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Vitalik Buterin crypto

Vitalik Buterin Comments on a Crypto-Skeptic Letter by Techies


On June 1, 26 computer scientists, software engineers, and technologists from different companies published a letter to US lawmakers, expressing their concerns about the crypto sector. With the letter they urged Congress to be critical, and skeptical about web 3 and cryptos. They said not to view...


Altcoin Solana Falls Nearly 13% After Another Network Shutdown


The digital currency Solana (SOL) began to fall in price after another network outage. It lasted four hours and had a negative impact on the investment attractiveness of the underlying asset. SOL lost about 13% in value over the past day. The coin fell to $38.6 on Thursday morning and only bounced...

Chipotle crypto payments

Chipotle Started Accepting Cryptos in the US


American restaurant chain Chipotle revealed accepting cryptocurrencies as a means of payment across the US. To provide the option, the chain partners with the digital payments services company Flexa. Chipotle accepts BTC, Eth, and other cryptos from any application that supports Flexa for burritos,...

Goldman Sachs crypto

Goldman Sachs Survey Says Insurers' Interest in Crypto Grew


Leading bank Goldman Sachs published its yearly survey on the insurance sector. The release included cryptos as well. 328 high level financial officials took part in the survey. They present about half the $26 T world’s insurance field. The results of the survey showed that 6% of participants...


USDC issuer doubts effectiveness of central bank tokens


Central banks wishing to issue their tokens (CBDC) believe that with the help of an innovative tool, they can modernize the financial infrastructure. However, Circle, which developed the USDC stablecoin, has a different point of view. She estimates that the CBDC will harm the financial system....

OpenSea employee

Former OpenSea Executive Accused of Insider Trading


An ex-employee at the popular NFT platform OpenSea, Nate Chastain, is accused of fraud and money laundering. Each of these counts carries a max sentence of 20 years. However, a judge's sentence is yet to come. According to an announcement by the US Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New...


Armenia will regulate crypto market leaning on international experience


Over the past few years, the Armenian authorities have been eyeing other states developing cryptocurrency legislation. The Tax Service and the Central Bank decided to accelerate the creation of a regulatory framework to bring the cryptosphere out of the shadows. Rustam Badasyan, who heads the State...


Philippine government explores use cases for blockchain technology


Philippine Department of Science and Technology spokesman Enrico Paringit said the department is launching a training program for in-house researchers to explore all possible options for using distributed ledger technology. Paringit focused the public's attention on the fact that the government's...

tim draper

Tim Draper: Women Will Drive Bitcoin Growth


Financier Tim Draper, who represents the Bitcoin bull camp, believes that the largest digital currency will add in value, thanks to the support of women. According to him, over the past few years, the proportion of the fair sex has increased. They are the ones who will push BTC up as they love to...

Optimism tokens airdrop

Optimism's OP Token Falls 65% After the Airdrop


Ethereum layer 2 scaling solutuion Optimism launched its native token OP today through an airdrop. After the launch the price of the token dropped by around 70%, falling from $4.5 to $0.7. Currently, OP trades at around $1.3. The Optimism team announced an airdrop of the 5% of the total supply of...

Goldman Sachs FTX

Goldman Sachs Considers Integrating FTX for Derivatives Trading


Major investment bank Goldman Sachs holds talks with the crypto trading platform FTX to integrate some solutions of their derivatives operations. A report by Barron's says a person close to the subject informed that the company aims to expand its crypto derivatives offering by using some functions...

UK stablecoins regulations

UK Authorities to Strengthen Stablecoin Regulations


The United Kingdom government released a consultation paper on May 31 that recommends improving the current legislation to face risks related to stablecoins. The news came after the Terra ecosystem's collapse. The paper suggests giving the Bank of England additional power to manage the...

Fidelity crypto news

Fidelity Digital Assets to Double the Number of Workers


Fidelity's crypto unit is going to double the number of its employees as it assumes the demand for cryptos will rise this year. The international financial services company launched Fidelity Digital Assets in 2018 to enable the storage and trading of Bitcoin. A publication by Wall Street Journal...


Whales Purchase Over 80K Bitcoins from Luna Foundation Guard


During the May turbulence, the Luna Foundation Guard sold over 80,000 bitcoins to support the UST stablecoin. Glassnode analysts found that almost all of these coins were bought by whale wallets holding less than 100 BTC. According to the researchers, LFG floated 80,081 BTC earlier this month. This...

Morgan Stanley crypto VCs

Crypto VC Capitals to Slow, Morgan Stanley


Leading bank Morgan Stanley predicts that the amount of venture capital crypto investments may decrease by 50% this year. The institution said in a report, despite the latest fall of the market, crypto investments remain high. Last year, crypto firms secured a record of $30 bln of VC investments....

Cardano ADA price

Cardano ADA a Top Gainer of the Week


Over the last 24 hours, the total crypto market cap increased by around 3% and now stands at above $1.3 trillion. After nine consecutive weeks of losses, Bitcoin price went above $31,600 again. Ether trades at above $1960. The Cardano blockchain's ADA coin is among the biggest gainers of this week....


MoneyGram will become a bridge between the crypto and the fiat worlds


MoneyGram platform general Alex Holmes said that the company’s immediate plans are to become a kind of “bridge between the cryptocurrency and fiat worlds.” Today, the largest company specializing in international transfers - MoneyGram International, announced the decision to direct its...

Reserve bank

Reserve Bank of India proposes phased approach to CBDC implementation


The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has advocated a phased approach to CBDC implementation to maintain control over the process. News 18 writes about this concerning the annual report of the regulator. “The Reserve Bank proposes to take a stepwise approach to CBDC implementation, step by step going...

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