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KPMG blockchain crypto

Crypto Will Continue to See Decline in Investments: KPMG


International audit, tax, and advisory services provider KPMG predicts a slowdown in crypto investments for the next months of 2022. According to a report on the performance of fintech companies in the first half of 2022 by KPMG, the blockchain/crypto sector still sees big deals. KPMG mentioned...

Charles Hoskinson Ethereum Classic

Charles Hoskinson Says Ethereum Classic Is a Dead Project


Charles Hoskinson, a co-founder of the Cardano blockchain protocol, finds that Ethereum Classic is a dead project. He shared this opinion while responding to a user tweet on the rejection of his recent proposal to make changes to the ETC's treasury fund. The Cardano executive recommended changing...

crypto mining Armenia

Armenia Might Become the Next Bitcoin Mining Hub


Armenia, a country at the crossroads between Europe and Asia increases its Bitcoin mining capacity. Recently, the digital platform ECOS revealed adding 60 megawatts of capacity to its mining facility running from 2018. Processing at one of the hydroelectric plants on the Hrazdan river, the mining...

Crypto mining Poolin

Mining Pool Poolin Halts Withdrawals Because of Liquidity Crisis


Cryptocurrency mining pool Poolin announced that its service PoolinWallet is halting all withdrawals, flash trades, and internal transfers within the system from September 5. According to the company, the aim is to preserve assets and stabilize liquidity along with operations amid the dull market....

Binance USDC

Binance Stops Supporting the USDC Stablecoin


Leading crypto exchange Binance revealed stopping support for the second largest stablecoin USDC. According to a press release, the platform will exchange users' holdings to its Binance USD in an automated way. Binance will no longer offer USDC Savings and DeFi Staking options, and all USDC...

Australia Police Crypto

Australian State Police Establishes a Crypto Unit


Australian law enforcement is working to increase crypto expertise and monitor transactions by forming a dedicated police group. According to the Australian Financial Review, the Australian Federal Police (AFP) reached its aiml to raise $600 M from illicit money transfers. This is despite the...

UK regulations sanctions

UK Regulator Warns Crypto Exchanges to Report Sanction Breaches


New rules by the UK Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation (OFSI) of Her Majesty’s Treasury define that crypto exchanges should report and freeze accounts suspected of avoiding Russian sanctions or potentially facing criminal charges. The announcement by the financial authority says payment...

Saudi Arabia crypto

Saudi Arabia CB Appoints a Crypto Chief


Saudi Arabia’s Central Bank assigned a lead for virtual assets and the digital currency program to bring its cryptocurrency goals into reality. Previously, officials of the country expressed worries about the speculative nature of digital assets. According to Bloomberg, the head of the program is...

Brad Sherman Congress

US Congressman Finds There's Too Much Money Behind Crypto to Ban It


US Senator Brad Sherman says the Senate hasn't banned cryptocurrencies because there's too much money and power behind them. According to him, money used for lobbying and campaigns work otherwise people wouldn't enter the sector, and it's the reason why the US hasn't banned crypto. The lawmaker...

Coinbase crypto Georgia

Coinbase Users in Georgia Could Cash Out Cryptos 100X the Rate


A technical error in Coinbase resulted in Georgian users' cashing out funds with prices 100 times higher than their actual rates. This happened as the price of the country's official currency, the lari (GEL) was shown at $290 on August 31 instead of $2.90. So, users having $100 worth of lari on the...

Bill Murray wallet hack

Hackers Stole Over $185,000 from Bill Murray's Crypto Wallet


After an NFT auction where American actor and comedian Bill Murray raised 119.2 ETH (about $185,000) for charity, hackers stole the funds. According to the blockchain explorer EtherScan, hackers started to attack the actor's wallet at 7:00 p.m. ET on Thursday. The wallet was controlled by Murray's...

DeFi Kyber Network

KyberSwap Suffers a Frontend Exploit of $265,000


KyberSwap, a decentralized crypto exchange aggregator and liquidity platform developed by Kyber Network was hacked. Today the team announced that they identified and fixed the issue leading to a frontend attack. The protocol added that affected users will be compensated. The team tweeted that they...

Vitalik Buterin crypto

Vitalik Buterin Predicts Cryptocurrencies Will Settle Down


In a recent interview with blogger Noah Smith, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin talked about the current crypto market state and the future of blockchain. He said it was predictable that the prices would fall, however, he didn't know when it would happen. According to Buterin, in the...

Celsius crypto lending

Celsius Aims to Return Custody Clients' Funds


Celsius, a cryptocurrency lender which filed for bankruptcy nearly a month ago, filed a request to return custody holders' funds while implementing a restructure and resuming of its services. The paper says the company has about 58,300 users who made deposits of more than $210 M with custody and...

crypto research CoinGecko

California Is the Most Interested State in BTC and Ether: CoinGecko


Data by CoinGecko unveils that the state most interested in Bitcoin and Ether in the USA is California. The study is based on the crypto data platform's website traffic within the US between May to August 21, 2022. Other states included in the top 5 are Illinois, New York, Florida, Washington. 43%...

European Union crypto mining

European Union Votes Against Green Cryptocurrency Mining Study


European Union’s lawmakers rejected a Green Party plan to explore other methods of proof-of-work mining that powers the Bitcoin blockchain. Earlier, the European Parliament didn't approve the proposal to impose limitations on the PoW systems. A Spanish member of the parliament's Green caucus...

El Salvador Bitcoin Beach

El Salvador Will Invest Over $200 M in BTC Beach Infrastructure


El Salvador President Nayib Bukele said the country will provide over $200 M in infrastructure investments to upgrade Bitcoin Beach. The beach El Zonte was renamed Bitcoin Beach as it accepts Bitcoin. The place has become a tourist hotspot, and investments will serve for the construction of...

OpenSea Polygon

OpenSea Now Supports Polygon and Accepts MATIC


Leading NFT marketplace OpenSea announced integrating Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution Polygon into its web3 marketplace protocol Seaport. OpenSea introduced Seaport in June to allow users to buy and sell NFTs efficiently. The platform was launched on Ethereum with the aim to reduce the costs of...

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