Google Teams up With Coinbase to Accept Crypto for Cloud Services

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Google Cloud Coinbase

Today Google announced a partnership with crypto exchange Coinbase to allow users to pay with crypto for cloud services starting in early 2023.

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According to a report by CNBC, the tech giant revealed the news first at the Cloud Next conference. Due to its cloud business, Google's parent company Alphabet is diversified away from advertising.

Now, 9% of Alphabet's revenue comes from the cloud system compared to around 6% of three years ago. Coinbase Vice President of business development Jim Migdal said the company will move data-related applications to Google from the market-leading Amazon Web Services cloud.

Initially, the Google Cloud Platform infrastructure service will accept crypto payments from a number of customers in the Web3 industry who want to make payments in crypto. To provide this option, the platform is integrated with the Coinbase Commerce service.

Amit Zavery, vice president and general manager and head of platform at Google Cloud said over time Google will allow many more customers to pay with crypto.

Currently, Coinbase Commerce supports 10 currencies, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, DOGE, Ether and Litecoin.