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Portuguese Banks Start Closing Bitcoin Exchange Accounts


In Portugal, commercial banks have begun to close accounts owned by cryptocurrency exchanges. Credit institutions motivate their decision by the fact that investments in digital assets are associated with high risks. The Central Bank of Portugal has not yet reacted to the information received,...


Philippine authorities urge traders not to use the services of Binance


The Philippines is on the list of countries in the Asia-Pacific region leading in terms of the adoption of cryptocurrencies. However, the authorities react negatively to this trend. The Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission has issued an appeal to citizens not to use the services of the...


Coinbase shares soar 18% on BlackRock collaboration news


The investment appeal of the crypto company Coinbase has increased dramatically after it became known about its partnership with the giant BlackRock. The world's largest asset manager will use the services of exchange to store digital currencies owned by institutions. First of all, cooperation will...

Yi He

Binance co-founder to lead exchange's venture arm


Co-founder of Binance Yi He will take over as the organization's venture capital and incubator division's chief. The CEO of Binance Labs will be in charge of overseeing the company's overall strategy and operations. Her emphasis will include advancing the utility of cutting-edge cryptocurrency and...


Crypto exchanges will improve security of users after the Solana hack


Last Wednesday, another Solana blockchain hack became known. The exact amount of the stolen funds is still being specified, but according to experts, the attackers could transfer tokens from hot wallets with a total value of at least $6 million. More than $1 million worth of digital assets became...


Robinhood announces 23% staff cuts


Online broker Robinhood will reduce its headcount by approximately 23% amid a deteriorating macroeconomic environment and negative developments in the cryptocurrency market. This is stated in a letter from the CEO of the company, Vlad Tenev. “In these new conditions, we are working with more...

Central bank

The European Central Bank believes that CBDC will replace Bitcoin


A study by the European Central Bank states that national digital currencies have a higher potential than bitcoin (BTC). Moreover, the CB tokens will be able to even push decentralized cryptocurrencies into the background in the future. According to the regulator's analysts, CBDC will solve many...


Rising capitalization of stablecoins signals a market recovery


After a three-month decline, the market supply of Tether (USDT) began to increase again. According to Gabor Gurbach of VanEck Associates Corp, investors are once again looking at digital assets pegged to fiat money. Either the old capital is returning to the cryptosphere, or we are seeing the entry...


Hackers withdrew more than $90M from the Nomad cross-chain protocol


The ZB crypto exchange, which is mainly aimed at Chinese users, has suspended the possibility of depositing and withdrawing funds. The reason for the decision was "the failure of some key applications." Representatives of the exchange promised to restore the functionality of the platform...

Crypto market

July was the most successful month for crypto funds in 2022


A weekly report from asset manager CoinShares says that over the past seven days, the net inflow of funds into crypto funds amounted to $81 million. According to the results of the last month, institutional investors directed $474 million to products focused on digital assets. Thus, the...


Ether is more popular than bitcoin in the options market


For the first time in the crypto options market, Ether (ETH) has proven to be a more popular asset compared to Bitcoin (BTC). On the largest exchange, Deribit, open interest in ETH options reached $5.7 billion. The number of open contracts for bitcoin was 32% less - $4.3 billion. Traders are...


DappRadar didn't see influence of Terra's collapse on metaverses and GameFi


GameFi and the Metaverse were the best performers in the second quarter during the bear market. The number of transactions associated with them increased by 9.5% and 27%, respectively, according to a report by DappRadar. For comparison, this metric applied to DeFi and NFT showed a decrease of 14.8%...

El Salvador

Finance Minister: El Salvador will not sell bitcoins


International financial institutions are persistently urging El Salvador to revoke its law regulating bitcoin, which went into effect last year. According to Finance Minister Alejandro Celaya in an interview with Bloomberg, the nation would not forsake BTC despite requests from the IMF and the...


CoinFLEX laid off most of the staff


Amid the dominance of bearish sentiment in the market, many cryptocurrency exchanges began to lay off employees as part of business optimization. Moreover, some companies were forced to cut more than half of their staff to reduce costs and concentrate on the most profitable areas. At the end of...

Guggenheim Partners founder warns traders about crypto market volatility

Guggenheim Partners founder warns traders about crypto market volatility


In May, the founder of Guggenheim Partners, Scott Minerd, stated that after the collapse of the Terra ecosystem and the aggravation of volatility in the cryptosphere, Bitcoin could collapse to $8,000. In his opinion, the bearish phase in the market will drag on. However, BTC did not fall to $8,000,...


Santander Bank to Launch Crypto Trading Platform


Brazilian clients of Santander Bank will have access to a platform for transactions with digital currencies. According to Folha de S Paulo, the service will be launched in the coming months. In the future, the financial giant is ready to expand the geography of using its cryptocurrency platform....


US Senators Urge Fidelity to Explain BTC in Retirement Plans


A group of US Senators has written a letter to Abigail Johnson, CEO of Fidelity Investments, demanding an explanation for the decision to include bitcoin as an option in 401(k) retirement savings accounts. The management company intended to add a similar feature this summer. The option will be...


Acala announces new staking program


In early August, the Acala parachain project will launch a new staking program for ACA tokens. Users will be able to earn ACA-aUSD liquidity provider tokens. The asset allows you to purchase ACA, aUSD stablecoin, or pay trading fees. The project team will allocate excess network reserves in the...

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