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SushiSwap management changes

FTX CEO will manage the SushiSwap activities


Chef Nomi, the unknown author of the famous DeFi protocol SushiSwap, has assigned the project administration to FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried. Earlier, Nomi was a subject for criticism as he converted a part of SUSHI tokens reckoned to promote the advancement of SushiSwap structure, to ether (ETH)....

bitcoin price

Bitcoins hit $10000, while gold is near to inflection point


After a few days of drops, Bitcoin has reacquired some value and now is about $10,500. Most altcoins are also recovering, with the total market gap increasing by $10B. The market experts mentioned the major event noticed within the last 6 months. During this time, crypto assets have been recording...

SushiSwap risks

10 security defects of SushiSwap were pointed out


Yield farmers are excited about Sushiswap, on the other hand, safety experts inform that unverified smart contracts are dangerous. Quantstamp, a blockchain safety leader, has presented ten problems with the platform. It's worth to mention that the problems don't seem to be disastrous- there wasn't...

Narendra Modi

India’s PM became a victim of cyberpunks in Twitter


The Twitter account of Narendra Modi, India's Prime Minister, was attacked. Officials announced that the attacked account was connected with Modi's individual website and mobile app. The criminals called their account "John Wick". They sent messages requesting contributions in Bitcoin...


Ethereum transaction fees raised reaching their peak


The fees of transactions on the Ethereum platform have achieved an unprecedented hourly record lately. The increase in fee prices started in summer as a result of the extension in activities on decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and different structures that cover the DeFi space. At the moment, average...


SushiSwap vs UniSwap. The new token showed great results


SushiSwap has crossed $700 million in total value locked within three days of the project announcement. The token is considered to be an "evolution" to Uniswap. Let's compare these two protocols. The main difference is the governance token Sushi, which would be offered to liquidity...

YFI growth

The shocking success of YFI

by, which is a governance token reached $38,682 a few days ago. It got ahead of Bitcoin almost twice. The factors that had an impact on this success are the listing to the Aave platform, powerful technicals and partnerships. The collaboration with the exchange FTX is expected in the near...

Winklevoss Twins

Winklevoss Twins about Bitcoin's future success


Cameron and Tylor Winklevoss are Internet entrepreneurs who led a seed-funding round for Bitcoin payment. Recently they have published a post expressing their opinions about Bitcoin's chances to succeed more. The brothers believe the price of Bitcoin can go up to $500,000. They mentioned that there...

Zimbabwe bitcoin

Limitations impact Bitcoin activities in Zimbabwe


Zimbabwe's central bank takes steps to shut down mobile money agents. Activity amount will be limited to $50 per day. Moreover, each user can have only one mobile money account. These instructions were made as a result of the financial system revision by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ)....


Hacking attempt against Tesla failed


The FBI has arrested one of the main criminals trying to hack Tesla for $4 million Bitcoin price Tesla and FBI managed to prevent an attack against "Gigafactory". Egor Igorevich Kriuchkov, a Russian citizen was arrested in Los Angeles. It was found out that he tried to steal Tesla's...

North Korean hackers

The hackers of Lazarus are the target of US prosecutors


The U.S. Justice Department announces prosecutors file suit to catch digital currency funds connected to North Korean exchange attacks. 280 digital currency accounts were used by the hackers of Lazarus group aimed to steal money from cryptocurrency companies among them the USA based ones. The...


Polkadot has a chance to appear in top 3 blockchain


DOT value has tripled almost in eight days which proves again that this project can reach more. Major cryptocurrency funds think that Polkadot hasn't revealed its whole potential yet and can become one of the top 3 cryptocurrencies. At the moment it's listed as the sixth-largest digital asset....


FTX gets Blockfolio for $150 Million


Digital currency derivatives trade FTX has got the famous case monitoring app Blockfolio for $150 million trying to become established in the crypto world. As a result of discussions lasting nine months, the sides signed a contract agreeing to join crypto, stock as well as cash. This purchase...


What Is DeFi and Why Do We Need It?


The concept of DeFi DeFi is a big trend in blockchain technology nowadays and it’s moving upward and upward every month. Let’s see what is it all about and how we can use it? The appearance of smart contracts was a real sensation. This type of executing transactions was considered to be the...

fight against fake diamonds

Shared ledger fights against fake diamonds in China


The diamond purchasers in China will be informed about their origin. DLT stock chain is cooperating with regional Chinese diamond vendors to make sure customers won’t be deceived. Everledger, worldwide digital storage for diamonds will work with a shared ledger that can verify the originality...


IRS is mailing Tax Warning notes to digital asset users


According to the posts on social media, the Internal Revenue Service is directing crypto tax warning notes (dated August 14, 2020) to US taxpayers. This proves another time that the government makes efforts to take the crypto tax space under control. Some users published their letters online. The...

China ceases rumors of real estate trades with digital yuan

China ceases rumors of real estate trades with digital yuan


China ceases rumours of real estate trades with digital yuan. It is sure now that the statements with reference to digital yuan being used to purchase estate are false. From the moment of its appearance, being extremely popular digital yuan has attracted a lot of of users. At the moment, China’s...


Entire value locked in Aave doubled in just two weeks


Aave, which is one of DeFi lending protocols has been on fire recently. It introduced new features and as a result, the stock value was increased. The total amount locked in Aave reached about $1.3 billion (170%) from August, so it doubled since August 10. It's important to mention the rise in...

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