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Santander Bank to Launch Crypto Trading Platform


Brazilian clients of Santander Bank will have access to a platform for transactions with digital currencies. According to Folha de S Paulo, the service will be launched in the coming months. In the future, the financial giant is ready to expand the geography of using its cryptocurrency platform....


US Senators Urge Fidelity to Explain BTC in Retirement Plans


A group of US Senators has written a letter to Abigail Johnson, CEO of Fidelity Investments, demanding an explanation for the decision to include bitcoin as an option in 401(k) retirement savings accounts. The management company intended to add a similar feature this summer. The option will be...


Acala announces new staking program


In early August, the Acala parachain project will launch a new staking program for ACA tokens. Users will be able to earn ACA-aUSD liquidity provider tokens. The asset allows you to purchase ACA, aUSD stablecoin, or pay trading fees. The project team will allocate excess network reserves in the...


In the UK, they propose to consider crypto as a new type of property


The UK Legal Commission advocates for the recognition of NFTs and digital currencies as a new type of property. This body published a statement in which it supported the plans of the government of the kingdom to legalize the cryptosphere. Such an initiative was previously made not only in the...

Changpeng Zhao

Binance plans to gain a foothold in the Turkish market


Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao and head of the Eastern European branch of the exchange Gleb Kostarev discussed cooperation options with the Turkish authorities. The world's largest cryptocurrency platform plans to gain a foothold in the Middle East and Europe. In addition, she is ready to help states...


Bitcoin soared nearly 9% after Fed rate hike


The US Federal Reserve's rate hike of 75 basis points was expected. Analysts agreed that due to the acceleration of inflation, the regulator will be forced to tighten monetary policy again. At the same time, they expected a further decline in the value of shares of the technology sector and...


Traders take profits ahead of Fed rate hike


The cryptocurrency market has won back some losses after the fall at the beginning of the current week. Bitcoin fell to $20,900 last Tuesday but rebounded quickly as support strengthened in the $21,000 area. At the time of publication of this review, BTC was trading at $21,248. In weekly terms, the...


Head of KuCoin positively assesses the prospects of the Indian crypto market


Many cryptocurrency exchanges were forced to either leave the Indian market or limit their presence in it. They made this decision against the backdrop of tightening control over the cryptosphere and high taxes on market participants. However, according to the CEO of the KuCoin platform, Johnny...


China promises to ensure the confidentiality of digital yuan transactions


At the end of last year, China and Hong Kong began the second phase of testing the digital version of the yuan (CBDC). To increase the popularity of the token, the People's Bank of China wants to endow it with approximately the same functions that conventional cryptocurrencies have. Transactions...

Proch announces Wallet launch & token Pre-Sale with Consistent Earnings

by launches its Proch wallet and announces a presale of the POCH Token. Also, the Proch wallet launch presale will contain earning swap and NFTs. To get to know them better, is a company with an integrated project that includes a decentralized wallet and a cryptocurrency trading...


Thai authorities are interested in the problems of Zipmex


The restriction of withdrawals was notified by the Zipmex cryptocurrency exchange in Thailand last week. Local regulators then made the trading platform's problems public and began interacting with the customers who had been harmed by the outage. Information on the impacted traders is being...


Bitcoin loses value amid stock market correction


Most experts agree that in the middle of this week the US Federal Reserve System will once again raise the discount rate. Investors are redistributing their portfolios in favor of the dollar. The US dollar index is growing for the second day in a row. In parallel, there is a correction in the stock...


Barclays Bank to Acquire Stake in Crypto Company Copper


Amid the bear market, many crypto companies and hedge funds have run into trouble. Well-known financial corporations began to acquire a stake in this business. According to many experts, the entry of large capital into this sector of the economy will help maintain its liquidity and minimize new...

Arthur Hayes

Arthur Hayes: Bitcoin bottomed out at $18,000


According to the founder and former CEO of BitMEX crypto exchange Arthur Hayes, bitcoin hit bottom in June. The fall of BTC to $18,000 last month was a landmark event for the entire market. Many traders and speculators left the cryptosphere after such a collapse. It was at this moment that the...

Epic Games

Epic Games Store CEO stands up for NFT games


Tim Sweeney, CEO of the Epic Games Store, stated that the company has no intention of giving up on non-fungible token initiatives (NFTs). Sweeney reiterated the firm's policy in response to a Twitter user's request to "get rid of every game in the store." "You should have the...

Changpeng Zhao responded to the reduction of Tesla's bitcoin reserves

Changpeng Zhao responded to the reduction of Tesla's bitcoin reserves


At the beginning of this week, it became known that the American company Tesla sold the lion's share of bitcoins. The electric car manufacturer announced its investment in BTC last winter. From the financial statements for the second quarter of 2022, it follows that the company sold 75% of...

United Kingdom

The UK is preparing to recognize stablecoins as a means of payment


In early April, the press service of the UK government announced its intention to recognize stablecoins as a means of payment. On the eve of the Parliament submitted the relevant bill. Its authors hope that the legalization of digital currencies with fiat and other collateral will strengthen the...


Mike Novogratz commented on the fall of the crypto market


Bitcoin proponent Mike Novogratz believes that the fall in the value of digital currencies was the result of his flood of alarmists and losers. Those companies and funds that collapsed in May and June were created as dubious and speculative projects that attract investment. This “bunch of...

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