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Binance Exchange User Activity Jumps After Fees Are Eliminated


Trading volume on Binance surged at the end of last week following the cancellation of Bitcoin fees. On July 6, the administration announced that due to the platform’s fifth anniversary, commissions for spot trading of BTC paired with 13 currencies are being canceled. Each user will be able to...


KuCoin exchange denies rumors of staff cuts


Cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin has said it has no plans to lay off employees. On the contrary, the company intends to hire up to 300 more people soon, KuCoin CEO Johnny Liu wrote on Telegram. Thus, he refuted reports spread in social networks and the media about the plans of the company's...

Yam Finance

Yam Finance repelled $3.1 million hacker attack


The developers of the DeFi protocol Yam Finance prevented a cyber attack aimed at transferring control over the project’s reserves to an unknown third party. According to the team, the attack, which began on June 7, was discovered two days later. The delay is because the hacker presented a...


Mike Novogratz doubts the collapse of Bitcoin to $13,000


Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz said in an interview that he does not believe in the possibility of reducing the price of the first cryptocurrency to $13,000. "Can we fall lower? Of course. There is a feeling that we have overcome this deleveraging by 90%. The problem is that further growth...


Terra ecosystem projects started migrating to the Polygon network


Over 48 projects from the collapsed Terra ecosystem have begun relocating to the second-tier Ethereum network Polygon (MATIC). This was announced by CEO Polygon Studios Ryan Wyatt. Among the most notable projects, he named the P2E game Derby Stars and the OnePlanet NFT marketplace. The latter's...


Bitcoin volatility has fallen to its lowest level since early April


Over the past 24 hours, the capitalization of Bitcoin has increased by almost 2% to $391.79 billion. Despite the bounce above $20,000, BTC continues to trade in a tight range. According to Arcane Research, the weekly bitcoin volatility index has fallen to its lowest level since early April....


Belgium wants to include cryptocurrencies in a class of securities


The Belgian authorities will regulate transactions with digital currencies by securities laws. Last Wednesday, the Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) issued a statement saying that Belgian law will be guided by the European Union's anti-money laundering regulatory framework. Issuers of...


BitMEX will stop serving Russian users in the EU


As part of complying with the sanctions legislation of the European Union, the BitMEX cryptocurrency exchange has decided to stop serving Russian users. Over the past few months, many large trading platforms have banned citizens of the Russian Federation from making transactions with digital...


CNBC Anchor Jim Cramer Predicts Further Drop in Crypto Market


Popular CNBC host Jim Cramer recently stated that a resumption of the Bitcoin rally is unlikely anytime soon. Most likely, the digital currency market will continue to stagnate, and the activity of investors on trading floors will weaken. Earlier this week, Cramer was even more pessimistic. He...


Trading on Indian crypto exchanges fell by more than 60%


As many analysts had warned, the introduction of a tax on crypto transactions led to a significant drop in trading on Indian bitcoin exchanges. According to CoinGecko, the average daily transaction amount has fallen by more than 60%. The most affected were the leading Indian exchanges - ZebPay,...


Dollar-Bitcoin Correlation Drops to Lowest Since 2021


Bitcoin and the US dollar show multidirectional movement dynamics. When the US currency adds value, BTC, on the contrary, retreats. Bitcoin is viewed by most experts as a risky asset, which is why it trades in tandem with tech stocks and is highly dependent on the US stock market. As a result of...


Singapore may limit participation opportunities for retail investors


Opportunities for Singaporean retail investors in the cryptocurrency market may be narrowed. The authorities are ready to take such a step to protect the residents of the metropolis from fraudulent projects and risky investments. According to Tarman Shanmugaratnam, representing the Monetary... CEO Denies Reports of Withdrawal Suspension

by recently cut its headcount by about 5% as part of a business optimization effort. This decision was made by the platform management against the backdrop of a sharp drop in the value of digital currencies and the dominance of bearish sentiment in the market. Recently, reports have been...


JPMorgan predicts the imminent end of the “crypto winter”


According to JPMorgan analysts, the cryptocurrency market will soon come out of the “winter” state. As a result of the recent fall in bitcoin, the leverage in the cryptosphere has been significantly reduced. If it continues to decline in the coming months, then the lion's share of players with...


El Salvador bought an additional 80 BTC amid a drawdown in the course


On Thursday, June 30, the Salvadoran government purchased an additional 80 BTC for a total of $1.52 million, President Nayib Bukele announced this. “El Salvador bought 80 BTC today at $19,000 each. Bitcoin is the future. Thank you for the cheap sale,” Bukele wrote. On June 30, the rate of the...


Vinnik's lawyer announced his possible extradition to the United States


The French court ruled against the Russian Alexander Vinnik, as a result of which he can be extradited to Greece, and then to the US. As lawyer Frederic Belomentioned, the court rejected the cassation petition with an appeal against the sentence of five years in prison: “As a consequence,...

Khaby Lame

Popular TikToker Khaby Lame Becomes Binance Ambassador


Binance has announced a collaboration with vlogger Khabane "Khaby" Lame. An Italian of Senegalese origin with 144 million followers on TikTok has become an ambassador for the bitcoin exchange. Lame leads the ranking of TikTok accounts in terms of the number of subscribers. He attained...


Grayscale sues SEC over refusal to convert GBTC to ETF


Grayscale Investments initiated a lawsuit against the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) after the regulator rejected an application to convert a GBTC trust into a bitcoin ETF. The regulator justified the verdict by inconsistency with the requirements for “preventing fraudulent and...

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