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Binance Singapore

Binance Singapore Will Be Closed, CZ Clarifies the Reasons


Today (Dec. 13) Binance Singapore has unveiled cancelling its application for a license to run crypto services. published a press release, saying the platform will fully stop functioning till February 13. In the announcement, the team informed that some functions are already unavailable....

Narendra Modi Twitter account hacked

Hackers Cracked Indian PM's Twitter Account


Attackers targeted the Twitter account of Indian PM Narendra Modi. On Sunday, Dec. 12, they spread fake news that India has adopted BTC. Also, the hackers wrote that the country acquired 500 coins to distribute to India’s residents. The office of the PM of India informed Twitter about the hack,...

Solana SOL blockchain

Solana May Have Experienced Another DDoS Attack


On December 10, Solana transactions slowed down. The founder and CIO of the crypto investment firm Cyber Capital, Justin Bons says there was a DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack, and the attacker exploited design flaws. Solana co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko replied Bons, saying he didn't get...

XRP Ripple SEC

SEC and Ripple Requested to Extend Expert Deposition Time


One of the most crucial events in the crypto industry, the lawsuit between the SEC and Ripple continues. On Dec. 10, the parties filed a motion, requesting from the Court to extend the deadline of an expert discovery by three days. For now, the discovery is set to close on January 14, 2022. In the...

Ark Invest Cathie Wood

Cathie Wood Continues to Be Bullish about Crypto


ARK Invest CEO and CIO Cathie Wood is bullish about the future of crypto, despite the current price decline. During a recent interview with CNBC on December 9, Wood shared her predictions. She reiterated her view that if more institutional investors choose Bitcoin, the price of the coin will...

Coinbase DeFi yield farming

Coinbase Launches Yield Farming For Users Outside the US


One of the top crypto exchanges, Coinbase now enables users from over 70 countries to earn interest via Decentralised Finance (DeFi).The USA isn’t among those countries. In a press release published on December 9, the company said that users will be able to earn DeFi yield on USD-pegged...

BIS France Switzerland CBDC

French and Swiss Central Banks Tried CBDC


In terms of the program Jura, national banks of France and Switzerland, together with the BIS Innovation Hub implemented a test for wCBDC (wholesale central bank digital currency). The experiment was a part of the Banque of France series of CBDC tests, which started in March 2020. It leveraged a...

Polygon ZK day Mir

Polygon’s Exciting News Is the Purchase of the Startup Mir


During the ZK summit, Polygon unveiled the big news it said was coming. That is the purchase of a startup, working on Ethereum scaling, Mir for $400 M. Previously, the Polygon team said it had exciting news to unveil. Mihailo Bjelic, Jaynti Kanani and Sandeep Nailwal, Polygon’s co-founders, spoke...

Meta WhatsApp Paxos

WhatsApp Will Enable Crypto Payments via Novi Wallet


Meta's Novi wallet will allow transferring money via the popular communication app WhatsApp. As VP of product at Novi, Stephane Kasriel revealed, the feature becomes available today (Dec. 9) for a certain number of users in the USA. The executive said, sending money will be as simple as a message. ...

Bitstamp new crypto listings

Bitstamp Launches SHIB, GALA, PERP and DYDX


Crypto exchange Butstamp revealed on Dec. 8 that it will add 4 new tokens: Shiba Inu (SHIB), Perpetual Protocol's PERP, dYdX (DYDX), and Gala Games (GALA). Today, the exchange revealed that users can place limit orders on SHIB and PERP pairs. SHIB is a popular meme coin. In July 2021, the Shiba Inu...

Ubisoft Tezos NFTs

Ubisoft Launches NFT Platform on Tezos


Video game publisher and distributor Ubisoft partners with the blockchain protocol Tezos to launch an NFT platform, Ubisoft Quartz. As stated in a press release published by the company, players can get playable NFTs, Digits in an AAA game on the new network. Ubisoft will bring the first Digits to...

Congress crypto USA

Crypto Execs and Congress Discussed the Future of Finance


Crypto representatives and congresspeople discussed the future of digital assets during the hearing called by the chairwoman of the House Committee of Financial Services, Maxine Waters. Mainly, members of congress were positive about the industry. FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried, Coinbase CFO Alesia...

Polygon MATIC announcement

Polygon Has Huge News to Reveal on December 9


Ethereum scaling solution Polygon will hold a discussion on Zero-Knowledge rollups on Dec. 9, which the platform refers to as the ZK day. Polygon revealed the news via Twitter on Dec. 2. Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin will participate in the event. Also, on that day, the company will reveal a...

US Congress crypto executives

Crypto Executives Will Testify Before Congress


Crypto Chief Executive Officers will appear before Congress on Dec. 8. The news comes as the crypto regulatory question continues to be one of the primary questions in the country. The hearing was called by the U.S. Representative for California's 43rd congressional district, chair of the House...

McGlone crypto

Bloomberg Expects US to Embrace Crypto in 2022


Bloomberg Intelligence released a crypto sphere outlook for 2022. The insights by Commodity Strategist Mike McGlone show that in 2022 there will be a clear regulatory framework and bullish trends in the crypto industry in the US. The prediction is based on China's ban and the development of...

Fidelity Nexo partnership

Nexo and Fidelity Will Offer Products for Institutions


Digital currency loan service Nexo collaborates with enterprise-grade crypto custody Fidelity Digital Assets (FDAS) to enable large entities access crypto services. Per the release published by Nexo on December 7, the companies will introduce first-class financial operations and...

Eric Schmidt Chainlink

Eric Schmidt Now Is an Advisor at Chainlink


Eric Schmidt, an American businessman and software engineer, now is an advisor at Chainlink Labs, which stands behind the development of the popular open-source blockchain platform Chainlink. Schmidt has an impressive career history. Previously he was CEO and executive chairman of Google. Eric...

Australia crypto adoption

Survey Shows Crypto Adoption Grows in Australia


More people now own crypto in Australia. A 2021 survey by the Independent Reserve Cryptocurrency Index indicates that the number of Australians owning crypto grew to 28.8% from 18.4% in 2020. Over 2000 people participated in the survey. The results show that 89% of investors profited. 26.6% of...

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