Cosmos Blockchain Ecosystem Released a Now White Paper

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Cosmos ATOM white paper

Cosmos, a blockchain platform focused on interoperability solutions released a new white paper aiming to update the tokenomics of its native cryptocurrency ATOM.

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According to the paper, Cosmos Hub will be the center of a new feature, known as interchain security. This means that other chains will be able to use the Cosmos Hub to secure their networks. Currently, the Hub mainly serves as a template for building blockchains into the Cosmos "interchain" , an environment for separate blockchains to share information and assets.

The Cosmos team also is going to change the utility and issuance schedule of the ATOM token. With the changes, the protocol aims to become more scalable swand secure. Cosmos will offer ATOM holders liquid stacking, which is supposed to increase capital efficiency by allowing users to stake tokens and at the same time use the claims on staked ATOM as working capital.

Currently, ATOM is the 20th largest crypto with a market cap of over $4 billion.