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SEC crypto unit

US SEC Is Expanding Its Crypto Enforcement Unit


The US financial watchdog, Securities and Exchange Commission revealed the decision to have 20 new positions to its enforcement unit for the crypto industry to prevent fraud cases in the sector. Changing its name to Crypto Assets and Cyber Unit (previously Cyber Unit) and it will expand to 50...

play to earn Ludena

Ludena Protocol Partners with Avocado DAO to Accelerate P2E Game Guild Ecosystem


April 29th, The GameFi social platform Ludena Protocol has announced a strategic partnership with 'Avocado Dao', one of the world's largest blockchain game guild. Through this partnership, the two companies plan to cooperate in all directions to create an efficient blockchain game ecosystem by...

Solana blockchain outage

Solana Is Recovering After a 7-Hours Outage


The Solana blockchain protocol released a report on the recent outage announcing that operations are recovering after the network went dark for 7 hours. On April 30, the Solana blockchain stopped producing new blocks as a result of consensus reaching issues. The network participants started to work...

crypto Wikimedia

Wikimedia Stops Accepting Crypto Donations


Wikimedia Foundation, the nonprofit organization running the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, stops accepting cryptos for donations. It released an update that says the organization will close its Bitpay account. On April 12, the WMF community requested to stop accepting donations in cryptos due to...

Bitfarms Bitcoin mining

Bitfarms Reported a 75% Rise in the Number of Mined Bitcoins


Toronto-based BTC mining firm Bitfarms issued an update for operations in April 2022. The company noted that 405 Bitcoins were mined which makes 13.5 Bitcoins per day on average. The number of mined Bitcoins went up by 75% from April 2021, and the mining hashrate reached 3.3 exahash per second....

Warren Buffet Bitcoin

Elon Musk Reacts to Warren Buffet’s Negative Words About Bitcoin


American business magnate, the CEO of the conglomerate holding company Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffet said in the recent annual meeting of the company that he didn't change his mind about Bitcoin despite the growth of the asset. Buffet finds that Bitcoin isn't a productive asset and it doesn't...

Bitcoin price prediction

Ex BitMEX CEO Predicts Bitcoin To Hit $1 M by 2030


Former BitMEX Chief Executive Officer Arthur Hayes predicts that the Bitcoin price will reach $1 M by 2030 because of the non-efficiency of the US and European Union policies. According to him, it was apparent after COVID 19 that the financial system has a number of disadvantages. Hayes wrote an...

Phemex NFT games

Calling NFT Gamers! Win $100,000 in YGG with Phemex


Blockchain is at the forefront of the Metaverse movement, bringing the concept of digital ownership to the mainstream, especially thanks to the spike in popularity of NFTs over the last two years. As we get closer to bringing the Metaverse to life, the barriers between our physical and digital...

Swiss national bank bitcoin

Switzerland’s CB Is Against Using BTC as a Reserve Currency


Switzerland’s Central Bank Chair Thomas Jordan is against holding BTC as a reserve currency. He expressed his opinion at the bank's general meeting of shareholders on April 29. According to Jordan, buying BTC isn’t an issue. SNB can purchase the cryptocurrency directly or through various...

ApeCoin DAO

ApeCoin Price Grows Amid New Proposals


The price of the APE token increased by over 52% in the last 7 days. Currently, the token trades at around $21 with a market cap of over $6 billion. This makes APE the largest metaverse token as it has got ahead of MANA, SAND, GMT, and others. ApeCoin was launched on March 18 by the blockchain...

Phemex new listings

Phemex launches 40 tokens for contract trading


Phemex has experienced significant growth in the past year. In addition to the over 200 spot trading pairs available, it recently listed 22 new trading pairs with popular tokens such as FIDA, GARI, and SHILL. Now, Phemex is listing another 40 new tokens for contract trading, including NEAR (Near...

Goldman Sachs Bitcoin loan

Goldman Sachs Issued Its First Bitcoin-Backed Loan


New-York headquartered international investment bank Goldman Sachs allowed a borrower to get a cash loan by using BTC as collateral. A release by Bloomberg says the loan was interesting to the institution due to its structure and risk management. This is an essential step by a leading bank that can...

Aave CEO Twitter

Twitter Suspends Aave Founder Stani Kulechov's Account


Twitter has permanently banned the account of Stani Kulechov, the founder and CEO of leading DeFi platform Aave. The reason was the following tweet by the executive: "BREAKING: Joining Twitter as interim...

Huobi Research NFTs

NFT Total Market Value Is Over $18 Bln; Huobi Research


Analytical report by Huobi Research, blockchain industry reserach institute affiliated to the crypto exchange Huobi, published an analytical report on the current NFT market state and possible future developments. The report titled “Looking for the Eye of the Storm - NFT Price Analysis”,...

MetaMask MoonPay

MetaMask Partners with MoonPay to Enable More Payment Methods


Popular crypto wallet MetaMaks announced integration with the payments solutions provider MoonPay to allow all leading purchase methods. ConsenSys, the tech company standing behind the development of Metamask, published a blog post saying that crypto purchases have become easier with the...

Grayscale crypto Europe

GrayScale Investments Enters the European Market


Digital currency investing and asset management firm Grayscale is getting ready to enter the European market. The CEO of the firm Michael Sonnenshein told Bloomberg about the plans. Reportedly, it is not certain on which markets and countries Grayscale will offer its products. Sonnenshein said that...

Terra Fireblocks support

Crypto Custody Firm Fireblocks Added Support for Terra


Digital assets institutional custody company FireBlocks now officially supports the Terra blockchain. Thus, institutions can access the second largest DeFi protocol by total value locked. Terra comes after Ethereum with around $29.4 bln TVL. Fireblocks becomes the first platform to deliver...

Ripple XRP Brad Garlinghouse

Ripple CEO Says Only the US Considers XRP as a Security


Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO of the blockchain company Ripple said in a later interview with Bloomberg that the SEC vs Ripple case is going well, and it is playing out. He mentioned that other parts of the US government called XRP a digital asset native to Ripple's technology stack, property, or...

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