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The LocalBitcoins platform will leave the Russian market


Russian users of LocalBitcoins began to receive notifications from the platform that it is planning to leave the Russian Federation soon. As the Rozetked network resource clarifies, the exit from the domestic market is associated with tougher sanctions against Moscow. Recall that within the...


The CB of India introduced the concept of a national digital currency


The Reserve Bank of India formally introduced its own CBDC proposal late last week. The regulator has released a study on the possibilities for the virtual rupee and any issues that might develop following the launch of the currency. According to the report, CBDC will serve as one of the...


Hodlers have accumulated a record amount of bitcoins


Analysts at Ark Invest found that long-term investors or so-called hodlers have been buying up bitcoins over the past few months. They took advantage of the collapse of the BTC rate in the spring and summer of 2022 and accumulated a record amount of cryptocurrency. Currently, hodlers control...

digital currency

DappRadar: Digital currencies have entered a phase of consolidation


In the third quarter of 2022, the cryptocurrency market entered a long phase of consolidation. A recovery began in September, according to a DappRadar report. One of the most important events of the third quarter was the renewal of Ethereum and the transition of the network to the Proof-of-Stake...

Terraform Labs

South Korean authorities detain Terraform Labs employee


South Korean prosecutors have detained a Terraform Labs (TFL) employee who was on the run in the country and requested a warrant for his arrest. Law enforcement believes the man named Yoo in the report is one of TFL CEO Do Kwon's key aides. The suspect is believed to have been "market...


Nasdaq has no plans to launch a cryptocurrency exchange


The US stock exchange Nasdaq revealed its plans to debut its digital currency storage platform in September. However, as Nasdaq Vice President Tal Cohen said to reporters the day before, the same company does not currently have plans to establish an exchange for dealings involving virtual assets. ...

BC.GAME Launches its Redesigned Website with New Features


BC.GAME announced the official launch of its new website, integrating better features and advantages for its users. Named the Crypto Casino of the Year, BC.GAME is one of the most popular crypto casino platforms. Now, in order to provide a better experience for users, it will launch a redesigned...


Take Part in the Battle for the Aegis at 1xBit


One of the biggest online multiplayer battle tournaments has begun, and all players from 1xBit can take part in the action. Select your heroes carefully because they can bring victory or defeat. Master tacticians or brutal villains, which way will you go? It’s time for combat and finding the key...


Miners sharply reduced bitcoin sales in September


The current week started with the strengthening of bitcoin. The largest digital currency for the first time since the end of September began to trade above $20,000. In a day, the BTC rate strengthened by 4% to $20,092. Altcoins were also able to partially win back losses. Ether (ETH) rose to $1340,...


Beeple artist's discord server hit by phishing attack


Artist Mike Winkelmann (Beeple) reported a URL hack to his official Discord server. Upon clicking, users were redirected to a fraudulent channel. “Do not go into this Discord and do not verify, it will empty your wallet!” he warned. A few hours before his message, suspicious activity with the...


Bitcoin stabilizes after easing pressure


On the night of Tuesday, October 4, bitcoin (BTC) rose to $19,537. During the day, the capitalization of the largest digital currency increased by 1.5% to $374.687 billion. BTC has been trading above $19,000 for the past few days. The stabilization of the rate was a direct result of the easing of...


PINKIE INU: The Convergence Token


INTRODUCTION PINKIE was established by a group of young female entrepreneurs with unique visions. In essence, Pinkie aims to be the female counterpart of SHIBA INU, by preserving the innovative and entertaining vision of the precedent project, while also adding the necessary layer of female...


Mark Cuban noted the prospects for NFT in the book industry


Billionaire Mark Cuban discussed the possibilities of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the publishing sector. He claims that schoolchildren and students frequently purchase both new and old textbooks. They are required to resolve a conundrum at the end of the course. "You decide whether or not...


Robert Kiyosaki predicts the fall of the dollar by the end of 2022


According to businessman Robert Kiyosaki, by the end of 2022, the US dollar will collapse. The author of the legendary book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” calls for seizing the moment and starting to buy bitcoins now. On Twitter, Kiyosaki posted a post in which he recalled the negative correlation between...


Binance has no plans to stop serving Russian users yet


A fresh round of sanctions on Moscow is being prepared by the European Union. Brussels is investigating ideas for a total ban on cryptocurrency transfers for Russians. Russian Federation residents in particular won't be allowed to utilize bitcoin wallets and sites that are registered in the...


Mike Novogratz drew attention to the weakening of the activity of sellers


Despite strong sell-offs in the stock market last Thursday, bitcoin was able to stay above $19,000. On Friday, September 30, the largest digital currency is trading at $19,551. Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz believes that BTC held steady in September because the majority of investors left the...


Kazakhstan is preparing to legalize cryptocurrency transactions


The authorities of Kazakhstan allowed cryptocurrency exchanges to open bank accounts within the framework of the special economic zone. Thus, the government has taken another step toward legalizing the digital asset market. It became known yesterday that Kazakhstan is preparing to allow the...


Dhahab Sports and Flamengo, a partnership of millions


Come with DHS to participate, encourage and be among the best practices in the world of sport. What Dhahab Sports (DHS) announces today for the world of sport and the digital economy is unprecedented! DHS joins the most incredible power of Latin American football and is proud of its step with Clube...

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