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football NFTs

Christiano Ronaldo Wins the First Blockchain Trophy (NFT)


Three football players Christiano Ronaldo, Patrik Schick, and Karim Benzema are the first ones that will also receive their awards as blockchain-based collectibles (NFTs). The NFTs were created as a result of the partnership between the UEFA and China-based payments company Alipay started in 2018....

SEC vs Ripple deposition

Ripple Wants Former SEC Executive to Testify on XRP


The US SEC vs Ripple Labs case is going on. According to the document published on July 9 by Magistrate Judge Hon. Sarah Netburn, the deposition of the US SEC former executive William Hinman will take place on July 19. Ripple insists on getting the SEC’s explanation of why the regulatory views...

Australia SelfWealth Crypto

Australia-Based SelfWealth Plans to Offer Crypto Trading


Melbourne-based share trading platform SelfWealth included crypto trading in its 2021 roadmap. Today, July 12, the company published a blog post, where it revealed looking for a partnership with an experienced and reliable crypto exchange to start crypto trading on its platform. SelfWealth...

El Salvador JPMorgan

JPMorgan Says El Salvador May Face Restrictions in Using BTC


Global investment bank JPMorgan finds El Salvador may face difficulties with Bitcoin's use cases as a means of exchange. In a report published on Thursday, the bank said the difficulties may appear, as lots of BTC is tied up in illiquid institutions, 90% of the owners remained the same through a...

ChainSwap attack

DeFi Platform ChainSwap Suffered Two Exploits in 8 Days


Blockchain interoperability hub ChainSwap was attacked. The exploit, which happened on July 10, caused a loss of around $8 M. On July 11, the ChainSwap team informed that liquidity had been removed temporarily and warned not to acquire the in-built token ASAP, as long as the case was in the process...

TikTok crypto promotion

TikTok Disallows Crypto Advertisements


Widely popular social media app TikTok has reviewed its branded content policy. In a list of prohibited promotions, the app mentioned financial services, including cryptocurrencies. This also refers to lending and management of money assets, forex trading, loans, and credit cards, buy now pay...

Playboy NFT collection

Playboy Presents Its "The Miami Beach Art Collection" as NFT


American popular magazine Playboy introduced an NFT collection on the digital art platform SuperRare on July 9. There are featured artworks by Ayla El-Moussa, REK0DE, Jon Noorlander, MBSJQ, as well as the iconic photo of a 1970 Playboy Bunny on water skis. To present the art, Playboy worked with...

Biden Putin talk

Biden and Putin Discussed Acting On Bitcoin Ransomware


White House announced that US president Joe Biden had a phone talk with Russia's President Vladimir Putin on July 9. The subject was ransomware attacks from Russia-based gangs that occurred recently. Biden said the US finds Russia must take measures against the cybercriminals when the US gives them...

Steve Wozniak about Bitcoin and gold

Steve Wozniak Finds BTC is Better Than Gold


American electronics engineer, Apple's co-founder Steve Wozniak, who had previously supported Bitcoin many times, said recently BTC is better than gold and that it's a mathematical miracle. Wozniak shared his views in terms of the event Jalisco Talent Land Digital 2021 held in Mexico. He says the...

Elon Musk Ether BTC DOGE

Elon Musk Compared Dogecoin to BTC and Ether


Tesla CEO Elon Musk talked about cryptocurrencies another time. He shared his opinion on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin, mentioning the advantages of the last one. Particularly, commenting on crypto and Dogecoin Youtuber Matt Wallace's tweet about Dogecoin update, Musk wrote BTC and Ether...

Square Bitcoin hardware wallet

Square Begins the Development of BTC Hardware Wallet


Financial services company Square restated the plans of launching its BTC hardware wallet. The director of hardware engineering at the firm, Jesse Dorogusker posted a series of tweets on July 8. He wrote the Square team intends to develop a hardware wallet to expand BTC adoption. People can ask...

The Graph new products

The Graph Released a Dapp That Gives Rewards for Migration


Blockchain data indexing protocol The Graph has released two new products for dapps: The Graph Explorer and Subgraph Studio. Today we're launching curation alongside two new products: Graph Explorer & Subgraph Studio!Now anyone can curate data & seamlessly publish subgraphs in a...

ShibaSwap TVL

Newly Launched ShibaSwap Scores Over $1.5B TVL in 2 Days


Decentralized exchange ShibaSwap, launched on July 6, has scored $1.5 B total value locked (TVL) within 48 hours. The DEX comes from the Ethereum-based meme token Shiba Inu (SHIB). ShibaSwap also presented a yield farming option that enables users to stake tokens and get rewards. So, by adding...

Meitu Bitcoin Ethereum

Meitu Loses $17.3 M on BTC but Gained $14.7 M on Ether


Tech company Meitu reported about the results of its Bitcoin and Ethereum investments. As mentioned, Meitu has lost around $17.3 M, having invested in BTC. On the other, Ether investment has brought the company a profit of $14.7 M. Launched in 2008, Meitu builds mobile video and photography...

Bitcoin price July 2021

BTC Price Fell Under $33.000, Crypto Market Cap at $1.38 T


Bitcoin's attempts to go up $35.000 failed. The price of the coin has lost around 6.5% in the previous 24 hours and now stands at about $32.500. Bitcoin market dominance index is 44.2% The total crypto market cap is $ 100 B down from yesterday. It stands at $1.38...

Anthony Hopkins film NFT

Anthony Hopkins' New Movie as an NFT


Multiple awards winner Anthony Hopkins' next movie "Zero Contact" will be in the form of NFT. It will be presented on the newly launched NFT platform VUELE. The idea of VUELE belongs to digital media firm Enderby Entertainment and financial technology blockchain enterprise CurrencyWorks....

Binance expanding

Binance Has a New Compliance Head Along with Other Employees


Major crypto exchange Binance has shared the news of expanding its compliance team amid regulatory issues. Binance's new Director of Compliance is Jonathan Farnell. The exchange aims to develop the scope of its regulatory product, among them regulated e-money and crypto-asset services. Farnell...

Visa BlockFi rewards Bitcoin

Visa & BlockFi Present BTC Rewards Credit Card


Crypto financial operations enterprise BlockFi issued its BTC returns credit card. The initiative of the card was first mentioned at the end of 2020. At that time, the waiting list was opened. Currently, the process of approving customers from the list has begun. BlockFi's card offers users to...

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