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Indonesia introduces income tax for crypto traders


The Indonesian authorities are negative about the initiative to allow the use of digital currencies to pay for goods and services. Back in the summer of last year, the head of the Central Bank, Perry Varjiyo, said that the regulator would not allow the lifting of the ban on the use of bitcoin and...


The number of crypto supporters continues to increase in Germany


According to a recently published report by crypto exchange KuCoin, almost half of Germans are actively investing in digital assets. It is noteworthy that among the Germans, interest in cryptocurrencies did not decrease even after the virtual currency market showed a drop in prices for most coins...


US Senate urges to speed up the development of a digital dollar


Senator Elizabeth Warren is known as a supporter of tight crypto regulation. At the end of last year, she announced the need to ensure the transparency of the digital currency market and protect investors. In her opinion, the US authorities should limit the possibilities of whales manipulating the...


UK extended registration deadlines for some crypto companies


Since 2020, the UK authorities have begun to tighten control over businesses focused on the crypto market. The Kingdom’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) previously reported that all blockchain companies must register in a special registry by early April and obtain a license that gives them the...


Robert Kiyosaki listed the most promising cryptocurrencies


Renowned writer and financier Robert Kiyosaki has been urging investors to switch to gold and bitcoin over the past few years. According to him, inflation is growing rapidly, as a result, fiat money is depreciating. Alternative assets are the only instrument for hedging financial risks. This week,...


MetaMask announces integration with Apple Pay


It became known that the popular cryptocurrency wallet MetaMask intends to expand the list of services and opportunities for its customers. In particular, the statement says that the developers intend to add the integration of the Apple Pay payment gateway. This will diversify the list of supported...


Visa Launches NFT Creation Tutorial Program


Payments giant Visa has launched an NFT business development education program. The initiative is designed for a year and is aimed at artists, musicians, fashion designers, and filmmakers. Visa's head of crypto, Cu Sheffield, said the company hopes to understand the prospects and challenges...


Clearview AI has released an updated face recognition system


Face recognition developer Clearview AI has released the Clearview 2.0 update, which contains improved biometric identification tools. This is stated in a press release from the company. According to Clearview AI director Joan Ton-Thet, the innovations include image enhancement tools that allow... buys Altonomy OTC platform for $250 million


Cryptocurrency exchange and wallet provider has acquired Altonomy, an OTC platform that specializes in providing liquidity in altcoins. The deal amounted to $250 million in cash and shares. Founded in 2018 in Singapore, Altonomy will allow to expand its trading...


The number of whale addresses in the Cardano network grew by 1.7%


Over the past seven days, the capitalization of the Cardano cryptocurrency (ADA) has grown by almost 23% to $40.143 billion. Altcoins are very popular among whale wallets. In February, the largest ADA addresses holding from 1 million to 10 million coins accumulated almost 25% of the total supply of...


Phemex Listed 47 New Tokens for Spot Trading


Trading is an actual source of passive income and a reasonable investment opportunity in the crypto domain. And if you want to start trading crypto, tokens are usually one of the better choices. Tokens are created by cryptocurrency companies that want to raise money. Investors who are interested in...


Vietnam to develop legislation for digital currencies


Over the past few years, the Vietnamese authorities have periodically appealed to the citizens of the country with a call not to invest in cryptocurrencies. However, interest in such assets in the country, on the contrary, continues to grow steadily, and officials can no longer ignore this trend....


Japan plans to strengthen control over cryptocurrency exchanges


The Japanese government plans to amend the legislation on currency regulation. In parallel, it plans to strengthen control over cryptocurrency exchanges and services as part of compliance with the sanctions legislation. According to Cabinet spokesman Hirokazu Matsuno, Japan will adhere to a policy...

Greenidge Generation

Greenidge Generation raises $108M to triple hashrate


Mining company Greenidge Generation announced that it has raised $108 million. The funds will be used to triple the amount of computing power to 4.7 EH/s. $81.4 million in the form of a loan was provided by a firm affiliated with NYDIG, $26.5 million - was in the form of a promissory note...


Solana price increased by more than 15% in a week


The altcoin SOL, based on the Solana blockchain, has grown in value by 15.19% over the past seven days. Its rate strengthened to $102.45. The capitalization of this cryptocurrency increased on the night of Monday, March 28, to $33.386 billion. In November last year, SOL hit a historic high of...

Altcoins like DhabiCoin DBC, Cardano ADA, and Axie Infinity AXS heat up market

Altcoins like DhabiCoin DBC, Cardano ADA, and Axie Infinity AXS heat up market


The swing of BTC has marked the last two weeks of the cryptocurrency market. In contrast, alternative cryptocurrencies like DhabiCoin (DBC), Axie Infinity (AXS), and Cardano (ADA) soar in the market. BTC has been accumulating a period of low prices due to the interference of macroeconomic issues...


The price of bitcoin has overcome the level of $47,000


On Monday, March 28, the quotes for the first cryptocurrency exceeded $47,000. The capitalization of the asset is $893 billion. At the moment, the price of bitcoin reached $47,650, the highest since the beginning of 2022. As a result of the volatility in the futures market, positions worth more...


Israeli bank Leumi Bank will start trading cryptocurrencies


Israel's leading bank, Leumi Bank, has confirmed the creation of a digital division supporting BTC and ETH. We are talking about the recently launched trading platform Leumi Pepper Invest. Through this platform, clients of a financial institution will be able to make a variety of transactions...

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