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Fidelity crypto retirement

Fidelity Presented the First Crypto Retirement Savings Fund


International financial services Fidelity added Bitcoin as an option for 401(k) plans. It is the first major retirement-plan provider to offer this possibility. A 401(k) plan is a plan for retirement savings offered by many employers in the US. It is named after the Internal Revenue Code. The...

Elon Musk Dogecoin Twitter

Dogecoin Price Gains 30% After Elon Musk Says He Buys Twitter


The price of Dogecoin increased by over 30% in a day after the "Dogefather" Elon Musk announced buying Twitter for $44 billion. After the news, Twitter's share rose 5.66% and currently trades at $51. The news affected Dogecoin's price as well as it is known to be Musk's favorite...

Cryptoblades NFTs

Phase IX: A New Era of CryptoBlades Earning


(9.1) Dynamic Minting Price As of April 20, 2022, CryptoBlades character minting underwent a core update to its pricing and process called Dynamic Minting. Dynamic Minting is a new formula designed to regulate the amount of minting possible. Like the game’s Multi-Farm feature, a constant...

Kraken United Arab Emirates

Kraken Receives License to Operate in Abu Dhabi


More crypto exchanges get licenses to provide services in the UAE. The latest of them became Kraken. The company is expanding into the Middle East and will open offices in Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM). Previously, digital asset platforms Binance and FTX got licenses to function in the country as...

Central African Republic crypto

Central African Republic Considers Making BTC Legal Tender


The regulators of the Central African Republic (CAR) may follow El Salvador’s policy of accepting BTC as a legal tender. Recently, the country has legalized the use of cryptos in the financial markets. Justin Gourna Zacko, the Minister of Digital Economy, Post and Telecommunications introduced...

Brian Armstrong Apple App Store

Coinbase CEO Says Apple's App Store Isn't Crypto-Friendly


Co-founder and the CEO of Coinbase, Brian Armstrong finds that Apple's App Store rules have made it difficult to realize the product's roadmap. Armstrong accused Apple of banning features from their application. He also said that Apple isn't friendly with the crypto sector in general as in many...

SkyBridge Bitcoin Mining

Anthony Scaramucci's SkyBridge Starts a Fund for Bitcoin Mining


Global investment company SkyBridge Capital, founded and run by financier Anthony Scaramucci started a new investment vehicle focused on Bitcoin mining. According to a US SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) filing, the investment product called SkyBridge BTC Mining L.P. raised around $7 M. The...

Stripe twitter crypto

Stripe Partners with Connect to Enable Crypto Payouts on Twitter


Financial infrastructure platform Stripe is adding crypto payouts to Stripe Connect, its solution for enabling payments into marketplaces and software platforms. The social media giant Twitter will be the first to use it to allow crypto payouts. Twitter already uses Connect to offer various...

Chainalysis report 2021

Crypto Gains in 2021 Surpassed $162 Bln: Chainalysis


Blockchain data platform Chainanalys released a report on the crypto gains which says that the year was a strong one for the industry. The report mentions that BTC and Ether built a positive momentum at the end of 2020 and hit new highs in 2021. The Chainalysis team wrote who benefited from the...

Andreessen Horowitz web3

Andreessen Horowitz Opens a New Crypto Research Hub


American venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz is starting a new research hub to study Web3 and crypto. The company released a blog post that says in the last decade crypto and web3 has become as a frontier technology and an independent sector. It unites elements of computer science, economics,...

MorganStanley crypto

Morgan Stanley Finds Crypto's Use as a Currency Can Grow


Global investment bank Morgan Stanley finds that the use of crypto as a payment method can grow. The bank released a report mentioning that few people use crypto to buy goods as costs for transactions are high and merchants don’t accept them for payments. However, that fact is changing, Morgan...

Binance Russia crypto limits

Binance Puts Some Limits on Services for Russian Users


Major crypto exchange Binance revealed limiting services for Russian users after the European Union's new package of sanctions. The company said that it is required to limit services for natural persons and legal entities in Russia that hold crypto assets worth over 10,000 euros (equal to...

crypto forecast

33.7 M US Adults Will Own Crypto by the End of 2022; Forecast Says


Cryptocurrencies have been growing in popularity. According to a forecast by the market research company Insider Intelligence, crypto adoption and usage will continue to rise significantly. This is the company's first forecast on the toptic. The forecast says that payments made in crypto will...

STEPN, GMT, crypto

STEPN (GMT) Hit a New High Surging 34.000% In 41 Days


The governance token of the Solana-based STEPN lifestyle app that uses the move-to-earn concept, GMT (Green Metaverse Tokon) hit a new high of 3.81 on April 19. GMT was launched on March 9 through an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), during which the price of the token was $0.01. Since then, the price...

Robinhood crypto Ziglu

Robinhood to Purchase UK-based Crypto Group Ziglu


Investing and trading application Robinhood revealed signing a deal to purchase UK-based digital money and crypto firm Ziglu. A blog post published by the company says that with the purchase, customers can buy and sell the eleven cryptos offered by Robinhood and earn income by "boosting"...

Australia Bitcoin ETF

The First Bitcoin ETF Got Approved in Australia


The first Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) is expected to launch on the main market of the country, the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) next week. According to the Australian Financial Review, the major equity markets clearing house ASX Clear will announce the launch of the product when...

Phantom wallet Android

Solana Wallet Phantom Went Live on Android


Solana-based cryptocurrency wallet Phantom now is available on Android. The team launched a mobile app for the IOS system in January. The Android version has the same features as IOS. Users can send, receive, trade, and stake digital currencies including crypto through the apps. Also, they can...

Mohamed El-Erian about Fed and crypto

Advisor at Allianz Said What Can Cause BTC Price Grow


Mohamed El-Erian, economist and the chief advisor at the global financial services provider company Allianz talked about the Fed policy and its possible impact on the Bitcoin price. In a recent interview with Squawk Box, he mentioned the current problems that exist in the economy. According to...

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