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Senate crypto bill

US Senators Propose Making Small Crypto Transactions Tax-Free


US senators introduced a bill that suggests making cryptocurrency transactions under $50 tax-free. The authors of the paper are Sen. Patrick Toomey (R-Pa.) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) Previously, the Senate presented another bill to simplify the tax system for daily crypto users who should report...

CFTC crypto regulations

CFTC Chair Revealed Creating a New Crypto Regulation Office


Rostin Behnam, Chair of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, finds that the agency should have more authority to supervise the crypto sector. At the forum "The Future of Crypto Regulation" the official said that there is a need for clear market regulations over digital commodity...

Binance CEO Modern Media

Binance CEO Sued Bloomberg's Modern Media


The Chief Executive Officer of Binance, Changpeng Zhao (CZ) filed a lawsuit against Modern Media, Bloomberg Businessweek/Chinese-language publisher. CZ accuses the company of defamation. According to a report by Hong Kong Economic Times, CZ said Bloomberg Businessweek published an article on July...

Adam Back crypto

Adam Back Agrees that Bitcoin Is Apolitical and Unseizable Money


Sharing his thoughts about Bitcoin, Blockstream CEO Adam Back agreed that it's apolitical and unseizable currency. At the Asian Leadership Conference, the CEO of an El Salvador-based Bitcoin trading startup Jan3, Samson Mow said governments can freeze people’s money and they won't be able to do...

Audius hack

Decentralized Music Protocol Audius Was Exploited


Audius, a decentralized music platform was hacked. As a result, cryptos worth $6.1 M were transferred. Hacker could make away with $1 M. On July 27, Audius confirmed a proposal, which requested the transfer of 18 M Audius' native AUDIO tokens. On July 24, Spreek Away tweeted that the attacker made...

Coinbase former product manager

Former Staff Member at Coinbase Accused of Insider Trading


US officials arrested a former officer at Coinbase for conducting insider trading. According to a release by the US Department of Justice, there are three charges in the first crypto insider trading tipping plot. The document says the former employee Ishan Wahi together with his brother Nikhil...

Taiwan crypto regulation

Taiwan to Ban Purchasing Crypto Via Credit Cards


Taiwanese regulators plan to ban the use of credit cards for cryptocurrency purchases. Local media reports that the Financial Supervisory Commission sent a letter to the Association of Banks saying that virtual currencies are highly speculative and risky. They added that the cash flow is complex...

Vitalik Buterin Ethereum future

Buterin Says With the Merge Ethereum Will Be 55% Complete


At a recent European Ethereum Conference, Vitalik Buterin shared his vision about the expected merge, the difference between Ethereum and Bitcoin, the future of Ethereum, etc. Buterin mentioned that while Bitcoiners think BTC is 80% complete, Etherum supporters consider the system to be complete...

South Korea crypto tax

South Korea Put Off 25% Crypto Tax To 2025


The government of South Korea put off taxes on crypto earnings to 2025, according to the 2022 tax reform plan. Officials delayed the plans before. In December they announced postponing taxes until 2023. The government plan to tax 20% crypto profits over KRW 2.5 million (US$1,900) in a one-year...

Polygon blockchain zkEVM

Polygon Introduced a New Scaling Solution zkEVM


The Polygon team introduced the first EVM-equivalence zero knowledge Layer 2 scaling solution, zkEVM. It allows building on Polygon the same way as on Ethereum. Through zkEVM, developers can deploy smart contracts and use all the tools that operate on Ethereum. A blog post by Polygon says the...

Tesla Bitcoin

Tesla Sells 75% of Its Bitcoin Holdings


The second quarter of 2022 was tough for the electric car producer Tesla, which reported a drop in profit after a previous shutdown of its Shanghai factory. Tesla reported that at the end of Q2, they converted about 75% of the Bitcoin purchases into fiat. Reports show that Tesla's second-quarter...

United Kingdom

UK Government Bill Suggests Making Stablecoins a Form of Payments


U.K. financial regulators are proposing rules on stablecoins. Financial services and markets bill will be presented to parliament. Previously, in April, the U.K. Treasury announced goals to turn the country into a crypto hub. The new rules would allow consumers to make payments with stablecoins....

DeFi Aave

Aave Teams up With Pocket Network to Enhance Dapp Development


Popular DeFi platform Aave joined forces with web3 infrastructure Pocket Network to provide higher scalability, and make the development process easier. Aave will benefit from Pocket's 44,000 nodes to get data from various decentralized apps. Also, the integration will allow developers to receive...

Bitcoin fear and greed index

Bitcoin Gets Out of the Extreme Fear Zone First Time Since May


In the last 24 hours, the Bitcoin price increased by about 8% and currently hovers over $23,500. Data from Bitcoin sentiment analytics website shows that the BTC Fear Greed Index went up from 21/100 to 31/100. Thus, Bitcoin has left the Extreme Fear zone, where it was since May....

USA crypto mining

US Congress Says Crypto Miners Should Reveal More Energy Data


The Congress of the US wrote a letter to the presidential administration related to crypto mining and its impact on surroundings. Democratic lawmakers questioned seven crypto mining firms about the energy they use. Reports show that miners are consuming essential amounts of electricity. Seven of...

Bitcoin crypto

Ex BlackRock Manager Says Bitcoin Will Be a Part of Every Wallet


Edward Dowd, ex officer at leading management corporation BlackRock, finds that Bitcoin will enter everyone's wallet. In a recent interview, he said Bitcoin may beat gold if it keeps maturing. According to Dowd, the cryptocurrency may achieve that due to its ability to be traded digitally and other...

crypto market cap

Crypto Market Cap Rebounds at $1 Trillion


In the last 24 hours, the overall cryptocurrency market cap increased by around 0.4%, reclaiming $1 trillion. This indicator set a record high in the fourth quarter of the last year, hitting $3 trillion. Currently, Bitcoin trades at around $21,700 with a market cap of over $416 bln. Ether's price...

Netherlands Binance

Dutch CB Fined Binance for Providing Services Without License


De Nederlandsche Bank fined Binance $3.4 M in the country for offering services while not being registered. A statement by the regulator says Binance took advantage of not paying taxes to the bank and escaping regulation payments. The authority says Binance had been violating the rules for a while,...

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