Robert Kiyosaki predicts the fall of the dollar by the end of 2022

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According to businessman Robert Kiyosaki, by the end of 2022, the US dollar will collapse.

The author of the legendary book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” calls for seizing the moment and starting to buy bitcoins now.

On Twitter, Kiyosaki posted a post in which he recalled the negative correlation between the dollar and BTC. While the US currency is at its highest level in the last 20 years, Bitcoin is losing capital.

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As soon as the Federal Reserve abandons tight monetary policy, the attractiveness of alternative instruments, including cryptocurrencies, will immediately begin to increase. In addition to BTC, Kiyosaki expects the resumption of the rally in gold and silver.

The businessman emphasized: "If the Fed continues to raise interest rates, then the US dollar will strengthen, which will lead to lower prices for gold, silver, and bitcoin. Buy them now as much as possible."

The businessman made a similar appeal in mid-September. In his opinion, investors who over the past 25 years preferred to invest in the dollar should switch to bitcoin, which can now be purchased at a low cost.