "disgusting". He stated this opinion at the yearly meeting of the company held on May 1. Although Munger has never...


Bitcoin miners earned $ 1.7 billion in April


The income of the miners of the first cryptocurrency in April was $ 1.7 billion. The indicator yielded the record revenue in March when it reached $ 1.75 billion. Of the total miners' income in April, 14.51% came from transaction fees - $ 247...