PINKIE INU: The Convergence Token

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PINKIE was established by a group of young female entrepreneurs with unique visions. In essence, Pinkie aims to be the female counterpart of SHIBA INU, by preserving the innovative and entertaining vision of the precedent project, while also adding the necessary layer of female inclusion in the blockchain realm. Even though our project started out as a decentralized meme token, it evolved into a unique Beauty and Fashion Metafi Ecosystem.


Our belief is that cryptocurrency will serve as the foundation of our global economies, civilizations, and digital relationships in the future. Investing in excellent female entrepreneurs who reflect the huge audience that this technology is intended to benefit is how we hope to render this vision a reality.

There comes the point in everyone's lives when we must rise beyond our differences and cooperate. We are ready to make a significant step toward creating a better future for all of us. For us, everything, boils down to people, and hence the only way for us to go far is for us all to work together. Our efforts in this direction are focused on cooperation, cross-ecosystem coordination, and upliftment of individuals in our immediate environment.

PINKIE focuses on helping those vulnerable, especially women and children. We aim to support the Women breast cancer foundation and Orphan children for this pursuit.

Overall, our project relies on a combination of six core aspects, that create an unparalleled experience in the decentralized realm:

  • Fun
  • Chic
  • Glamorous
  • Classy
  • Sophisticated
  • Vogue

At Pinkie, we seek to expand financial inclusion and economic empowerment opportunities for women throughout the world. In addition to promoting a more balanced blockchain industry, maintaining gender equality benefits the overall sector by increasing the variety of talents, creative thinking, and problem-solving capacities across all sectors. Individuals who were previously alienated or disadvantaged are now able to engage in the development of new technology as well as the socio-economic environment in which it is implemented and operated.

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We want to be a worldwide brand that is establishing itself in Metaverse. Ultimately, the Metaverse has the potential to give mankind more technological options than it has ever had. By enabling us to satisfy an increasingly larger amount of our demands in digital space rather than physical space, we will eliminate the current geographical and financial barriers.

There is an unprecedented potential for the Metaverse to provide humanity with more technical possibilities than it has ever had before. Due to technological advancements that allow us to meet a growing proportion of our needs in digital space rather than the physical realm, we will be capable of doing far more while conserving rather than consuming resources such as gasoline, building materials, and land.


We have great ambitions for our initiative, as the ultimate goal for PINKIE is to become a worldwide brand that has as many real-world applications as possible. We will accomplish this by collaborating with the largest organizations in various sectors, by merging the multitude of perspectives that arise from the diverse experiences of our partners.

Moving forward, we have established a clear strategy for the evolution of PINKIE. The first and most important step is to establish a solid global community by collaborating with all-female influencers throughout the globe. After that, the utility will be built on top of it.

So far, women have only played a modest part in developing blockchain technology. Men have historically dominated the technology, financial, and scientific sectors, and this may be traced back to the blockchain industry's lack of female participation in general. Across the world, women continue to be disproportionately impacted by financial insecurity.

As blockchain and cryptocurrencies open up new horizons in banking and beyond, we should be concerned about the gender inequality that exists within the sector.

Nonetheless, it is not too late to close the gender gap that has persisted in the financial and technology sectors for many years in the blockchain business. While the blockchain field is still in its infancy, we need to open up dialogues about this challenge and implement the needed changes as soon as possible.

We're delighted to take the next step toward assuring a more diversified future for crypto creators and beneficiaries throughout the globe. PINKIE aims to uncover the greatest entrepreneurs and provide them with the tools they need to thrive by using all of our expertise and networks.

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