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Filecoin Reaches new highs

Filecoin Now Is Among the Top 10 Tokens by Market Cap


FIL, the native token of a decentralized protocol Filecoin, has seen significant price growth. At the moment the token trades at around $210.68 and ranks the ninth in terms of market capitalization which is above $13.3 billion. The interest in investing in FIL has been surging. On March 17, asset...

Goldman Sachs crypto

In Q2 Goldman Sachs Will Bring Out BTC Investment Product


New York-based international financial services company Goldman Sachs plans to offer investors crypto products during quarter 2 of 2021. The company's global head of digital assets for the bank's private wealth management division Mary Rich revealed the news in terms of the interview held by CNBC....

FCA crypto

UK Crypto Firms to Issue Yearly Financial Crime Reports


The regulatory agency of the United Kingdom, Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) said that crypto assets firms refer to the class of organizations that must deliver financial reports of crime (REP-CRIM) annually. We have published our policy statement, which will see #crypto asset businesses added...

SEC vs Ripple

XRP Owners' Appeal to Take Part in the Trial Is Granted


On March 29, the U.S. district court of New York issued an answer to the request made by XRP holders. Judge Analisa Torres approved their appeal to be engaged in the SEC’s lawsuit against Ripple Labs as third-party defendants. As stated in the released decision, XRP holders can file their motion...

Coinbase hired  Brett Redfearn

Coinbase Employed Ex-SEC Officer Brett Redfearn


Leading cryptocurrency trading platform Coinbase has employed a previous executive of the SEC's Trading and markets section Brett W. Redfearn before going public with direct placement on Nasdaq. Brett Redfearn's position at Coinbase is Capital Markets' head. He is an experienced specialist serving...

Tether assurance report

Tether Shared an Assurance Report


Tether stablecoin 1:1 backed to USD, issued a certitude report carried out by accounting operations provider Moore Cayman. The paper states that USDT units are 100% sustained. Earlier, Paxos stablecoin released a similar report. Moore Cayman's estimations show that Tether’s holdings as of Feb....

PayPal allows crypto

PayPal Allows U.S. Clients to Pay Merchants with Crypto


Major payments entity PayPal announced enabling US clients to pay merchants from over the world with crypto. Specifically, users holding BTC, Eth, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Litecoin (LTC) in PayPal wallets will have the option to exchange them with fiat money at checkouts for trading. PayPal's Chief...


SEC Files a Complaint Against Blockchain Network LBRY


On March 29 the U.S. SEC has submitted a suit against the distributed content protocol LBRY. The agency stated LBRY is trading unlisted securities via its native cryptocurrency and that there is a violation of the Securities Act of 1933. LBRY is a decentralized project created for content. Its...

Ripple Tranglo partnership

Ripple Becomes the Owner of a 40% Stake in Tranglo


Blockchain solutions company Ripple, which created the token XRP announced acquiring a 40% stake in Asian cross-border transfers firm Tranglo. The goal of this cooperation is to extend RippleNet’s On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) services in Asia. Tranglo and Ripple's cooperation suggests supporting the...

Latvian airline DOGE, ETH

Latvian Airline airBaltic Accepts DOGE and Ether Payments


Latvian aviation company airBaltic announced today (March 29) about enabling Doge and Ether as a payment method. The firm was the first to accept Bitcoin payments back in 2014. Then it added Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and four stablecoins backed by the USD: USD Coin (USDC), Binance Dollar (BUSD), Gemini...

Bitcoin ETFs explained

What Are Bitcoin ETFs? Which Countries Have Approved Them?


In 2021 first Bitcoin ETFs got validated. The interest in these products keeps rising. They are exchange-traded funds that follow the value of BTC and the trading process is held on traditional markets in the place of cryptocurrency exchanges. So, BTC exchange-traded funds enable investing in the...

Saturday Night LIve NFTs

NFT Sketch During Saturday Night Live


American television show Saturday Night Live (SNL) prepared a sketch/rap about NFTs in the March 27 release. The skit depicts a scene in a classroom where an actress playing the role of US secretary of treasury Janet Yellen conducts an economics lesson. She asks if any of the students have...

Visa crypto transfers

Visa to Provide Payment Settlements Via Crypto


International payments technology company Visa said on March 29 it will unlock the option of using USD Coin (USDC) to settle transactions on the platform. Visa teamed up with cryptocurrency and payment operations provider to launch the pilot project. The company aims to offer more firms...

Video consoler BTC mining

YouTuber Adjusted His Nintengo Game Boy For BTC Mining


A Youtuber with the nickname “stacksmashing” shared a video on March 27, where he converts his 30 years old 8-bit handheld video game console into a mining device for Bitcoin. Nintengo Game Boy was initially an electronic device for outputting a video signal or image to illustrate a video...

Dragonfly fundraise

Dragonfly Capital Opens $225 M Fund to Support Crypto


California-based crypto venture company Dragonfly Capital established another fund valued at $225 M to invest in various crypto-related undertakings. In a post published on March 26, the company mentioned it considers mainly investing in four sectors: DeFi networks, NFT market, Ethereum Layer 2...

The Weeknd NFT

The Weeknd Mentioned NFTs in His Tweet


Canadian singer, songwriter, and record producer the Weeknd made a vague post on his Twitter account saying his new track living in NFT space is expected soon. The Weeknd didn't disclose more details. new song living in NFT space. coming soon...— The Weeknd (@theweeknd) March 26, 2021 ...

Bitcoin addresses

The Number of BTC Addresses With 1 Coin or Less Is Growing


Data provided by blockchain analytics firm Glassnode shows that the number of addresses having one Bitcoin or less now is 5.20% of the entire supply of the cryptocurrency. After hitting tops of around $1.83 Trillion, the market capitalization of Bitcoin fell. At the moment it states at around $989...

Optimism launch date

Scaling Solution for Ethereum, Optimism Put Off its Launch


Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum environment, Optimism informed about postponing the mainnet release no sooner than July. The rollout was expected to go live this week. According to Optimism, the launch date isn't certain as it requires the united work of the Ethereum community. Particularly,...

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