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QuickSwap dex

Decentralized Exchange QuickSwap's Liquidity Beat $106 M


Ethereum-based permissionless decentralized exchange (DEX) QuickSwap has drawn over $106 million worth of liquidity since February. 🚨 GO TIME, meme team! We are at $106,000,000 pool liquidity on $quick. $500 giveaway ends this Friday!!! Quote tweet your meme below and use the hashtag #QUICK100M...

Huobi to form crypto funds

Huobi Global to Launch Crypto Funds


The Asian cryptocurrency market has been growing. Seychelles-based cryptocurrency exchange Huobi announced its plans to form cryptocurrency funds like Grayscale. No many details are known at the moment. However, as Huobi has a considerable impact on the Asian market, the upcoming funds are supposed...

MoneyGram lawsuit

Rosen Law Firm Accused MoneyGram of Wrong XRP Assertions


Major money transfer system MoneyGram encounters a lawsuit that claims it didn't inform users about XRP's class as unlisted security. The initiator of the legal proceedings was Rosen Law Firm which introduced a representative action on March 1. The suit was in the name of depositors that traded...

Amazon supports Ethereum Blockchain

Ethereum Is Now Reachable on Amazon-Built Blockchain


Amazon-provided cloud computing protocol Amazon Web Services (AWS) integrated Ethereum on its Amazon Managed Blockchain system. This means applying AWS people can establish nodes and reach Ethereum's primary interface over the Amazon Blockchain. It was mentioned in the post published by the...

Musk's tweet about DOGE

Musk Tweeted About DOGE, Coinflip Added the Coin to Its ATMs


The world's richest man Elon Musk tweeted about the cryptocurrency Dogecoin again. This is despite talks that the SEC is to investigate Tesla CEO for his tweets referring to the meme coin. Musk's recent tweet is in the form of a meme. Doge meme shield (legendary item)...

Visa Latin America survey

Visa States: 25% of Latin Americans Want to Pay by Crypto


Financial services corporation Visa found out via survey that 25% of credit card holders in Latin America are willing to use cryptocurrencies during payment activities. Visa announced the third Visa COVID-19 Consumer Sentiment research results. The study aimed to discover customer trends at the...

Peter Brandt about BTC price

Trader Peter Brandt About What Will Make BTC Price Go Higher


Well-known trader Peter Brandt shared his opinion on Twitter about the factors that will make Bitcoin price up. According to him, the leading cryptocurrency will see a price increase in the case of all the FOMO buyers who had laser eyes on Twitter take their losses. $BTC will go higher once all...

Dubai Fund sells BTC buys ADA and DOT

Dubai Fund Sells $750 M in BTC to Acquire ADA and DOT


Multinational crypto funding entity FD7 Ventures told vending $750 M worth of Bitcoin owning within the following 30 days. The organization means to manage the sum to extend its funds in Cardano (ADA) and Polkadot (DOT). FD7 Ventures holds more than $1 B in net assets. Most part of this comes from...

Grayscale plans offering more altcoins

GrayScale Mentioned the Tokens It Considers to Offer


Major digital currency manager GrayScale informed about planning to integrate altcoin trusts in January. Presently, the company offers eight asset investment trusts. They are BTC, BCH, ETH, ETC, ZEN, LTC, XLM, and ZEC. Besides, the organization represents one multiasset capital called Grayscale...

Cardano 3rd by market cap

Cardano (ADA) Now Is the 3rd Largest Token by Market Cap


The native token of the Cardano blockchain has got ahead of Binance Coin (BNB) in terms of market capitalization. The asset's market cap increased by over 29% in a day, surpassing $41 B. ADA trades at about $1.33 currently. Cardano was launched in 2017. The blockchain platform is supported by...

Robinhood new users

Six Million Newcomers on Robinhood Crypto in 2021


California-based free trading app Robinhood stated on Thursday that there are 6.000.000 more users of the Robinhood Crypto in the ongoing year. Robinhood began offering crypto activities in 2018. Last May it reported having over 13 M clients. In January as well as February, the platform attracted...

1inch runs on BSC

DEX Aggregator 1inch Launches on Binance Smart Chain


Decentralized exchange protocol 1inch went live on BSC. 🦄 Crossing the hell of burned #Ethereum lands our hero stumbles upon the mysterious yellow portal. No one knows what secrets it holds, but the intense heat from molten #shitcoins surging right from the #blockchain depths forced #1inch...

Optimism funding

Ethereum Scaling Firm Optimism Boosts $25 M in Series A


A startup, constructing Layer 2 scaling clue for the Ethereum ecosystem Optimism, boosted $25 M in Series A backstopping. The procession was led by a private American financing provider Andreessen Horowitz also known as a16z. The firm issued an article concerning its view of Ethereum and...

MicroStrategy $1 Billion Bitcoin

MicroStrategy Acquired Over $1 B Worth of BTC


Enterprise analytics firm MicroStrategy informed on February 24 that it expanded its bitcoin funds by $1 billion. The news came on February 19, when the second trade of convertible debt was closed. MicroStrategy bought the 19.452 Bitcoins paying an average cost of $52,765 for each. Thus, the...

Thorchain RUNE

Rune Hits New Highs After Multichain Capital's Investment


The native token of the THORChain network Rune has increased by over a 34% after thesis-driven investment firm Multichain Capital accumulated a large sum of the asset. Now RUNE trades at about $5. Data shows that since its release in July 2019, the token has been up 62,000%. The token's market cap...

Square new investment in BTC

Square Invests $170 M in BTC


American Financial services Square made another investment in Bitcoin. The firm invested $170 million in the asset. According to the company's Q4 report, the firm has already made $1.76 B from Bitcoin trades implemented in the final quarter of 2020. This is 1000% more compared to the sum of the...

Ripple business in Wyoming

Ripple Listed as a Wyoming Entity


Ripple Labs, the enterprise that created the XRP crypto asset filed a new market unit in Wyoming. The state is known for its friendly approach towards the crypto industry. Caitlin Long, creator, and Chief Executive Officer of Avanti Financial Group disclosed the news on Twitter....

BTC price decline

BTC Price Sees Major Decline. Investors Lose Money


In the previous two weeks, Bitcoin price grew by over 40% reaching its all-time high of $58.000. However, on February 22, the price took a dip falling to $48.900. At the moment, the leading cryptocurrency trades at around $50.000. Blockchain data provider Glassnode notes the number of addresses...

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