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News and Articles by Diana


Cybersecurity startup Halborn raises $90 million


Miami-based startup Halborn closed a $90 million Series A funding round. The lead investor was Summit Partners with the participation of Castle Island Ventures, Digital Currency Group, and hedge fund Brevan Howard. The startup did not disclose its valuation for the round. Halborn chief executive...


The Ministry of Finance of India again called for a complete ban on cryptos


Indian Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman reaffirmed her department's tough stance on digital currencies. Back in April, she expressed concern that cryptocurrencies were often used in criminal schemes. The Ministry of Finance and the Reserve Bank of India believe that bitcoin cannot be used as a...


Stake, Mint, and Get Access to Yield Farming with WEWE Global


The terms yield farming, staking, and minting are all very well-known in the world of DeFi and have attracted a lot of attention lately. And with these DeFi opportunities, your portfolio can flourish and develop into something truly amazing. These three methods used in DeFi effectively produce...


Crypto exchange Gemini fired another 7% of employees


Another 68 people were fired by the leadership of the Gemini crypto exchange. Thus, the number of employees of the company was reduced by about 7%. This is the second phase of the reduction of the platform staff. Two months ago it became known that Gemini was among the crypto companies that were...

US Senate

The US Senate urged the SEC to strengthen control over crypto


Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren periodically appeals to the authorities of her country with a call to establish control over the digital currency market. In an interview last Monday, she said that Congress and the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) should take the toughest possible...


Ethereum hits a monthly high


Ether (ETH) proved to be one of the most successful altcoins this week. The coin has risen in price by 39% over the past seven days to $ 1519 - this is the maximum value since June 12. Last night, ETH briefly broke above $1600, but did not hold the position in this area and retreated....


Arcane Research: Miners Sold 14,600 Bitcoins in June


In May and June, miners sold most of the mined bitcoins. A study by Arcane Research says that just last month, mining companies sold almost 25% of the total amount of accumulated cryptocurrency. Over the past few weeks, they have sold about 14,600 BTC - almost four times more than in May, the...


Bitcoin jumps above $22,000 for the first time since early June


Bitcoin (BTC) starts the new week with a slight bounce. For the first time since June 8, the largest digital currency exceeded $22,000. At the time of publication of this review, it was trading at around $22,230. Altcoins on Monday, July 18, demonstrate multidirectional dynamics. Ether (ETH) and...

Kevin O'Leary

O'Leary: Buffett and Munger Don't Realize the Benefits of BTC and Blockchain


Financiers Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger fail to grasp the real potential of Bitcoin and other digital currencies. BTC is a brand new technology designed to revolutionize the global financial system, said popular TV presenter Kevin O'Leary. Recall that Buffett and Munger periodically criticize...


NFT marketplace OpenSea to lay off 20% of employees


OpenSea will cut 20% of its staff, co-founder and CEO Devin Finser said in a letter to the team. He attributed the massive layoffs to "an outstanding combination of crypto winter and across-the-board macroeconomic volatility." “We need to prepare the company for a possible long...

Central bank

European CB will complete the study of the potential of CBDC in 2023


The European Central Bank plans to complete studies on the digital euro by the end of autumn 2023. After that, the regulator will present the official concept of CBDC, according to the report of the ECB, published in the middle of this week. Its authors believe that the regional digital currency...

Tron Node

How to run a Tron Node


In this guide, you will learn about the basics of running a Tron node, which is one of the oldest smart contract platforms in the world. Requirements To run a Tron node, the basic requirements...

Charlie Munger

Financier Charlie Munger hits Bitcoin again


Last February, aged billionaire Charlie Munger said that investors should not buy bitcoin and other virtual coins. The cryptocurrency is trying to get the status of digital gold, however, due to the volatility of BTC, it has not earned the right to be called a safe-haven asset. This week, the...


Venture investments in crypto business fell to the lowest level since 2021


Many experts agree that the cryptocurrency market has entered a long bearish phase. One of the factors reflecting the fears of investors was a sharp reduction in funding for blockchain startups. According to the results of the second quarter, venture capital investments in this business segment...


BIS urges central banks to build 'bridges' between CBDC platforms


The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) supports central banks' plans to create national digital currencies (CBDCs). Back in 2021, this financial institution published a report in which it predicted that the introduction of Central Bank tokens will lay the conditions for the modernization of...


GameStop introduced its own NFT platform


At the beginning of 2022, it became known about the plans of the American video game retailer GameStop to launch its own NFT platform. Initially, the giant promised to develop a marketplace for transactions with tokenized collections by the end of this year. Then the company's management decided to...


Miners shut down equipment in Texas due to extreme heat


This week the air in Texas has warmed up to 40 degrees Celsius. Due to the extreme heat, mining companies were forced to turn off the equipment. According to Bloomberg, the giants Argo and Riot have suspended the work of their miners. According to the head of the Texas Blockchain Association, Lee...

Crypto funds

CoinShares: Crypto funds managed to raise $15 million


A report from asset manager CoinShares says there has been little interest from institutional investors in the crypto space over the past week. Crypto funds have been able to raise $15 million over the past seven days. Analysts note that Ethereum products aroused the greatest interest among...

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