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How to choose a DeFi platform


Now that the cryptocurrency domain has gotten so much hype between economists, a lot of entrepreneurs took advantage of the opportunity and founded their own DeFi project. Now that there are so many options, how can you possibly choose one to invest in? Luckily, we gathered here everything you...


Bitcoin miners have met the conditions to activate Taproot


Bitcoin miners have met the conditions for activating the Taproot update. The soft fork will take place around mid-November 2021 at block # 709632, said developer Peter Welle. The developers have implemented the Speed Trial update activation method in the Bitcoin Core release in May. The mechanism...

Meme coins

Thai authorities banned exchanges from trading meme tokens


The most famous meme cryptocurrency is Dogecoin (DOGE). This coin is periodically praised by Tesla CEO Elon Musk. However, other joke tokens are available on crypto exchanges. Among them, for example, Piscoin and CumRocket stand out. Thailand's Securities and Exchange Commission has banned all...


CB of Argentina suspects crypto companies in shadow operations


The central bank of Argentina has suspected several crypto companies of illegal financial transactions. The regulator said in a statement about the beginning of an investigation into the activities of nine companies, which were allegedly engaged in mediation between investors. They transferred fiat...


Tanzania is also ready to legalize Bitcoin


Last week, the El Salvadorian government passed a bill to legalize bitcoin for the first time in the world. This event supported the market and strengthened the position of BTC. Today it became known that another country may recognize bitcoin and other digital currencies as legal means of payment....


Traders bet on Bitcoin dash up to $200,000


After the parliament of El Salvador supported the presidential bill to legalize bitcoin, the cryptocurrency was able to strengthen slightly. On some trading floors, in the middle of the week, the BTC rate exceeded $ 38,000. However, a correction returned to the market over the weekend, as a result...


How to protect data on the blockchain?


Blockchain is advertised as one of the most secure technologies, which uses a high degree of data encryption, which almost completely protects them from unauthorized and fraudulent changes. Despite this, security threats exist. They can be avoided by adhering to the principles below. 1. Storage of...

David Guetta

David Guetta will sell his apartment in Miami for BTC or ETH


World-famous DJ David Guetta is ready to sell an elite apartment in Miami for cryptocurrency. The musician put up housing in a prestigious area of ​​the city for $ 14 million. He is also ready to accept payment in bitcoin or ether. If we take the current prices of these digital currencies as a...


Texas banks will be able to store customers’ crypto


The press center of the Texas Department of Banking said that now local lending institutions can process customer transactions with cryptocurrencies. In particular, they will be able to provide services for storing and accepting bitcoin or other virtual coins. A special order from the department,...

Jesse Powell

Jesse Powell talks about Kraken’s plans to go public


The head of the Kraken crypto exchange Jesse Powell said that his team is not abandoning plans to attract investments in the stock market. The company was tasked with listing on one of the traditional exchanges as early as 2022. Previously, Dan Held, representing the Kraken administration, told...

Central Bank

Brazil will not rush to launch its digital currency


Back in the fall of last year, Brazilian Economy Minister Paulo Guedes announced his country's intention to launch a national digital currency (CBDC). The creation of the token will become part of a large-scale project of the authorities to digitize the economy. Moreover, the head of the department...


Shop to crypto cashback with CLYTIE


Crypto cashback, or crypto cashback reward program, is a type of incentive program in which an amount of Bitcoin is paid to a customer upon their purchases at the store. In other words, when users buy goods, they are immediately rewarded with a small percentage of money spent. The reward is usually...


SEC urges Americans not to invest in bitcoin futures


The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has called on American investors not to invest in bitcoin futures. The corresponding notification was published last Thursday. This document states that even if investors decide to channel their capital into BTC-focused products, then they must analyze...


DeFi user activity weakened sharply amid falling market


Daily transactions in the DeFi market have dropped to their lowest levels since 2020. For example, the number of transactions on the UniSwap platform decreased by 28% compared to mid-May. The Glassnode report says that the volume of transactions in dollar terms decreased by 60% in two weeks....

Crypto trading

Interactive Brokers launches cryptocurrency trading


In late summer 2021, Interactive Brokers clients will be able to trade cryptocurrencies on the broker's platform. “We have been asked about this, and we will fulfill this wish by the end of the summer,” said the head of the company, Thomas Peterffy. The broker currently offers Bitcoin futures...

Spartan group

Spartan Group launches $110 million fund to invest in DeFi


Singapore-based investment firm Spartan Group has launched a $110M venture fund to support DeFi applications. The general partner Jason Choi told about this. According to Choi, the Spartan Group initially expected the fund to be $ 30 million. The framework will place particular emphasis on the DeFi...


Polkadot will start selling parachain slots on Kusama


The Polkadot platform team stated their willingness to start auctions for the sale of slots for launching parachains on the experimental Kusama network from June 15, 2021. Kusama started operations in 2019. According to a blog post, the first active parachain called Shell launched in May 2021. The...


US plans to raise the crypto regulation issue at G7 summit


In connection with the recent hacker attack on the Colonial Pipeline and the growing scale of bitcoin extortion, the US President plans to raise the issue of regulating the cryptosphere at the next G7 summit. Jake Sullivan, the current national security adviser to Joe Biden, told reporters about...

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