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Phaeton Goes Into Partnerships To Foster Goals Achievement


On The widespread of Blockchain technology continues to foster innovations and businesses globally. Recently, Phaeton released a first-of-its-kind renewable-energy-powered Blockchain named after the birthing company Phaeton Blockchain. With its Smart Contracts and Sidechain functionalities, the...

Central bank

Brazilian central bank denies digital real test rumors


In early June, the press service of the Central Bank of Brazil said that digital real could appear in approximately two or three years. The authorities of the country will not rush to launch a national token (CBDC), as they need additional time to assess the long-term potential of the instrument...

Iris Energy

Mining company Iris Energy sets a hard cap for IPO over $223M


Australian mining company Iris Energy plans to raise approximately $223.3 million during its initial public offering (IPO). In an earlier-filed form, Iris Energy indicated an expected IPO volume of $100 million. According to the revised prospectus, the company will offer 8,269,231 common shares,...

Swiss National Bank

Bank of Switzerland announced the technical readiness of CBDC


Swiss National Bank (SNB) has completed testing of the wholesale CBDC (wCBDC). Board member Thomas Moser said in an interview that the technical launch could take place in January 2022, subject to a political decision. If approved, the regulator will use the SIX Digital Exchange (SDX)....


Argo Blockchain raises $57.5 million in debt funding


British mining company Argo Blockchain intends to raise $ 57.5 million through the placement of debt securities in the US. According to the form filed with the SEC, Argo will offer a subscription for senior bonds with a coupon rate of 8.75% and maturity on November 30, 2026. The minimum par value...


Nansen analytics platform to add Solana support


Nansen blockchain analytics platform will add support for the Solana network in Q1 2022. The announcement was made as part of the Breakpoint conference by Solana. The new dashboard will allow you to explore metrics focused on DeFi projects in the ecosystem and NFTs that are released on this...


Whales bought another 92,000 bitcoins in a month


Large bitcoin holders often referred to as whales, staged a cryptocurrency sale at several trading floors in early November. However, they were never able to provoke a deep fall in the value of BTC. According to the Santiment team, sales in early November were marginal, so they failed to break the...


Brave will add support for the Solana ecosystem


Brave CEO Brendan Eich and Solana founder Anatoly Yakovenko announced a partnership in which a privacy-focused browser will integrate support for the Solana blockchain. The announcement was made as part of the Breakpoint conference by Solana. New features for the mobile and desktop versions of...


Subsidiary Huobi receives Gibraltar Financial regulator license


Bitcoin exchange subsidiary Huobi has received GFSC approval to move spot trading services from Seychelles to British overseas territory. “This marks a key milestone in Huobi's global expansion efforts. The global cryptocurrency industry is moving towards sustainable growth and we recognize the...


Ethereum fees have been falling over the past few days


In early November, the average commission on the Ethereum network was more than $ 55, the highest in two months. However, already last week, despite the rally in Ether (ETH), fees began to decline rapidly. According to the BitinfoCharts platform, the online commission is now around $ 36. The drop...


DhabiCoin (DBC) announces the partnership with BigOne Exchange


One is not enough, two is good, three is necessary! Now it's on five exchanges for launch is an extraordinary achievement in the world of cryptocurrencies, and this feat has just been achieved by the DhabiCoin (DBC) token. DhabiCoin (DBC) announced on its social networks another pre-listing...

Vikram Pandit

Ex-head of Citigroup predicted a burst of interest of banks in crypto


Vikram Pandit, chairman of The Orogen Group and former CEO of Citigroup, is convinced that soon all major financial institutions will think about trading cryptocurrencies. “In one to three years, every major bank or stock company will be actively thinking, 'Shouldn't we trade cryptocurrency...


Sweden urged to ban Bitcoin mining in the EU


Swedish regulators believe that Proof-of-Work mining of BTC and other cryptocurrencies will prevent the country and the European Union from complying with the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. In a joint statement, the head of the Financial Conduct Authority, Eric Tedeen, and the head of the...

Crypto whales

Whales failed to bring Bitcoin below $60,000


Bitcoin (BTC) was able to hold above $ 60,000 despite a sale by whales earlier this month. CryptoQuant analysts recorded a surge in whale activity after Bitcoin found support in the $ 60,000 region. BTC's stock balance surged in the early days of November, after which large cryptocurrency holders...


The digital ruble will receive a separate legislative regulation


Several Russian laws and codes will be amended in connection with the launch of the digital ruble. The CB of the Russian Federation noted that the necessary amendments and a roadmap for the implementation of the asset are going to be developed based on the results of testing a model of the digital...

South Korea

South Korean has no plans to regulate the NFT market


The NFT token market is not of interest to the Korean authorities. The country's Financial Services Commission (FSC) does not consider such instruments as assets and will not impose a specific regulatory framework for them. The NFT ecosystem has been growing steadily over the past few days. Show...


The analyst said what can cause BTC price to reach a record high


Well-known analyst, owner of the popular YouTube channel Michaël van de Poppe recently spoke about the conditions under which Bitcoin will be able to get out of its "comfort zone" and overcome a new price maximum. According to the expert, the BTC will be able to set a new record only if...


Iranian blockchain association advocates smart crypto regulation


The Iranian authorities have previously repeatedly announced their intention to use cryptocurrency to circumvent Western sanctions. However, the industry has not yet been legalized in the country, and the government of the country allows the use of only those bitcoins that are mined on its...

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