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Toncoin Telegram

Toncoin Up 13% in a Week Amid Telegram's Usernames Auction


Toncoin (TON), the native crypto of the blockchain protocol The Open Network, designed by Telegram founders saw a price growth of more than 13.6% in the last 7 days. Currently the coin trades at around $1.4. It’s the 32th largest cryptocurrency with over $1 billion market cap. TON’s price...

Ethereum addresses activity

Ethereum Active Addresses Dropped to a 4-Month Low


After the big Ethereum upgrade, the Merge, the number of Ethereum active addresses has fallen essentially. According to the market intelligence platform Sentiment, it's the first time that this metric is below 400,000 since June 26, 2022. Sentiment notes disinterest is at high as prices have...

European Commission DeFi

EU Commission Study Says DeFi Needs New Kind of Regulation


The European Union Commission released a new report on the regulation and supervision of decentralized finance, which says the industry requires new rules. The report mentions key differences between traditional finance and DeFi, saying instead of relying on a legal entity, DeFi protocols are...

Ripple SEC trial

The SEC Has Officially Handed Over Hinman Docs to Ripple


The US Securities and Exchange Commission officially turned over Hinman's email messages and docs to Ripple. In December 2020, the regulator sued Ripple over the sale of XRP coins, saying the asset is considered as an unregulated security. During the trial, Ripple asked for docs where William...

Blockchain security startup

Smart Contracts Audits Startup Hexens Closed $4.2 M Seed Funding


Armenian blockchain security startup Hexens secured $4.2 M in seed funding led by IOSG Ventures. Companies including ChapterOne VC, Delta Blockchain Fund, Polygon, and others also took part in the round. Since Hexens was founded in 2021, our team has had an impressive track record and recognition...

Plaid crypto wallet

Fintech Company Plaid Announced Its First Crypto-Native Product


Leading financial services company Plaid revealed the launch of its first crypto-native product, Wallet Onboard. Founded in 2013, the company partners with banks and payment services to make it easy for people to connect their financial accounts to the apps and services they use. Plaid released a...

N26 crypto trading

German Digital Bank N26 Launches Crypto Trading


Berlin-based neobank N26 announced it is going to launch a crypto trading service in Austria. Called N26 Crypto, the service is supposed to become available to Austrian clients in the next few weeks. Initially, N26 Crypto will include 100 tokens including BTC and Ether. Over the next six months,...

Japan crypto rules

Japan to Make Listing of Cryptocurrencies Easier


Japan intends to make rules for the crypto industry easier by providing a more simple way for virtual coins to get listed on exchanges. According to a release by Bloomberg, corresponding documents reveal that the authority governing crypto exchanges in Japan plans to allow the platforms to list...

OneCoin crypto scam

OneCoin Cryptoqueen Alleged Partners Face Charges in a Court


Three people related to the crypto scam OneCoin and its founder Ruja Ignatova aka Cryptoqueen appeared in a German court facing charges over their role in the fraud. One of them is a Munich lawyer who is accused of transferring €20 M ($19.7 M) via the Cayman Islands on her behalf to buy two...

Guinness bitcoin records

Bitcoin Enters the Guinness World Records


We can now see Bitcoin in the list of Guinness World Records for a number of entries. The book mentions that Bitcoin is the first decentralized cryptocurrency, the oldest active cryptocurrency, the first blockchain, etc. Searching "Bitcoin" on the Guinness World Records website, users...

Shopify Novel Web3

Shopify Teams up With Novel to Deliver Accessible Web3 Services


Leading e-commerce company Shopify teamed up with the Web3 commerce solution Novel to allow merchants to access blockchain tech easily. Novel released an app on the Shopify App Store, which provides merchants with tools to try Web3 innovation in e-commerce without having technical knowledge. The...

Walmart crypto

Walmart CTO Finds Crypto Will Play an Essential Role in Payments


Suresh Kumar, the global CTO at Walmart, predicts that cryptocurrencies will play a key role in payment disruption in the future, transforming the way people pay for goods. Kumar mentioned that Walmart has a positive outlook on crypto at a Yahoo Finance summit. According to the executive, there are...

FTX Texas regulations

Crypto Exchange FTX Being Investigated by Texas Regulators


Texas regulators are investigating crypto exchange FTX Trading, FTX US, and founder and CEO Sam Bankman-Fried over potential securities violations. According to a state filing, regulators are probing whether yield-bearing accounts of the platform should be viewed as unregistered and non-permitted...

Ripple Ethereum compatibility

Ripple Starts Testing Ethereum Smart Contract Compatibility


Blockchain-based payment network Ripple is testing an option to allow the deployment of smart contracts for Ethereum on its XRP Ledger. On its developer platform, Ripple announced that the first stage of the EVM sidechain for XRPL is currently live. Now, developers can carry out tests before...

Quant Network QNT

Quant Ecosystem’s QNT Token Grows by 40% In a Week


QNT, the native crypto of the blockchain interoperability network Quant, saw about 40% price increase in the last 7 days despite bear market trends continuing to dominate. Currently, QNT is the 28th largest crypto with over $2.6 billion market cap. The token trades at around $218. Quant was founded...

blockchain IDs

South Korea to Launch Blockchain-Based Digital IDs in 2024


South Korea aims to offer citizens digital identities secured by blockchain tech through smartphones to boost its economic growth. According to a report by Bloomberg, the country will launch digital IDs in 2024 and plans their adoption by 45 million citizens within two years. An economist at...

Mango Markets hack

Mango Markets Hacker Gets $50 M of the Funds


DeFi platform Mango delivered updates on the recent $100 M hack. The team tweeted that $67 M in various cryptocurrencies have been returned to the DAO, while the hacker kept around $50 M. $67M in various crypto assets have been returned to the DAO. Let’s meet up on Monday 3 PM UTC on the Mango...

MetaMask Sardine

Crypto Wallet MetaMask Adds Instant Bank-To-Crypto Option


Popular cryptocurrency wallet Metamask started allowing instant bank funding for US customers to buy crypto. MetaMask's parent company Consensys announced the news, saying that users can turn their fiat into crypto due to integration with the fiat and crypto settlement platform Sardine. Through...

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