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FTX didn't exclude purchases of Goldman Sachs or CME Group


Bitcoin exchange FTX may consider acquiring the US mainstream financial giants once it overtakes rivals Coinbase and Binance. Its CEO Sam Bankman-Fried said this in an interview. “If we are the largest exchange, the purchase of Goldman Sachs and the CME Group is not ruled out at all,” he said....

Brazil Ethereum ETF

Brazil Approved the First Ether-based ETF in Latin America


Brazil Approved the First Ether-based ETF in Latin America As Brazilian media reports, the country's Securities Commission has approved the first Ether ETF in Latino America. The product managed by QR Asset Management will operate under the symbol QETH11. It will function on Brazil's stock market...


UEFA digitizes Euro 2020 top scorers on blockchain


The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) has released digital copies of the 2020 UEFA European Football Championship top scorers awards on the AntChain blockchain. Awards are given to the players who have scored the most goals in a tournament. The first three places in the ranking were...

S&P Dow Jones new crypto indexes

S&P Dow Jones to Add Another 5 Crypto Indexes


New York-based financial market insights provider S&P Dow Jones has released another 5 crypto indexes. According to the article published by the company on July 13, the primary addition is the S&P Crypto Broad Digital Market Index (BDM). It tracks around 250 cryptocurrencies. The other 4...

Grayscale and BNY Mellon Bitcoin ETF

Grayscale Partners with BNY Mellon to Release a BTC ETF


Stamford-headquartered leading digital currency asset manager Grayscale, reported that it will offload fund account and administration functions for the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust to BNY Mellon in October. Thus, the company aims to turn its GBTC into a BTC ETF. We have selected @BNYMellon as an asset...


British police seize record $ 250 million in cryptocurrency


The London Police Service announced another largest seizure of digital currencies with a total value of about £ 180 million ($ 250 million). The operation was carried out by the Department for Combating Economic Crimes, based on information on the movement of criminal assets. The confiscation was...


Bitcoin ransomware received over $ 33 million in 2021


In 2021, ransomware-related addresses received over $ 33 million in cryptocurrency. The service was launched by Jack Cable, an engineer at the cybersecurity-focused company Krebs Stamos Group. The tool tracks payments to ransomware by collecting information about attacks from affected users and...

Capital Group MicroStrategy shares

Capital Group Buys 12% Stake in BTC-Exposed MicroStrategy


California-based major financial services company Capital Group has acquired a 12.2% stake of enterprise-intelligence software firm MicroStrategy’s (MSTR) common stock. Particularly, the company's division Capital International Investors (CII) purchased 953,242 shares of 7,782,568 outstanding,...


Seminar on cryptos for police and judges held in China


Lawyers, representatives of law enforcement agencies, and the PRC judicial system held a seminar on cryptocurrencies. This was reported by the Shanghai Prosecutor's Office. The topic of the forum was the attributes inherent in digital currencies and market surveillance. At the event, a draft law...

Google trends

Interest in bitcoin fell to the level of November 2020


According to Google Trends, the number of searches for the word "Bitcoin" fell to the level of mid-November last year. Then the first cryptocurrency was trading at around $ 16,000. The indicator is down 68.5% from this year's peak of May 16 (23 versus 73; the highest was 100 in December...

SEC vs Ripple deposition

Ripple Wants Former SEC Executive to Testify on XRP


The US SEC vs Ripple Labs case is going on. According to the document published on July 9 by Magistrate Judge Hon. Sarah Netburn, the deposition of the US SEC former executive William Hinman will take place on July 19. Ripple insists on getting the SEC’s explanation of why the regulatory views...


Sotheby’s sells rare diamond for $12.3M in cryptocurrency


Founded in 1744, Sotheby’s auction house sold a rare 101.38-carat diamond for $ 12.3 million in cryptocurrency. Trades took place on July 9 in Hong Kong. Bets were accepted in traditional currency, Bitcoin or Ethereum. The buyer is unknown, and the cryptocurrency in which the transaction was made...

New Zealand

New Zealand police lost $45,000 in BTC during an operation


Attackers stole $ 45,000 worth of cryptocurrency from the New Zealand police's bitcoin wallet in operation against them. Law enforcement officers conducted an online investigation into money laundering, but as a result, they lost funds. On the fact of theft, the department opened a criminal case...

Australia SelfWealth Crypto

Australia-Based SelfWealth Plans to Offer Crypto Trading


Melbourne-based share trading platform SelfWealth included crypto trading in its 2021 roadmap. Today, July 12, the company published a blog post, where it revealed looking for a partnership with an experienced and reliable crypto exchange to start crypto trading on its platform. SelfWealth...


The average commission on the bitcoin network fell below $4


The weakening of transaction activity on the bitcoin network has led to a sharp drop in average fees. The operating fee is currently $ 3.92, according to BitinfoCharts. Note that in the second half of April, the commission reached $ 62.77. Below $4 Bitcoin fees were at the end of December last...

El Salvador JPMorgan

JPMorgan Says El Salvador May Face Restrictions in Using BTC


Global investment bank JPMorgan finds El Salvador may face difficulties with Bitcoin's use cases as a means of exchange. In a report published on Thursday, the bank said the difficulties may appear, as lots of BTC is tied up in illiquid institutions, 90% of the owners remained the same through a...

Binance Chain

Number of active users on Binance Chain grew in 6 months


Back in March, the DappRadar team drew attention to the sharp increase in the attractiveness of the Binance Chain network among blockchain application developers. Moreover, Binance Chain even surpassed Ethereum in terms of the number of daily transactions. Last week, DappRadar analysts released a...

TikTok crypto promotion

TikTok Disallows Crypto Advertisements


Widely popular social media app TikTok has reviewed its branded content policy. In a list of prohibited promotions, the app mentioned financial services, including cryptocurrencies. This also refers to lending and management of money assets, forex trading, loans, and credit cards, buy now pay...

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