Solana Faces a Major Outage Another Time

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Solana network outage

The Solana network announced facing an outage. The network said the team was working to detect the issue and restart operations.

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After a 6-hour outage Solana tweeted that validator operators completed a cluster restart of Mainnet Beta with success. They will continue to restore client services over the next hours.

Later, Laine, a blockchain that operates nodes on Solana tweeted that the reason for the issue appears to be a misconfigured node. According to the tweet, that led to an unrecoverable partition in the network. Laine said Solana Mainnet restart is in progress and the team needs 80% stake for that. At the time of writing, 49.5% is complete.

Data from Solana shows that the current outage is the fourth since January, when the network had several partial outages.

Currently, Solana’s native coin SOL trades at around $32.86. In the last 24 hours, the price dropped by around 4%.