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Jim Cramer crypto

Jim Cramer Says You May Lose Your Life Savings Because of Crypto


American TV personality Jim Cramer says investors should get out of crypto, NFTs, and special purpose acquisition companies. According to him, the assets could result in the loss of investors' life savings. On the recent episode of "Mad Money," the host said he changed his opinion about...

Fireblocks crypto

Fireblocks Adds Support for Solana-Based DeFi, NFTs, and Games


Crypto custody provider Fireblocks revealed support for Solana-based DeFi and apps through its Web3 engine. For the customers, this means that they will have access to lending, borrowing, staking and Web3 products. In a blog post, Fireblocks noted that they are the first gateway for institutions to...

JPMorgan crypto opinion

JPMorgan Executive Views Most Crypto as Junk


The CEO of the JPMorgan's blockchain unit, Umar Farooq says except for a few dozen tokens, other cryptos are likely to disappear. He expressed this opinion during the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s Green Shoots seminar on Monday. According to Farooq, the use cases of digital assets haven't...

Iran crypto imports

Iran Now Allows the Use of Crypto for Imports


Iranian government officially confirmed a regulations bill, which allows the use of cryptocurrencies as a means for payments in imports. A week ago, the Iranian Importers Association stressed the importance of a stable regulatory framework for cryptos. Earlier this month the country placed its...

FBI warns against DeFi crimes

FBI Warns Against DeFi Crimes


On August 29, The Federal Bureau of Investigation released an announcement warning investors that the number of exploits in DeFi platforms has been growing resulting in investors' losing money. The authority encouraged investors who suspect criminals that have stolen their investments to contact...

Spain metaverse Mundocrypto

Spain’s Fin. Regulator Warns about Crypto Metaverse Event


Fin. regulators in Spain are planning to watch for a large crypto metaverse event, Mundocrypto, that will take place in Madrid. The National Securities Market Comission (CNMV) warned that managers of the event and sponsors aren’t authorized to deliver investment services or collect funds....

DeFi stablecoins Ethereum

Report Says Ethereum Merge Will Negatively Impact DeFi Stablecoins


A new report by Dapp Radar says Ethereum is currently the largest blockchain on which DeFi apps and protocols operate, and the upcoming network upgrade will have an impact on DeFi stablecoins. Stablecoins are an essential part for DeFi, as they are often used in deals to facilitate trading or as...

Japan crypto tax

Japan to Make Changes in Crypto Tax Laws


The Japanese Government revealed it is going to review and make changes in the crypto tax law that are effective for companies in the fiscal year of 2023. The country's Financial Services Agency and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) will be exploring how digital asset organizations...

WEF Ripple partnership

Ripple Is Among Official Partners of the World Economic Forum


Ripple officially partners with the WEF, according to the website of the international NGO. Previously, the organization said Ripple provides the value of what the internet did for information. WEF finds that Ripple is committed to monetary parity and efficiency. Previously, Ripple Chief Executive...

Valkyrie CIO crypto

Valkyrie CIO Predicts Further Bitcoin Fall


In a recent interview Steven McClurg, the CIO of the asset management Valkyrie said Bitcoin may decline further although we are close to the bottom. The executive says markets depend on macro trends and inflation. As rates are going higher than expected, all risk assets are going to fall....

BitBoy Atozy YouTube

BitBoy Crypto Sued Atozy, but Later Dropped the Lawsuit


Crypto Youtuber Ben Armstrong, who is also known as BitBoy Crypto, sued Erling Mengshoel (Atozy) over defamation claims. BitBoy later said they will drop the lawsuit as the processes have become public. The matter was over a video of BitBoy, where he talked about a certain token. Atozy found that...

Philippines crypto education

Philippine Universities to Conduct Crypto and Blockchain Courses


Universities in the Philippines will offer free courses in blockchain and crypto, including trading, metaverse, decentralized finance, web3, and others partnering with Binance. Recently, the crypto exchange was present at the Philippine Senate hearing where industry leaders and regulators discussed...

Ethereum merge news

Ethereum Bug Bounties Reach $1 M Ahead of the Merge


The Ethereum Foundation released a new blog post ahead of the major network upgrade scheduled for the next month. The team said all bounties for vulnerabilities related to the merge go up 4 times between now and September 8. Crucial bugs now worth up to $1 M. With the merge, Ethereum will move to...

Bank of Finland Crypto

Bank of Finland Governor Criticized Cryptocurrencies


Cryptocurrency prices are inflated by “monetary misconceptions” and conspiracy theories, while CBDCs are immune to volatility and can be trusted implicitly. This was stated by the head of the Central Bank of Finland, Olli Rehn. He added that some have joked that a CBDC is a solution looking...

crypto investments survey

46% of American Crypto Investors Had Higher Expectations


Pew Research Center’s new survey says 46% of American crypto investors find that their investments have performed worse than they assumed. 15% of the participants said the results have been better than their expectations, 31% said the results corresponded to their expectations, and 8% said they...

Celsius Prime Trust

Celsius Claims Prime Trust Should Return the Company Around $17 M


The crypto lender Celsius, which is facing bankruptcy processes currently, is suing Prime Trust over $17 M in cryptos. The trust company provided custody and other services for Celsius. In June 2021, the businesses dissolved their partnership. According to the filing, Prime Trust returned about...

Pavel Durov Telegram NFTs

Telegram’s Pavel Durov Suggests Auctioning Usernames as NFTs


Telegram’s Chief Executive Officer Pavel Durov has offered to bring usernames and channel links to market in the form of non fungible tokens. Durov said in a message he wrote to his group that he was moved by the success of the auction TON (The Open Network) lately executed for their...

Samsung crypto exchange

Samsung to Release Its Cryptocurrency Exchange


Samsung's security company based in South Korea will release its crypto exchange in 2023. According to local media, it will team up with several other securities companies in the country to establish a virtual asset firm. The companies started to obtain licenses from financial regulators in the...

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