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Vitalik Buterin El Salvador bitcoin

Vitalik Buterin Doesn't Approve El Salvador's BTC Policy


El Salvador’s president Nayib Bukele's step of Bitcoin legalization and making local businesses support the coin didn’t get approval of Vitalik Buterin. Although Bukele tweeted in September that BTC would not be forced on everyone, Article 7 of the Bitcoin Law states that every business...

China crypto law

China to Sentence Crypto Activities: Caijing Journalist


Today, a journalist at Beijing political magazine Caijing, Yan Qinwen Zhang Yingxin reported that China is considering ways to convict and sentence crypto activities by law. While currently there is no legal framework providing this option, the country plans to establish a judiciary system for...

Bitmain China

Crypto Mining Firm Bitmain Stops Shipping to China


Leading crypto mining manufacturer Bitmain announced it no longer delivers mining equipment to China (except for Hong Kong and Taiwan). According to the press release published by the company, it suspends the shipping from October 11. As for overseas business activities, they continue as usual. The...

Nayib Bykele El Salvador Bitcoin

El Salvador’s President Revealed BTC Gains and Future Plans


On October 10, El Salvador's president Nayib Bukele tweeted about building a pet hospital with funds raised after Bitcoin adoption. Bukele mentioned that after Bitcoin legalization, the price of the coin saw gains and brought profits of $4 M to the country. The President tweeted that in just 20...

Joe Biden crypto news

White House To Consider Ways of Regulating Crypto


The U.S. government explores the crypto industry and possible ways of its regulations. Bloomberg reported on October 8, that the Biden administration weighs executive orders for federal agencies, which would explore the sector and present recommendations. Sources informed Bloomberg, the order...

altcoins Fantom Harmony

Altcoins Surge: Fantom (FTM) and Harmony (One) Hit New ATH


The crypto market continues seeing gains. While Bitcoin went up by around 15% in the last 7 days, reaching its 4-month high, altcoins surge too. Native tokens of blockchain platforms Fantom and Harmony reached new all-time highs, $2.45 and $0.2473 respectively. The number of projects built on both...

China crypto ban

Over 20 Crypto Firms Leave China: China Securities Journal


China announced stricter measures against the crypto industry to detect and prevent any activity on September 24. But regulators didn't stop there. Today, China National Development and Reform Commission included virtual currency mining in the list of eliminated industries to seek public opinion....

DeFi platforms hit $210 billion

DeFi TVL Surged Over $200 B First Time in History


Cryptocurrencies and the DeFi industry have seen massive growth in the first week of October. According to data aggregator DeFi Llama, the total value locked in DeFi platforms hit $200 Billion for the first time in history. Currently, the indicator stands at above $210.4 billion. Ethereum continues...

MiamiCoin MIA

MiamiCoin City Wallet Now Holds Over $10 M


The first CityCoin, MiamiCoin (MIA) has boosted $10 million in revenue since its launch in early August. Based on the Stacks blockchain, MIA allows users to receive stacking rewards in Stacks and BTC, supporting the city's growth at the same time. The current Miami City Wallet balance is valued at...

JP Morgan Bitcoin gold

JP Morgan Says Institutions Prefer Bitcoin to Gold


Over the last 7 days, the price of Bitcoin grew by over 22.31%, surpassing $55.000 for the first time since mid-May. The coin's market cap hit $1 trillion. New York-based major international investment bank JP Morgan noted the reasons for the surge. In a note from Thursday, the bank said Bitcoin's...

Gary Gensler SEC Tom Emmer

Congressman Tom Emmer Disagrees With Gensler’s Crypto Views


As SEC Chair Gary Gensler makes attempts to regulate the crypto sector, he faces opposition from congressmen supporting crypto. Senator Tom Emmer, a representative from Minnesota says Gensler is accountable for how his leadership can damage crypto investors in America. He also finds that the SEC...

Vitalik Buterin about Warcraft and Ethereum

A Warcraft Issue Motivated Vitalik Buterin to Build Ethereum


In his bio, published on personal web hosting platform, Ethereum co-founder Vitlik Buterin wrote about the reasons for his creating Ethereum. Buterin says he first understood the negative impact of centralized services while playing World of Warcraft during 2007-2010. His favorite hero...

Shiba Inu massive surge

Will SHIB Hit a New High? The Token Gets Into the Top 15


This week's massive surge brought SHIB token to 15th place as the largest cryptocurrency by market cap. The indicator stands at over $13 billion at the moment. In the last 7 days, SHIB saw an impressive surge of around 370% and currently trades at $$0.00003315. From the start of the year, the...

Stellar XLM surge

Stellar and MoneyGram Partner, XLM Surges


Leading payment company MoneyGram revealed a collaboration with blockchain protocol Stellar. As the firm stated on Wednesday, it aims to expand its services with digital assets. In particular, MoneyGram aims to carry out instant transactions using USDC stablecoin, developed by P2P payment...

Bitcoin hit $55.000 again

Bitcoin’s Market Cap Reclaimed $1T, the Price Hit $55.000


For the first time, since May 12, Bitcoin price surpassed $55.000. The market cap of the largest cryptocurrency again stands above $1 trillion. Over the last 7 days, the coin saw a price increase of over 31%. In the last 24 hours, the surge was by over 10%. Although it's early to predict whether...

Gustavo Petro about Colombia, Bitcoin and cocaine

It’s Better to Mine BTC Than Produce Coca: Gustavo Petro


Former mayor of Bogota, Colombian politician, and presidential candidate Gustavo Petro finds it will be beneficial for the country to follow the example of El Salvador and mine BTC using natural resources. On October 1, the president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele announced that the country started...

US Bank NYDIG crypto services

U.S. Bank Now Provides Crypto Custody


Today a major American financial institution, U.S. Bank, otherwise called US Bancorp unveiled a cooperation with BTC-focused tech firm NYDIG to deliver crypto custody options. The tweet shared by the company notes the growing institutional interest in the space. As interest in cryptocurrency...

Mirror Protocol open publishing

Mirror Now Allows Decentralized Publishing for Everyone


Today, decentralized synthetic assets platform Mirror announced the opening of the publishing option to everyone. This means that instead of username and password, people need to connect their Ethereum wallets and that data is stored on decentralized storage. Based on the Terra blockchain, Mirror...

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