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Bitcoin Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage Believes Bitcoin Is the Ultimate Freedom


Nigel Farage, a former Member of the European Parliament believes that Bitcoin is the ultimate freedom. At the Bitcoin Amsterdam conference, he said Bitcoin, as any new idea, faces the opposition of the entire establishment. Farage finds that Bitcoin is an economic insurgence driven and led by...

Dominica Tron token

Dominica to Launch a Token Collaborating With Tron


The Dominican government will launch its national fan token, Dominica Coin (DMC) in partnership with the Tron blockchain protocol. The digital asset aims to help promote the country's heritage and tourist attractions. According to a release by the Office of the Prime Minister, the collaboration...

October hacks Chainalysis

October’s Been the Biggest Month in Crypto Hacks


Crypto investigation and transaction monitoring solution Chainalysis announced that October has been the biggest month in the biggest year of hacks although we’re only in the middle of the month. By now, around $718 M was stolen in DeFi protocol hacks across 11 attacks. On October 11, four...

Pantera Capital blockchain

Blockchain Is the Internet's Second Half: Dan Morehead


In his recent interview with Bloomberg, the CEO of the crypto-focused hedge fund Pantera Capital, Dan Morehead said he believes that Bitcoin and blockchain are going to change many different things for billions of people. He mentioned that the technology is borderless and operates in every country....

US Treasury Tornado Cash

US Treasury Sued Over the Restrictions Against Tornado Cash


Coin Center, a crypto group performing research and advocacy, filed a suit against the US Treasury Department related to the Tornado Cash ban. The group together with people seeking privacy asked the court to delist the platform from sanctions. Jerry Brito, Coin Center’s director-general tweeted...

Morgan Stanley crypto decentralization

Morgan Stanley Says Crypto Is Getting Less Decentralized


A new release by investment manager Morgan Stanley says the crypto industry is getting less decentralized. According to it, although blockchain technology may be decentralized, the potential risk is that while regulations toward crypto develop, there is a need to implement most of the operations on...

BNY Mellon crypto

BNY Mellon Started Offering Bitcoin Custody Services


International investments company BNY Mellon has released bitcoin custody services. According to a publication by the company, the Digital Asset Custody platform is now live in the US. A group of clients now are able to hold and transfer Bitcoin and Ether, while the bank will store the keys...

Mango DeFi hack

DeFi Platform Mango Hit With $100 M Hack


Solana-based DeFi platform Mango was hacked and lost $100 M as a result. Blockchain audit company OtterSec tweeted that attackers were able to manipulate their Mango collateral. They managed to temporarily spike up their collateral value and take out large loans from the Mango treasury. According...

Google Cloud Coinbase

Google Teams up With Coinbase to Accept Crypto for Cloud Services


Today Google announced a partnership with crypto exchange Coinbase to allow users to pay with crypto for cloud services starting in early 2023. According to a report by CNBC, the tech giant revealed the news first at the Cloud Next conference. Due to its cloud business, Google's parent company...

Paul Tudor Jones Bitcoin

Paul Tudor Jones Predicts BTC and Ether Will Go Much Higher


Billionaire hedge fund manager, the founder of Tudor Investment, Paul Tudor Jones believes that Bitcoin and Ether will grow in price in a post-recession market. In an interview with CNBC’s Squawk Box, he said that cryptos could see essential growth in the future. Talking about the global economy...

Brazil crypto fraud

Brazilian Police Seized Over $766 M in a Crypto Fraud Investigation


Federal Police of Brazil seized gold, luxury cars, and watches worth 4 billion Brazilian reals (about $766 M) while raiding houses of the members of a gang led by businessman Francisley Valdevino da Silva, known as "Sheik dos Bitcoins". According to a report by a local newspaper, the...

Dapper Labs Russia sanctions

Dapper Labs Announced Restrictions for Russian Accounts


NFT-focused blockchain development company Dapper Labs announced suspending Russian accounts. In a blog post, the Dapper Labs team mentioned that the decision came after the European Union imposed new bans against Russia and Russian nationals. According to the EU statement released on October 6,...

Huobi crypto news

Huobi Global to be Purchased by About Capital


Cryptocurrency exchange Huobi Global agreed to be purchased by Hong Kong-based investment company About Capital Management's M&A fund. According to the investment manager, after the transaction, Huobi will see a series of international brand promotions and business expansion. It's envisioned...

Jim Cramer crypto

Jim Cramer Revealed He Bought a Farm With Bitcoin Earnings


TV personality Jim Cramer tweeted that he bought a farm with Bitcoin earnings and a boat with Ether. Cramer dared people to bet against him adding "You do not do this for 42 years and lose money every year." In an earlier tweet, the CNBC Mad Money host said he always welcomes people...

Visa crypto payments

Visa Partners With FTX to Offer Crypto Debit Cards


Payments company Visa built a partnership with the cryptocurrency exchange FTX to offer debit cards in 40 countries. The cards will allow holders to spend their crypto funds from FTX accounts. So, users won't need to withdraw their cryptocurrencies from the exchange to spend them. The cards make it...

BNB Chain exploit

BNB Chain Gets Back to Normal After a Hack Estimated $100 M


On October 7, BNB Chain announced suspending operations due to irregular activity, and a potential exploit. Due to irregular activity we're temporarily pausing BSC. We apologize for the inconvenience and will provide further updates here. Thank you for your patience and understanding.—...

Binance Kazakhstan

Binance Got the Green Light by Kazakhstan Regulators


Popular crypto exchange Binance got approval by authorities to provide services in Central Asian country Kazakhstan. An announcement by the exchange says the permanent license identifies Binance as a regulated business with strong compliance and security controls. Binance will be able to offer...

Bitcoin tech stocks

Bitcoin Starts to Outperform Most Major Assets; Mike McGlone


Bloomberg Intelligence released Cryptos Outlook October edition, which mentions positive trends in the crypto market. According to senior commodity strategist at Bloomberg Intelligence, Mike McGlone, amid the rate hikes by more central banks, we see the tendency resuming for Bitcoin, Ethereum and...

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