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Solana (SOL) price, charts and news



Solana market data

SOL Coin Price: $64.24
SOL Market Cap: $27,361,561,806
SOL Circulating Supply: 425,925,635 SOL
SOL Total Supply: 564,188,073 SOL
SOL 24 Hour Volume: $2,076,196,016
SOL 24 Hour High: $--
SOL 24 Hour Low: $--
SOL 24h Change: 1.42%

What is Solana?

Blockchain-based open source platform Solana enables creating fast, scalable, and secure DeFi apps. In March 2020 Geneva-headquartered Solana Foundation formally put the platform on work. It introduces a peculiar hybrid consensus method, that combines a proof-of-history mechanism with the essence proof-of-stake of the blockchain. This model, built by the platform's co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko draws the interest of both short-term purchasers and major investors. The main goal of Solana is DeFi's reachability on a wider range. The platform has its built-in token SOL, which current flowing supply is 26 M. Its maximum supply of caps is 489 million SOL. The token is used for payment activities. It offers returns for staking the SOL units in return for accelerating and backing the protocol. The asset is also used for basic token swaps and smart contract operations payments. Fractions of SOLs are called lamports, and they are used for microtransactions.

SOL price historical chart

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