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MATIC withdrawals and deposits are temporarily suspended on Binance


The popular cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced last night that the deposit and withdrawal of coins from the Polygon - MATIC project will be temporarily suspended. This information was also confirmed by the developers of the digital asset directly. The prehistory of the current situation lies...


CryptoBlades’ Partnerships Multiply on the Release of Special Weapons


In late 2021, CryptoBlades opened its doors to its partners to collaborate in an initiative they called "The Knighthood Program." The Knighthood Program is a partnership agreement between CryptoBlades and their partners to help each other in an ingenious exchange of marketing services and...


Trend is changing: Bitcoin above $40,000


During the Asian session on March 16, Bitcoin (BTC) rose above $40,000 several times. However, resistance increased again in this area, and the coin retreated to its previous positions. During European trading, BTC again jumped to $40,350, adding about 4.4% per day. The stock market turned out to...


Michael Saylor compared Bitcoin to real estate in New York


MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor is widely known as a bitcoin fanatic. He periodically states that BTC will rise in price as this asset forms a new financial system. During a speech at the Economic Club of New York, he compared cryptocurrencies to real estate that an investor purchases in an...


Mexican drug cartels legalize income through bitcoin


At the end of last week, the International Narcotics Control Board released a report expressing concern that Mexico's drug cartels were using bitcoin. The researchers found that criminal communities from Jalisco and Sinaloa are increasingly using cryptocurrency in their financial schemes....


Wasabi will start blocking "illegal transactions"


On March 14, information appeared on the Web that the Wasabi cryptocurrency wallet will begin blocking user transactions that it considers “illegal”. Wasabi Wallet developers announced this on their official Twitter account. According to reports, the direct blocking of crypto transfers will be...


Japanese crypto exchanges and services will stop serving Russians


Against the backdrop of increased sanctions pressure and limited access to dollars and euros, the interest of citizens and companies in cryptocurrencies has sharply increased in Russia. Bitcoin exchanges have recorded an increase in investment in both Bitcoin and stablecoins. At the beginning of...


Stripe will allow users to buy crypto with fiat money


One of the founders of the financial technology company Stripe, John Collinson, wrote on his Twitter account about the launch of a new online service. This is a platform that will allow users to buy digital assets and NFT collections for fiat money. Collinson drew the subscribers' attention to the...


US prepares bill against digital yuan


Many in the US political and business establishment see the digital yuan as a threat to the dollar. That is why the Senate has prepared a bill designed to limit the ability of companies to use the Chinese token (CBDC). Congressmen fear that the digital yuan will not only undermine the dominance of...


Terra breaks into the top five altcoins


Cryptocurrency Terra (LUNA) was able to perform very well this week amid the retreat of Bitcoin and Ethereum. After reaching the bottom at $80.5, the token rebounded to a local peak at $99.5. LUNA climbed to sixth place in the ranking of the largest digital currencies. At the end of the week, its...


In the US stocks of companies related to crypto jumped significantly


Following Joe Biden's recent announcement regarding digital assets, the stock prices of some large companies have risen significantly. The President of the United States signed an order asking the executive branch to immediately create favorable and safe conditions for the conduct of activities by...


The CB of Romania intends to acquire a blockchain platform


Recently, the CB of Romania announced that it had permitted Elrond to purchase the Twispay blockchain platform, with the help of which, in the future, the regulator will be able to issue its stablecoin. Elrond is a government-backed blockchain firm concentrated on distributed applications. It was...


Paxos announces its entry into the Singapore market


The other day it became known that the Monetary Authority of Singapore approved the application of the Paxos crypto company to conduct activities in the country. The decision to issue the appropriate license was taken by all regulatory bodies unanimously. Paxos, by the way, has been afloat for...


Head of the SEC is ready to unite with departments for crypto regulation


US President Joe Biden signed a decree on the control of digital currencies the day before. This document should become the basis for the regulatory framework for the blockchain industry. It states that all major US agencies should work with each other to ensure the safety of investors and prevent...


The USA will stop the circumvention of Russian sanctions with BTC


Senator Elizabeth Warren is drafting a bill to make it harder to circumvent economic sanctions with digital currencies. This politician represents the camp of supporters of strict crypto regulation in the American establishment. She has repeatedly demanded from Congress and the government to...


Commissions in BTC and ETH networks fall amid weakening user activity


Against the backdrop of weakening activity on the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains, transaction fees have been decreasing over the past few weeks. According to BitinfoCharts, the average Bitcoin transaction fee has dropped to $1.59. Ethereum fees plummeted to their lowest level since August last...

Central Bank of the Philippines

The Central Bank of the Philippines will develop its crypto


The head of the Central Bank of the Philippines, Benjamin Diocno, at one of the recent events organized by the department, said that the relevant specialists of the Central Bank launched a pilot project to create a CBDC. “The financial system around the world continues to actively transform and...


US mining startup Blockmetrix raises $43M


Texas-based US BTC mining enterprise Blockmetrix has raised $43M in a Series B funding round. According to the statement, the participants were investors from the US, Australia, and Asian countries. The amount of the round exceeded expectations, the startup noted. Blockmetrix will use the raised...

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