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Optimism hack

Hacker Stole 20 M Optimism OP Tokens, Transferred 1 M to Buterin


Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution Optimism was exploited and lost 20 M tokens. The hack happened as the crypto market-making company Wintermute accidentally provided the platform a multisignature address for the liquidity addition and facilitation of transactions. The address wasn’t deployed on...

crypto fintech

9 Crypto Firms Are in the Forbes Fintech 50 2022


2022’s Forbes Fintech 50 list includes a record number of crypto-focused companies. The list presents the most innovative private financial technology businesses. Digital asset firms together have attracted $6.5 bln in capital investments with the main part of it received in the previous 12...

Jim Cramer Bitcoin Ethereum

Jim Cramer Advises Buying Bitcoin or Ether


American media personality Jim Cramer recommends buying Bitcoin or Ether. He is a believer in the crypto industry but advises only a speculative investment that's less than 5% of one's portfolio. The TV host told CNBC Make It he owns Ether and can't tell anyone not to own crypto. At first, Cramer...

Mike Novogratz Hedge funds

Mike Novogratz Says Most Crypto Hedge Funds Will Close


The Chief Executive Officer of Galaxy Digital, Mike Novogratz says equity and crypto investors will see difficulties. However, he's still positive about the growth of crypto adoption. Novogratz finds BTC will continue to be a real macro asset as it's a store of value. During the Piper Sandler...

Custodia Fed suit

Cryptocurrency Bank Custodia Sued Fed on a Decision Delay


Crypto banking, custody, and payment solutions company Custodia, founded by a 22-year Wall Street expert Caitlin Long, submitted a complaint against the US Fed. The company says Fed was illegitimately postponing a response on its master account request. Custodia's filing to the US District Court of...

Chainlink staking crypto

Chainlink Link Price 12% Up After Revealing the Start of Staking


Decentralized oracle provider Chainlink announced the start of Economics 2.0, a new page in the protocol's development. It begins with staking. The Chainlink team published a blog post that says staking aims to enhance the security level by applying rewards and penalties to incentivize the...

PayPal crypto wallets

PayPal Started Supporting Crypto Transfers To External Wallets


Leading payment processing company PayPal revealed adding support for crypto transfers between PayPal, and other digital currency wallets and platforms. The company published a press release that says the new feature has been one of the most wanted possibilities by users since the team started...

Lightning Network Bitcoin

Lightning Network Capacity Hit a New All-Time High


On June 6, the capacity of Bitcoin's Lightning Network (LN) set a new ATH. Data from Glassnode shows that this metric surpassed 3.970. Capacity indicates the overall amount of BTCs locked in the network. Launched in 2018, Lightning operates on top of the BTC blockchain and enhances its scalability....

Binance SEC Investigation

SEC Started Investigating Binance Over the BNB Sale


The Securities and Exchange Commission of the US is investigating Binance in connection with the sale of the platform's BNB coin in 2017, when the company raised $15M. The agency is to find out whether Binance broke securities laws by selling the coins at the time of the launch. According to a...

Tron USDD stablecoin

Tron Makes Changes on Its Stablecoin to Exclude Terra-Like Crash


In May, the Tron blockchain issued its USDD algo stablecoin. At present, the team is looking to modify the coin, adding collateral and enhancing transparency to avoid the scenario that the Terra ecosystem faced. Data from the Tron DAO Reserve website displays, the reserve account now holds 13,040.6...

Australia crypto use

Australian Mayor Suggests Using Cryptos to Pay Local Taxes


Tom Tate, the mayor of the Australian city Gold Coast says the city’s residents may pay council rates or local property tax in Bitcoin in the future. In an interview with Australian news provider ABC News, the Mayor said such a use case serves as a signal that the city is innovative and will draw...

crypto scams social media

Crypto Scams Caused over $1 B Losses Through Social Media


The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued a report on crypto scammers cashing in on the crypto craze. According to the analysis, Americans have lost over $1 bln to crypto scams since the beginning of 2021. Based on the reports, scammers widely use social media to realize their activities. Almost...

Binance The Weeknd Tour

Binance Sponsors the Weeknd’s World Tour


Popular digital assets platform Binance officially sponsors The Weeknd’s tour "After hours Til Dawn," which will start next month. It’s the first time a major crypto firm funds a famous artist. "After hours Til Dawn" is the 7th concert tour by award-winning singer-songwriter...

White House crypto mining

White House Explores Crypto Mining and Its Energy Impact


The White House is exploring the mining of cryptocurrencies and its impact on the environment. A report by Bloomberg informs that a task force now is examining the benefits and shortcomings of the sector to develop proper policy suggestions. Costa Samaras, who serves in the White House Office of...

CFTC Bitcoin features Gemini

CFTC Submitted a Complaint Against Gemini Over Bitcoin Futures


The US regulator of the futures market, presented claims against the crypto platform Gemini, established by Winklevoss twins in 2014. It claims that the company falsified data provided to the CFTC in around 2017 at meetings and in papers by breaking the regulation principles. The federal agency...

Vitalik Buterin crypto

Vitalik Buterin Comments on a Crypto-Skeptic Letter by Techies


On June 1, 26 computer scientists, software engineers, and technologists from different companies published a letter to US lawmakers, expressing their concerns about the crypto sector. With the letter they urged Congress to be critical, and skeptical about web 3 and cryptos. They said not to view...

Chipotle crypto payments

Chipotle Started Accepting Cryptos in the US


American restaurant chain Chipotle revealed accepting cryptocurrencies as a means of payment across the US. To provide the option, the chain partners with the digital payments services company Flexa. Chipotle accepts BTC, Eth, and other cryptos from any application that supports Flexa for burritos,...

Goldman Sachs crypto

Goldman Sachs Survey Says Insurers' Interest in Crypto Grew


Leading bank Goldman Sachs published its yearly survey on the insurance sector. The release included cryptos as well. 328 high level financial officials took part in the survey. They present about half the $26 T world’s insurance field. The results of the survey showed that 6% of participants...

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