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wealthfront bitcoin and ethereum exposure

Investment Company Wealthfront Allows BTC and Eth Exposure


SEC-registered automated investment services and advisory provider Wealthfront informed about expanding its investment options, including two crypto trusts: Grayscale Bitcoin Trust and Grayscale Ethereum Trust. As the firm stated via a blog post published on July 29, its aim was to provide...

Bitcoin price goes up

Bitcoin Reached Record 2-Month High of Over $42.000


Gaining around a 4% price increase over the previous 24 hours, Bitcoin's price reached its 2-month high surpassing $42.000. Over the previous 7 days, the price has gone up by over 23%. The price of Bitcoin started to rise after the massive sell-off in May. Since then BTC was hesitating between...

Germany funds crypto

German Institutional Funds Can Invest in Crypto From Aug. 2


Germany makes a move towards crypto adoption. The country enables funds aimed at institutional investors to put up to 20% of their capital in various digital assets. However, managers should adopt a cautious approach taking into account that the asset class is ultra-volatile. The option will be...

MicroStrategy Q2 report

MicroStrategy Will Continue to Invest in Digital Assets


Virginia-based publicly traded enterprise intelligence software firm MicroStrategy reported the results of Q2, 2021 on July 29. As stated in the report, on June 30, 2021, the value of MicroStrategy's digital assets was over $2 B. The company now owns around 105,085 bitcoins. This indicates a $689.6...

Bitcoin hashrate goes up

BTC Hashrate Starts to Recover


The hashrate of Bitcoin which fell significantly after the China mining crackdown, started to recover, going up by around 15%. Hashrate indicates the amount of computing power used in a second for BTC mining. The seven-day moving average of BTC hash rate reached 100 exahashes per second (EH/s)...

Robinhood listing on NASDAQ

Robinhood Will Be Listed on Nasdaq on July 29


Popular trading broker Robinhood will be listed on Nasdaq today (July 29). However, before the listing itself, the company holds an Initial Public Offering (IPO) that allows earlier investments to the company's stock. This means all interested companies and individuals can invest in stocks....

Ripple ODL Japan

Ripple Announced On-Demand Liquidity in Japan. XRP Surges


On July 27, payments network Ripple standing behind the development of the cryptocurrency XRP revealed cooperation with Japan's leading money transfer operator SBI and its subsidiary SBI VC Trade to carry out currency exchanges from Japan to the Philippines. Ripple will set an On-Demand Liquidity...

NFTs and why are they special

What Are NFTs? What's So Special About Them?


NFTs represent a different world in decentralization. Although the first of them was created in 2014 by New York artist Kevin McCoy, and the term was defined later, in 2017, it is in 2021 that the popularity of these tokens has seen significant growth. But, what are NFTs, and what's special about...

Robinhood possible feature

Robinhood to Test Feature That Reduces Volatility Impact


Crypto trading operations provider Robinhood may present a feature that protects users from crypto price ups and downs. As mentioned in a report published by Bloomberg on July 27, iOS developer Steve Moser carried out an analysis of a new code running in a final product test of the Robinhood iPhone...

Burger King Brazil Dogecoin

Burger King Brazil Allows Dogecoin Payments For Doggies Food


Popular fast food restaurant chain Burger King's Brazilian branch now introduces the option of buying doggie food called Dogpper with Dogecoin. The offer has begun to function since July 26 as the company's website informs. Users will need to look into the delivery availability for their location....

Goldman Sachs blockchain ETF

Goldman Sachs Applied for Blockchain and DeFi ETF


On July 26, NY-based leading bank Goldman Sachs filed with the SEC to launch an ETF that would give exposure to investment data that closely reflect, before charges and expenses, the movements of the Solactive Decentralized Finance and Blockchain Index. In the part describing main investment...

Shopify NFT direct sales

Shopify Enables Direct NFT Sales From NFT Stores


Ontario-headquartered international e-commerce company Shopify now enables direct NFT sales between merchants and its clients. The president of the company Harvey Finkelstein tweeted about the news. He says that with this move, the buyer-customer relationship becomes simpler and doesn't require...

Tesla Q2 results Bitcoin

Tesla's Q2 Report Discloses $23 M Impairment Loss on BTC


American electric car producer Tesla presented a report on the results of the second quarter of 2021. The paper indicates new highs with a net income of $1.14 B. The firm also stated a Bitcoin-caused impairment loss of $23 million as at the time of purchase the price of the coin was higher than...

Amazon about bitcoin payments

Amazon Says It Has No Plans to Allow BTC Payments Yet


Popular online shopping company Amazon commented on the rumors about the possibility of its accepting crypto payments. According to the press release published by Reuters on July 27, the representative of the company said the team is interested in crypto, but there are no certain plans on their ...

Tether execs investigation

The US Authorities Investigating Tether for Possible Offense


As reported by Bloomberg on Monday, the US Department of Justice began an investigation to find out if Tether execs are behind a bank fraud. Particularly, the process is meant to discover if the company which developed the dollar-pegged stablecoin USDT tricked banks making transactions and...

Binance margin tradin changes

Binance Ends Crypto Margin Trading on EUR, GBP, and AUD


Widely used crypto exchange Binance terminates margin trading on the pound sterling, the euro, and the Australian dollar from August 10. As noted in the blog post released on July 26, Binance Margin will be settled in an automated way, annul orders, and remove pairs that include the above-mentioned...

FTX leverage reduction

FTX Changes Its Leverage Size, Making It 5 Times Lower


Major crypto exchange FTX cut its allowed leverage, making it 20X from 100X. By doing so, the company aims to reduce risks connected to trading. Through leverage, traders borrow funds to boost their position and receive income. So, for example, 100X leverage will raise a $500 BTC position to be as...

Bitcoin price above $39.000

BTC Price Surged Above $39.000 for the First Time in 6 Weeks


Bitcoin price gained over a 10% increase in the last 24 hours, surpassing $39.280. This is the first time since June 16 that the coin went above $39.000. In general, most cryptocurrencies are in green. The biggest altcoin, Ethereum, gained around 7% and trades at...

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