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Bitcoin (BTC) price, charts and news



Bitcoin market data

BTC Coin Price: $43,321.03
BTC Market Cap: $847,504,820,526
BTC Circulating Supply: 19,563,356 BTC
BTC Total Supply: 21,000,000 BTC
BTC 24 Hour Volume: $33,103,402,984
BTC 24 Hour High: $--
BTC 24 Hour Low: $--
BTC 24h Change: -1.60%

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin - 1st cryptocurrency, laid the foundation of digital currencies’ idea, working on cryptographic methods. Its “father” and implementer (with the blockchain’s one) is Satoshi Nakamoto (nobody knows about his identity or can be confident in his existence). At its start (March 2010) bitcoin cost $0.003. The world starts using bitcoin seriously: as Nikkei noted, ~40% of bitcoin trade in Japan within the last 4 months of 2017 was paired with the yen.

BTC price historical chart

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