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Yearn Finance Woofy

Yearn Finance Launched Meme Coin Woofy, YFI Price Surged


DeFi aggregator focused on yield farming, Yearn Finance launched a meme coin Woofy on May 11. Afterwards, the price of the protocol's native token YFI raised more than 43% setting a new all-time high of $90.786.'s developer with the nickname "banteg" posted about the token...

Yearn Finance token's steps to joining


On September 14 YFI, the governance token of will be listed on Coinbase Pro. The token is pretty popular and now is trading at $34,271. Its market cap is $1 billion. All this success was recorded despite Andre Cronje's introduction that the token has no value. There is no need to buy...

YFI growth

The shocking success of YFI

by, which is a governance token reached $38,682 a few days ago. It got ahead of Bitcoin almost twice. The factors that had an impact on this success are the listing to the Aave platform, powerful technicals and partnerships. The collaboration with the exchange FTX is expected in the near...

yEarn Finance price YFI

The yEarn Finance project token has grown to $4500 in a week


Amid growing hype around the decentralized finance (DeFi) industry, yEarn Finance, a lucrative farming project, has attracted increased attention in recent days. In just a week since the launch, the YFI token soared from $34 to $4500, after which it rapidly went down, having lost almost a third of...