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Bitcoin continues to retreat amid weak trader activity


Bitcoin (BTC) kicks off the new week with a deeper dive than many analysts previously expected. They predicted that the cryptocurrency would be able to stay in the $ 60,000 area, but now it is safe to say that this psychological mark has transformed into a zone of strong resistance. Before the...


Kazakhstan President is troubled with the lack of mining tax income


President of Kazakhstan Kasym-Zhomar Tokayev met with business representatives. The head of the republic expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that miners do not pay taxes to the state budget. He recalled that Kazakhstan ranks second after the United States in terms of the amount of generated...

El Salvador

El Salvador to place $1B BTC bonds on Liquid Network


The El Salvadorian government has struck a deal with Blockstream and iFinex (the parent company of Bitfinex and Tether) to place a $ 1 billion bitcoin bond on the Liquid Network. Half of the proceeds from the sale of bonds will be directed to the development of the infrastructure for mining the...


Lydia opens access to cryptocurrencies through BitPanda


The Lydia payment application has integrated the services of the Bitpanda broker. That will allow 5.5 million users to trade more than 170 digital assets without commissions. Lydia offers a wide range of services including checking and shared accounts, express loans, instant bank transfers, mobile...


Glassnode drew attention to the loss-making ETH addresses growth


The drop in Ether (ETH) last week triggered a sharp increase in the number of unprofitable addresses on the network. Now, this figure exceeds 3.115 million - this is the highest value since the beginning of October, according to a review by the Glassnode team. ETH dropped to $ 4,000 last Friday,...


TRADOCAPS, DeFi Smart Investment, is releasing the SEED SALE of $TADOC


On November 20th, 2021, TRADOCAPS, a new ecosystem powered by BSC Chain, released the SEED SALE of its native token, $TADOC. TRADOCAPS aspires to integrate all smart traders, investors, and crypto assets into a unified blockchain ecosystem via smart contracts, which will make trading experience...

Moshe Hogeg

Sirin Labs founder arrested in Israel on suspicion of fraud


In Israel, the founder of ICO startups Sirin Labs, Stx Technologies Limited (Stox), and Leadcoin Moshe Hogeg was arrested on suspicion of cryptocurrency fraud, money laundering, and sexual crimes. The entrepreneur also owns one of the leading football clubs in the country, Beitar (Jerusalem). Along...


US government will replenish budget through confiscations of crypto


The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) plans to recover billions of dollars worth of cryptos in delinquent claims next year. During the 2021 fiscal year, the department replenished the treasury under this item by $ 3.5 billion. This is the equivalent of 93% of all seized assets in illegal...


Peru central bank announced the launch of its own token


Many states have already announced plans to create national digital currencies (CBDCs). In addition to the CBs of China and Sweden, many other regulators from Europe and Asia have issued a series of statements of intent over the past two years to introduce tokens pegged to fiat currencies. The...


ConstitutionDAO loses auction for rare US Constitution


On Thursday, November 18, an unknown buyer bought a historically valuable copy of the US Constitution at Sotheby’s auction for $ 43.2 million. The DAO, specially created by a group of crypto investors to buy the artifact, could not outbid his bid. A week before the auction, enthusiasts launched...


Oasis Foundation launches $160 million development fund


The non-profit Oasis Foundation has launched a $160M fund to finance developers of Dapps powered by the Oasis Network, including DeFi, NFT, and the metaverse. The fund will also invest in companies involved in tokenization and data management, develop privacy applications and create projects in the...


Institutional investors have invested $6.5B in crypto funds in 2021


A study by CoinShares says that last week, hedge funds invested about $ 151 million in crypto-focused products. Thus, under the control of institutions, there are now cryptocurrencies worth a record $ 56 billion. Since January 2021, financial institutions have invested $ 6.5 billion in digital...


KuCoin launches $100M Metaverse investment fund


The venture capital arm of the KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange announced the creation of a $ 100 million fund. The structure will provide funding for projects focused on the creation of the metaverse. The funds will go to early-stage startups from emerging economies, primarily from Africa and South...


ConsenSys raised $200 million at an estimate of $3.2 billion


ConsenSys, a specialist in solutions for the Ethereum ecosystem, has closed a $ 200 million funding round. Investors including HSBC, Marshall Wace, and Coinbase Ventures have valued it at $ 3.2 billion. The company will use the funds raised to develop the Infura infrastructure platform and the...


China to begin to fine state-owned companies continuing BTC mining


The government of the People's Republic of China intends to impose harsh penalties on government agencies that continue to mine digital assets in the short term. The authorities want to speed up the process of the complete eradication of cryptocurrencies from all areas of activity. As of today, the...


Israel introduced compulsory licensing of crypto companies


The Israeli authorities have decided to tighten control over companies representing the cryptocurrency industry. Local startups and bitcoin exchanges are required to obtain a license granting the right to operate on the domestic market. Such enterprises must be registered in a special state...


Whales are guided by long-term storage of ether


Over the past few months, investors have been withdrawing Ether (ETH) from cryptocurrency exchanges. Moreover, the outflow is observed both from retail traders and large holders of altcoins. Whales have been sending Ether for offline storage since January 2021. However, a sharp decline in the...


Zhao about the results of Binance's cooperation with regulators


Against the background of tightening KYC requirements, the Bitcoin exchange Binance has lost only 3% of users, and cooperation with regulators is already bearing fruit. The head of the company Changpeng Zhao spoke about this in an interview. Binance bought back an ad in the Financial Times this...

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