Do Kwon May Lose His Passport According to a Government Notice

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While law enforcement agencies have been looking for Terraform co-founder Do Kwon to arrest him after Interpol's red notice, his location remains unknown.

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In response, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of South Korea released a public notice on October 5 saying it would invalidate Kwon's passport if he doesn't return it in 14 days. The government had been discussing the move since September.

If Kwon's passport gets invalidated that would mean he can no longer live in South Korea. Also, if he isn't in the country now, it would be difficult for him to leave.

The Ministry mentioned that the notice is public as it wasn’t possible to deliver it.

Kwon's investigation is related to the collapse of the crypto protocol Terra LUNA in May. Amid the announced investigation, Do Kwon shares his views and thoughts on Twitter. He previously said he's not on the run and that his rights were violated.