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News and Articles by Diana

Danske Bank

Largest Danish Bank will not reject Bitcoin transactions


The press office of Danske Bank, the largest bank in Denmark, announced that it does not intend to reject transactions with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. At the same time, the bank does not plan to offer any cryptocurrency services to its clients. Danske Bank will alert people to the risks of...

Binance Chain

Binance Chain daily transactions plummet 60% in a month


The underlying asset of the Binance Chain network, the BNB token (Binance Coin), has suffered losses over the past few weeks. The rollback is observed against the background of the general correction of the cryptocurrency market. On Saturday, June 19, the BNB fell to $ 340. Cryptocurrency...


Sichuan province miners ordered to stop work until June 20


The authorities of the Chinese province of Sichuan demanded to stop the activities of “key” miners and forbade local energy companies to supply them with electricity. According to the portal, on June 18, the Sichuan Provincial Development and Reform Commission and the local Department of Energy...


Whales have gained highest amount of ETH since July 2016


Ether (ETH) fell to $ 2387 on Thursday, June 17, and the altcoin continues to trade in the red. The coin is likely to hit the lows today. However, despite the drop in the cost of ether, large investors continue to accumulate cryptocurrency and withdraw it from trading floors. This trend has been...


Grayscale expands asset list for new products


Grayscale Investments has listed 13 additional assets based on which it can offer new investment trusts to clients in the future. The company has promised to periodically update the list. Grayscale explained that they do not guarantee the launch of new products based on each of the presented... application announces USDC support


Cryptocurrency company Circle has announced a partnership with startup behind the offline navigation service. As part of the agreement, the platform will add support for the USD Coin (USDC) stablecoin. According to the press release, users will be able to use stablecoins for instant...


Indonesia banned payment for goods and services using BTC


Indonesia joined those countries that decided to declare war on bitcoin and the crypto sphere in general. The central bank of this country has banned the use of any digital currencies when paying for goods and services. Perry Varjiyo, who is the head of the Central Bank of Indonesia, made a...

General Motors

Head of General Motors didn’t rule out car sales for BTC


General Motors CEO Mary Barra admitted that the carmaker will start accepting payments in the first cryptocurrency upon request from customers. In an interview with CNBC, she said: “Nothing prevents us from doing this. We will be guided by our...

Bank of England

Bank of England governor rejects BTC's similarity to money


Bitcoin has no value, but stablecoins can occupy a certain niche in the financial system. This was stated by the chairman of the Bank of England Andrew Bailey. The head of the regulator noted the outgoing danger from decentralized assets like bitcoin, as well as interest in stablecoins and national...


Bitcoin hashrate collapses to low since December 2020


The crackdown on miners in China has yielded results. The computing power on the bitcoin network has plummeted to its lowest levels since the end of last year. BTC hashrate descended to 129.1 exhashes per second (EH / s) on Thursday. The last time this indicator was at this level was at the...

South Korea

South Korean exchanges suspend trading in some cryptos


Due to pressure from the authorities, South Korean crypto exchanges began to exclude some digital currencies from the listing. First of all, this refers to the tokens that pose the greatest risk for investors, according to the news agency Arirang. Reporters found out that the Upbit exchange decided...


Ethereum fees fell by almost 90% in a month


The largest altcoin ether (ETH) is trading at $ 2,528 in the middle of this week. The coin has been stagnating since the beginning of June. But fees for processing transactions on the Ethereum network in monthly terms fell by almost 90%. If in mid-May the average commission was $ 45, now it does...

Michael Saylor

MicroStrategy CEO spoke about the future of cryptocurrencies


MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor described the role of cryptocurrencies in the digital future world and explained the company's business strategy. Answering the question of why the developer of analytical software for business continues to buy bitcoin, he noted that this has become one of the...


NFT sales decreased 20 times in June


Over the past 30 days, sales of non-fungible tokens (NFT) have decreased by about 20 times. According to data from analytical service Nonfungible. On May 9, NFT's sales reached $ 176 million per day, and by June 15, the figure was reduced to $ 8.7 million. “Every time any trend rises rapidly,...


The difficulty of mining bitcoin fell by 5%


Against the backdrop of repressions against Chinese miners, the bitcoin hash rate began to decline rapidly last week. Today this figure is around 110 exaches per second (EH/s). On June 10, the hash rate exceeded 140 EH / s, and a day later it fell below 100 EH/s. Only today the computing power has...

Tim Draper

Draper predicts bitcoin will reach $250,000 by early 2023


Billionaire Tim Draper has previously stated repeatedly that Bitcoin is focused on growth in the long term. For example, last summer, the financier confirmed his position and added that the authorities of Western countries themselves will provoke the strengthening of BTC. The United States and...


Italy stated the need to implement crypto regulation


More and more countries are declaring the need to implement cryptocurrency regulation. This week with the same statement was made by the National Commission on Joint Stock Companies and Exchanges of Italy. The chairman of this department, Paolo Savona, stressed that if the state cannot establish...


Coinbase hires former SEC official


A former employee of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Christian Sabella joined the Bitcoin exchange Coinbase. This was announced by the chief lawyer of the company Paul Grewal. According to the agency's website, Sabella has been with the agency since 2011. Before that, he served as...

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