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Brevan Howard crypto

Brevan Howard Opens a Crypto-Related Division


European hedge fund manager Brevan Howard hired CMT Digital CEO Colleen Sullivan to manage private and venture investments in cryptocurrencies. In 2017, she co-founded Chicago-based CMT Digital, a division of investment manager firm CMT Group. The parent company, founded in 1997, started activities...


Anthony Pompliano admits he underestimated the NFT sector


Anthony Pompliano, the co-founder of venture capital firm Morgan Creek Digital, admitted that the non-fungible token (NFT) sector is going to be much larger than he expected. He noted the rise in popularity of NFT, pointing out that token sales hit a record high in the second quarter of 2021....


BIS top manager believes that CBs need to quicken launch of CBDCs


The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) management supports central banks' plans to create national digital currencies (CBDCs). Back in June, this financial institution published a report stating that the appearance of the token would accelerate the modernization of the entire payment...


Bank of El Salvador has found a partner to process BTC transactions


Bancoagrícola, one of the largest banking institutions in El Salvador, will provide a service for processing bitcoin transactions. Recall that in this Latin American country a law came into force this week recognizing bitcoin as a legal tender. Bancoagrícola’s management is going to partner...


Whales accumulate more than 21% of the Ethereum


Ether (ETH) is gradually recovering its position after a strong fall in the middle of this week. On Friday, September 10, the altcoin price is approaching $ 3,500. ETH capitalization in seven days decreased by almost 10% to $ 402.501 billion. In a review by the Santiment team, the largest Ethereum...


The creator of the $30M fraudulent crypto scheme pleaded guilty


Ohio resident Michael Ackerman, who led the company Q3 Trading Club, confessed to a crypto fraud of $30 million, according to the US Department of Justice. According to the indictment, since 2017, Ackerman has raised funds for his trading company. He claimed that the algorithm he developed would...

MasterCard Acquires CipherTrace

MasterCard Purchased Crypto Intelligence Firm CipherTrace


Major financial services provider MasterCard acquired crypto risk intelligence firm CipherTrace. The startup creates tools via which companies and government officials can find out illegal crypto transactions. The amount for the purchase hasn’t been unveiled. New on the Blog! "Mastercard...


SEC shifts the timeline for making decision about a Bitcoin ETF


The deadline for deciding on VanEck's application for the launch of the bitcoin-ETF exchange-traded crypto fund has been shifted to November 14. The corresponding statement was published in the middle of the week by the press service of the US SEC. The regulator did not voice any additional...

Ukraine makes crypto legal and regulated

Ukrainian Parliament Voted in Favor of Crypto Legalization


Ukraine became the latest country to legalize and regulate cryptocurrencies by providing official clarity of the industry. 276 lawmakers voted in favor of the bill and 6 against it. The bill was presented in 2020. After getting the approval of the parliament, it needs to be signed by President...


Hoskinson: El Salvador accelerates global adoption of BTC


The leader of the Cardano development team, Charles Hoskinson, believes El Salvador has launched the process of mass adoption of bitcoin around the world. Following this Latin American state, other countries will follow suit. The legalization of BTC strengthens the position of those experts and...


Experts link drop in BTC with rising of gold and USD prices


Experts were able to find the reason why the BTC fell below $ 50,000 after analyzing the rate of the most popular assets among investors. Thus, financial market experts concluded that the fall in the value of the leading digital asset is associated with the strengthening of gold and the US dollar....


Robinhood launched a recurrent crypto investment service


Online broker Robinhood has launched a service that automates investments in digital assets at regular intervals. Possible options include a day, a week, once every two weeks, and a month. The service cost is $ 1. Until the end of September, it will become available to all users, except for...


Novogratz commented on the fall of bitcoin to $43,000


On the eve, the cryptocurrency market experienced another shock drop. On some trading floors, bitcoin (BTC) even tested values ​​below $ 43,000 for a short time. Then the coin was able to bounce and pull up the largest altcoins. On the night of Thursday, September 9, the BTC rate is holding...

Near protocol Solana

SOL and NEAR Reached New Highs While the BTC Price Fell


Native coins of Solana blockchain and NEAR Protocol reached new all-time highs today. Increasing by around 29% in the last 24 hours, the price of SOL reached $214.96 on CoinMarketCap. The coin now ranks 6th with over $60.2 billion market cap. Solana is one of the fastest blockchain ecosystems...


Former RBI deputy governor calls for India to accept cryptos


At yesterday’s blockchain conference, former Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of India Rama Subramaniam said that the government should seriously think about the full adoption of digital money. The man believes that India should start treating cryptocurrencies as full-fledged taxable assets....

Cathie wood

Ark Invest's Cathie Wood criticizes Bitcoin opponents


Cathie Wood, the founder of the Ark Invest investment fund, represents the camp of the so-called bitcoin bulls. Over the past two years, she has periodically entered into polemics with opponents of the cryptocurrency and criticized them for their shortsightedness. Wood recently commented on a...


Bitso is the main partner of the state BTC wallet of El Salvador


Around the development and direct launch of the state cryptocurrency wallet of El Salvador - Chivo, a variety of gossip and rumors have been circulating for a long time: from allegations of money laundering to financing corruption. However, apart from the assumptions and guesses of the small media,...

SEC vs Coinbase

Coinbase Receives Notice From the SEC Over Its Lend Product


Leading cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase announced that it received a Wells Notice from the Securities and Exchange Commission. The regulatory agency warned the company against launching a product that would allow consumers to earn interest for their crypto holdings. A Wells Notice represents a...

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