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British police seize record $ 250 million in cryptocurrency


The London Police Service announced another largest seizure of digital currencies with a total value of about £ 180 million ($ 250 million). The operation was carried out by the Department for Combating Economic Crimes, based on information on the movement of criminal assets. The confiscation was...


Bitcoin ransomware received over $ 33 million in 2021


In 2021, ransomware-related addresses received over $ 33 million in cryptocurrency. The service was launched by Jack Cable, an engineer at the cybersecurity-focused company Krebs Stamos Group. The tool tracks payments to ransomware by collecting information about attacks from affected users and...


Seminar on cryptos for police and judges held in China


Lawyers, representatives of law enforcement agencies, and the PRC judicial system held a seminar on cryptocurrencies. This was reported by the Shanghai Prosecutor's Office. The topic of the forum was the attributes inherent in digital currencies and market surveillance. At the event, a draft law...

Google trends

Interest in bitcoin fell to the level of November 2020


According to Google Trends, the number of searches for the word "Bitcoin" fell to the level of mid-November last year. Then the first cryptocurrency was trading at around $ 16,000. The indicator is down 68.5% from this year's peak of May 16 (23 versus 73; the highest was 100 in December...


Sotheby’s sells rare diamond for $12.3M in cryptocurrency


Founded in 1744, Sotheby’s auction house sold a rare 101.38-carat diamond for $ 12.3 million in cryptocurrency. Trades took place on July 9 in Hong Kong. Bets were accepted in traditional currency, Bitcoin or Ethereum. The buyer is unknown, and the cryptocurrency in which the transaction was made...

New Zealand

New Zealand police lost $45,000 in BTC during an operation


Attackers stole $ 45,000 worth of cryptocurrency from the New Zealand police's bitcoin wallet in operation against them. Law enforcement officers conducted an online investigation into money laundering, but as a result, they lost funds. On the fact of theft, the department opened a criminal case...


The average commission on the bitcoin network fell below $4


The weakening of transaction activity on the bitcoin network has led to a sharp drop in average fees. The operating fee is currently $ 3.92, according to BitinfoCharts. Note that in the second half of April, the commission reached $ 62.77. Below $4 Bitcoin fees were at the end of December last...

Binance Chain

Number of active users on Binance Chain grew in 6 months


Back in March, the DappRadar team drew attention to the sharp increase in the attractiveness of the Binance Chain network among blockchain application developers. Moreover, Binance Chain even surpassed Ethereum in terms of the number of daily transactions. Last week, DappRadar analysts released a...


Bullish will become public through the merger with SPAC


Cryptocurrency exchange operator Bullish will go public through a reverse merger with SPAC Far Peak Acquisition. The cost of the combined structure was estimated at $9 billion. Bullish Global is a subsidiary of Block.One, which is behind the development of the EOS project. In May 2021, the latter...


How to identify controlled and censor-resistant blockchains


Not all blockchains are the same. Every week we hear about new blockchain applications that promise us a better and brighter future. Now the blockchain is used not only for cryptocurrencies - there are absolutely new and even unexpected ways of using it. Given the wide variety of alleged use cases...

The UK

The UK to strengthen oversight of cryptocurrency advertising


The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) will strengthen its oversight of crypto-themed advertisements. That was stated by Miles Lockwood, head of complaints and investigations at the ASA. According to him, already in July, the regulator will take several "serious measures" to find and...


Bitcoin mining power consumption fell by almost 60%


The power consumption of the bitcoin network has dropped to its lowest level since November 2020. The Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index (CBECI) dropped almost 60% on an annualized basis. If in the spring miners consumed more than 143 TW/h of electricity, now this volume is about 62...


Santander announced the blocking of transactions for Binance


The British division of Santander Bank has stopped sending funds to the Binance cryptocurrency exchange. The blocking of transactions is intended to protect investors as part of the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) policy, in a statement from the Spanish financial giant. The regulator...


Mike Novogratz: Asia sells and the US buys bitcoins


Bitcoin (BTC) on Friday, July 9, is trading in the region of $ 33,000. Almost all altcoins are also losing today. Cryptocurrencies are retreating amid strong pressure from the Chinese authorities. In the middle of this week, the People’s Bank of China once again called BTC and other coins...


Indian crypto exchanges are not afraid of the fall of BTC


Crypto exchanges serving Indian traders see no reason to panic despite the dominance of bearish sentiment in the market. As Business Insider India clarifies, local trading platforms, on the contrary, are actively developing infrastructure for transactions with digital currencies. The exchanges were...

New Zealand

New Zealand will analyze implications of the launch of CBDC


The Central Bank of Jamaica announced its intention to begin testing its digital currency (CBDC) in August 2021. The list of countries ready to launch a token, if necessary, is constantly growing. New Zealand may be replenishing it soon. The central bank plans in the coming months to analyze the...


Polish regulator drew attention to the Binance exchange


Many states are interested in the activities of the Binance cryptocurrency exchange. For example, British banks began to impose restrictions on the withdrawal of funds to Binance against the background of increased government control over the trading floor. Regulators from Canada, Japan, and...


Jamaica announced trials of its token


Back in March 2021, the Central Bank of Jamaica promised to begin testing its digital currency (CBDC) in May. The tests should be completed by the end of this year, the regulator emphasized. This week, the Bank of Japan announced that testing of the digital currency will begin in August. The head...

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