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Number of addresses with at least 0.01 BTC has set a new record


Bitcoin (BTC) is trying to find the bottom at around $35,000. There is an opinion among analysts that at this level, the cryptocurrency can claim to be the support of the whales. On the night of Friday, February 25, the coin bounced to $36,100, but so far it is still trading in the red zone....


Malaysian authorities confiscated mining equipment worth $13M in 2021


In 2021, the volume of illegal mining in Malaysia increased sharply, the value of the confiscated equipment for mining cryptocurrencies amounted to $12.9 million, said Datuk Seri Abd Jalil Hassan, head of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID). Law enforcement officers opened 570 cases related...

David Heinemeier Hansson

The creator of Ruby on Rails called criticism of bitcoin a mistake


The creator of the Ruby on Rails web framework, David Heinemeier Hansson, called his negative position on bitcoin amid the situation with protests in Canada erroneous. “I still can’t believe this is a protest that will prove that every bitcoin weirdo is a prophet. And I had to admit I was wrong...

Man Group

Hedge fund Man Group called bitcoin a risky asset


The increasing correlation between bitcoin and the Nasdaq stock index suggests that cryptocurrency should be considered a risky asset. This view is shared by analysts at the hedge fund Man Group. Their report on digital currencies says that monetary tightening by central banks will inevitably lead...


Institutionals invested $109M in crypto funds in a week


Over the past few weeks, investment companies have been investing in crypto funds. If in January, on the contrary, there was an outflow of capital from products focused on digital assets, then already this month institutionalists again began to show increased interest in such tools, according to a...

Snake Money

Snake Money IDO running until March 12


Snake Money launched their IDO earlier this month, on February 8, and participation is still open until March 12, 2022. The presale rate is 2 SMON per 1 BUSD, with a minimum contribution of 1 SMON and a maximum contribution of 10000K BUSD. Investing in the classic game “Snake” through a...


Colorado authorities implement the possibility of paying taxes in crypto


By the summer of 2022, Colorado authorities will allow paying taxes and fees in crypto. That was stated by the state governor Jared Polis during the ETH Denver conference. According to him, the reason for this decision is to increase the comfort of users and increase the speed of payments. Polis...


KB Asset Management will launch a fund of crypto funds


KB Asset Management, a member of the largest South Korean financial conglomerate KB Financial Group, has announced the launch of a fund focused on retail clients concentrated on crypto products in the form of indices and ETFs. Currently, financial institutions in the country are limited in...


Italy has published a law to combat the criminal use of crypto


The Italian authorities published last week a law to combat money laundering through digital currencies. The document was approved by the government in January. It lists the requirements for crypto companies providing digital asset exchange services, local media reported. Each crypto company must...


Chinese customs detain 49 smuggling Bitcoin miners


Huangpu Customs (Guangdong Province, China) announced the detention of 49 used bitcoin miners. They tried to transport them across the border, indicating false information in export documents, local media reported. The discrepancy was revealed during the inspection of goods declared as “shoe...


Kickstarter postpones plans to move to blockchain


Kickstarter has revised plans to move to a blockchain protocol and move towards the crypto space after a backlash from the community. In December, the team announced the development of an open-source solution for running the platform in a decentralized environment. “We think that using everything...

Bitcoin hashrate

Bitcoin hashrate increased by 45% in six months


The activity of bitcoin-miners is intensifying even against the backdrop of the retreat of the cryptocurrency. While BTC is getting cheaper, the network hash rate continues to grow. According to, computing power set a new record this week, reaching 211.9 exahash per second (EH/s)....


AscendEX bitcoin exchange hacker began laundering assets


The hacker who hacked the AscendEX cryptocurrency exchange in December 2021 began selling stolen assets. According to PeckShield experts, the attacker exchanged ERC-20 tokens, including Route, Rio Fuel, MATIC, REVV, Clearpool, and MAPS, for Ethereum through the Uniswap decentralized exchange. The...


In Illinois proposed to introduce tax incentives for miners


A bill has been introduced in the Illinois State Senate to extend the data center tax credit program to businesses that mine BTC and other cryptos. The paper was documented by Republican Senator Sue Rezin. Democrat Julie Morrison joined as co-sponsor. The program noted in the bill has been...


Mining difficulty sets new high after nearly 5% growth


As a result of the next recalculation, the complexity of bitcoin mining increased by 4.78% and reached a new all-time high at around 26.97 trillion hashes (T). According to the algorithm, the difficulty is recalculated every 2016 block (approximately two weeks). For the first time in this period,...

Thug dogs

Doggy Land Launches Thug Dogs NFT’s


On 7th March, Doggy Land launches a new project -Thug Dogs NFT's with a collection of 10,000 dogs based on the Ethereum blockchain. Thug Dogs NFT’s will have a fair lunch and will be sold at 0.06 ETH. About Thug Dogs NFT’s Doggy Land, who releases Thug Dogs NFT's, wants to grow a community of...

Patrick Gelsinger

Intel CEO: Bitcoin threatens the environment


Many experts periodically accuse bitcoin of causing great environmental harm. Now Intel CEO Patrick Gelsinger has joined the critics of BTC mining. One transaction record on the blockchain consumes the amount of electricity needed to power your home during the day, the company's CEO said in an...


Bitcoin retreats again amid call for crypto regulation


In several countries this week, they started talking about the need to strengthen control over the cryptosphere. As a result, pressure on the industry began to intensify again, which led to an outflow of capital from digital currencies. The day before, bitcoin tried to approach $45,000. On the...

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