Finder: Bitcoin could hit $80,000 by 2025

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Bitcoin today fell below $19,000. At the same time, many experts remain optimistic and believe that BTC will grow in value in the long term.

The Australian company Finder polled crypto experts, most of whom said that Bitcoin could reach $80,000 by 2025. In subsequent years, BTC will achieve more impressive results.

Fintech analysts expect the cryptocurrency to skyrocket to $270,000 by 2030. Survey participants agreed that BTC would end 2022 at $21,134. In July, the same experts predicted that Bitcoin would rise to $25,473 by the end of December.

Finder notes that in 2021, sentiment among fintech analysts was even more aggressive. They predicted that by 2025 the BTC rate would approach $206,000.

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77% of respondents include cryptocurrencies in the category of risk-hedging instruments.

Among the interviewed experts, the CEO of the EXMO exchange Sergey Zhdanov stands out, he expects Bitcoin to rise to $1 million by 2030.

Zhdanov emphasized: "Nothing fundamentally changed for bitcoin, this is a global capitalist crisis, and bitcoin will suffer, but only in the short term and then recover. Many other assets will not be able to recover."