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Morgan Stanley GBTC September 2021

Morgan Stanley Has Purchased More GBTC Shares


SEC records as of September 27, disclose that New York-based international investment company Morgan Stanley has expanded its shares of Grayscale BTC Trust by over 105% since April. As mentioned in the papers, at the end of July, the Europe Opportunity Fund, focused on settled firms and startups,...


Institutionals took advantage of the fall in the PRC stock market


Over the past few months, institutional investors have been withdrawing from bitcoin funds and investing in altcoin-focused products. According to CoinShares, financial institutions took advantage of the fall in the Chinese stock market and invested in crypto products at the most comfortable prices...


Drop in the exchange balance of Ether eases pressure on the market


Almost all categories of investors are involved in the accumulation of Ether (ETH). According to Santiment, the whale addresses accumulated over 21% of the total cryptocurrency supply in September. These wallets now control the highest volume of ETH since early May 2017, the researchers emphasized....

Jurrien Timmer Bitcoin opinion

Fidelity Analyst Says El Salvador’s BTC Move Is “Overacted”


On September 7, El Salvador became the first country to adopt Bitcoin as a legal tender. While many consider this move as of historical importance, Fidelity Investment analyst Jurrien Timmer disagrees. According to him, El Salvador's BTC adoption is overplayed. Timmer expressed his opinion during...

Anthony Scaramucci

Scaramucci questioned institutional acceptance of Bitcoin


SkyBridge Capital, founded by Anthony Scaramucci, is one of the largest BTC investors. Scaramucci himself periodically points out the advantages of digital currency over other instruments. However, it is too early to talk about institutional adoption of bitcoin, the businessman mentioned. According...


UNI was the most productive of the top ten altcoins


Over the past day, the best performance from the top ten largest digital currencies was demonstrated by the UniSwap decentralized exchange token. The UNI coin soared in price by more than 36% to $ 24.81. The capitalization of this cryptocurrency on Monday, September 27, reached $ 15.231 billion....

Cardano Coti stablecoin Djed

Cardano-Based First Stablecoin Issued by COTI


In terms of the previously held Cardano conference, Charles Hoskinson, the establisher of the platform unveiled a new stablecoin coming to the environment. The stablecoin, named Djed, was created due to the collaboration between Cardano and COTI, which is a blockchain protocol focused on DeFi...


Cryptotrader hamster portfolio outscores Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway


In three months, the value of the portfolio of Mr.Gox - a crypto trader hamster on the Twitch platform - has increased by 30%. During the same time, the assets of the Warren Buffett fund Berkshire Hathaway fell 2%, and the ARK Innovation ETF from Katy Wood rose about 5%. In June 2021, the...


Deutsche Bank analyst believes BTC has become part of financial system


Bitcoin (BTC) will remain a volatile instrument, but it has already become part of the modern financial system. This point of view is shared by Deutsche Bank analyst Marion Labour. He believes that, in fact, BTC can be called digital gold. Cryptocurrency will exist for centuries its main advantage...

Nayib Bukele

Bukele: A third of Salvadorians are actively using Chivo


After El Salvador became the first state in the world to officially recognize bitcoin as legal tender, discussions of this event only continue to gain momentum. Media, analysts, and financial experts from all over the world are closely monitoring developments in El Salvador and how this innovation...


Number of wallets holding more than 1000 BTC is rising since September


The September fall in the value of bitcoin (BTC) was taken advantage of by large investors, who are often called "whales". As a reminder, last week the price of the leading digital currency fell below $ 40,000. The pullback was triggered by massive sales in the American stock market. The...

dydx Coinbase crypto trading

Crypto Exchange dydx Surpasses Coinbase by Trading Volume


First time ever, decentralized exchange dydx surpassed Coinbase in trading volume. As data from CoinMarketCap show, in the past 24 hours, the trading volume of dydx has gone up by over 188%, exceeding $6.3 billion. dydx launched its governance token on September 8. Today the cryptocurrency has...


Chile’s central bank will explore the possibility of issuing CBDC


The President of the Central Bank of Chile, Mario Marcel, spoke about plans to form a team to explore the possibilities of digital currencies of national banks (CBDC). In the first quarter of 2022, the group will present a document with information on strategic goals, development rules, and...

US Treasury

CEO of SUEX announced his plan to appeal sanctions of US Treasury


At the beginning of this week, the SUEX cryptocurrency platform, registered in Russia and the Czech Republic, was on the sanctions list of the US Treasury. The department said that the restrictive measures against the trading platform were introduced as part of the policy of the US leadership...


FTX moves headquarters from Hong Kong to the Bahamas


FTX has moved its headquarters from Hong Kong to the Bahamas due to the favorable position of the regulators. Sam Bankman-Fried, founder and CEO of the trading platform, previously announced that FTX's subsidiary is listed with the Bahamas Securities Commission as a digital asset business. “As...

Huobi FTX crypto

Huobi Stops to Serve Chinese Users


Following China’s announcement to adopt stricter measures against the crypto industry, several crypto exchanges started to make changes in their services. Huobi Global, the biggest crypto trading platform in China, disclosed ceasing services for local users. The exchange has disabled new...


Netflix will shoot a documentary about the founder of QuadrigaCX


Streaming service Netflix plans to release a documentary about the death of Gerald Cotten, founder, and CEO of the bankrupt Canadian cryptocurrency exchange QuadrigaCX. "Follow a group of investors who turned into detectives and are trying to uncover the suspicious death of cryptocurrency...

China crypto crackdown

China Adopts Unprecedented Strict Measures Against Crypto


The government of China is taking stricter steps against the crypto sector. Authorities teamed up to ban crypto activities. On September 24, China's central bank said all crypto-related transactions are considered illegal. Foreign exchanges can't deliver services to people from China. The Central...

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