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1xBit: Win Beyond Predictions


Rise and Roar! UEFA Euro 2020 is in full swing, with playoffs on the way. Up until now, the teams brought to the field sweat and pure passion. The fight was long and rough, but 16 teams proved their worth as real champions. Now, it’s time for them to book the spots in the next stage. Are you...

El Salvador

El Salvador's officials will distribute citizens $30 in BTC


In early June, the El Salvadorian parliament supported the president's initiative and passed a law to legalize bitcoin. The country's authorities went even further and promised each citizen to transfer $ 30 in BTC. However, to do this, the person needs to install an official Bitcoin transaction...


Bitcoin exchange Upbit accused of patent infringement


Upbit, one of South Korea’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, has faced a lawsuit filed by a university foundation for infringement of intellectual property rights. The Seoul University-Industry Cooperation Foundation claims that the trading platform infringed a patent on its “Secure...

Mike Novogratz

Mike Novogratz urges not to pay attention to the fall of BTC


Galaxy Digital billionaire and founder Mike Novogratz believes that there is no reason to panic, and Bitcoin will surely win back after a painful fall. The businessman expressed such a forecast in an interview with Bloomberg and once again reiterated that BTC and other digital currencies are the...

Central Bank

CB of Israel has used Ethereum technology in tests with CBDC


Israel has adapted Ethereum blockchain technology for a pilot project to study the central bank's digital currency (CBDC). During the experiment, the IT department of the Bank of Israel created digital wallets through which employees can transfer "virtual shekels" to each other. No real...


Two businessmen with $3.5B BTC disappeared in South Africa


The two brothers who founded the South African company Africrypt disappeared with bitcoins totaling up to $ 3.5 billion. As Bloomberg clarifies, businessmen disappeared along with 69,000 BTC. Back in April, one of the brothers, Amir Kaji, announced that his crypto company had been hacked. After...


Israel announced the start of testing its token


The Bank of Israel told about the beginning of testing the digital shekel. As the deputy head of the Central Bank Andrew Abir noted, the national digital currency (CBDC) will be issued only by the regulator. All operations with such a tool will become as transparent as possible. Testing is already...

El Salvador

El Salvador required to repeal law on legalization of BTC


In early June this year, the El Salvadorian parliament supported a bill recognizing bitcoin (BTC) as a legal tender. The adoption of such a document was initiated by the country's President Nayib Bukele. However, local opposition forces spoke out categorically against this law coming into force on...


Fireblocks sued for alleged loss of 38,178 ETH


Swiss staking platform StakeHound has blamed the loss of funds for institutional-focused infrastructure company Fireblocks. The lawsuit was filed in the Tel Aviv District Court. Founded in 2017, Fireblocks used multi-party computation (MPC) to store private keys. To improve security, she provided...


Open interest in bitcoin futures fell by almost 60%


The fall of the crypto market in May and June provoked panic in the camp of institutional investors. A study by Arcane Research says that open interest in bitcoin futures is now $ 11.3 billion, down 59% from mid-April. We will remind, on April 13, it reached $ 27.3 billion. Analysts stressed that...

Jim Cramer

CNBC host sold almost all of his bitcoins


Popular TV presenter Jim Cramer said back in the spring that he was able to make good money on Bitcoin’s winter rally. In total, the journalist invested about $ 500,000 in cryptocurrency. However, already in the summer, the expert’s opinion began to change due to the fall of the market in May....

Peter Schiff

Opponents of bitcoin intensified amid falling crypto market


Bitcoin started the new week with a sharp drop in the rate. On the evening of June 21, the coin fell to $ 32,000. On some exchanges, it briefly dropped even below this psychological mark. Against the background of the fall in the value of BTC and altcoins, opponents of the cryptosphere have once...


DeFi project on BSC lost $500,000 due to attack


The DeFi project Impossible Finance (IF) running on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) ecosystem has come under attack using instant loans. The project representatives stated that they will fully compensate for the funds contributed to the liquidity pools. They promised to inform users about the...


Dogecoin collapsed by more than 40% in 24 hours


Cryptocurrencies on Tuesday, June 22, continue to trade in the red. Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) fell 6% and 15% during the Asian session to $32,100 and $1,885, respectively. The largest losses from the top ten digital currencies were incurred by Elon Musk's favorite coin Dogecoin (DOGE). Recall...


Crucial limits Chia mining on SSDs but then changes its mind


SSD manufacturer Crucial threatened to void the guarantees for the devices that were used to mine the Chia cryptocurrency but later denied this statement. Last week, the company revised its warranty policy to include a clause stating that "using Crucial SSDs for crypto mining will void the...


CNN will sell historical news moments in NFT form


CNN will list historical moments in the news in the NFT format as part of the Vault by CNN: Moments That Changed Us project. The NFT collection will include iconic moments from CNN's 41-year history. Non-fungible tokens include exclusive TV channel content, presidential election results, space...


The CB of Portugal issued BTC licenses to crypto exchanges


Bitcoin exchanges received licenses from the Central Bank of Portugal, giving them the right to operate in the country. In early 2021, Portugal entered into force a law regulating the operation of trading platforms focused on the cryptosphere. The press center of the Central Bank said that the...


Bitcoin fund reserves fell to a four-month low


The fall in the value of bitcoin in May and June led to a sharp decline in the interest of institutional investors in this instrument. According to ByteTree Asset Management, the volume of cryptocurrency managed by Canadian, American, and European funds fell to a four-month low. Last Friday,...

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