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AAVE token soared over 40% in a week


According to DeFiLlama, the value of funds locked in the Aave DeFi protocol increased to $13.19 billion on March 25. Over the past 24 hours, the price of the project’s underlying asset, the AAVE token, has increased by another 9.22% to $172.38. The capitalization of this digital currency today...


Former Wirecard CEO faces up to 15 years in prison


On March 10, prosecutors in Munich accused the former CEO of bankrupt German fintech firm Wirecard, Markus Braun, of fraud, breach of trust, falsified accounts, and market manipulation. He faces up to 15 years in prison. Initially released on bail in June 2020, Brown was re-arrested in July of that...


Fortnite developer raises more than $50M for humanitarian aid to Ukraine


Video game publisher Epic Games will donate Fortnite revenue generated from March 20 to April 3 to humanitarian aid to Ukraine. As of March 22, the company has raised $50M. The money will be transferred to organizations that provide medical, legal, and other assistance to people affected by the...


MoonApp Initiates a Cybersexual Revolution through Blockchain Technology


MoonApp, the latest blockchain platform for adults, wants to improve this industry through Blockchain technology, making it safe and bringing guaranteed profit. The idea behind the project was to remove the costs and different risks that the industry of adult videos and actors often meet. By...


Germans massively invest in cryptocurrencies


The German authorities periodically urge citizens of the country not to invest in digital currencies. Regulators point to bitcoin's volatility and warn people that they could lose their money. However, the results of sociological surveys show that the Germans, on the contrary, continue to massively...

Yellow Network

Moonrock Capital Makes Strategic Investment in Yellow Network


Yellow, a Blockchain product and infrastructure company, and Moonrock Capital, a blockchain advisory and investment company, are pleased to announce a strategic investment partnership to ensure the success of Yellow Network project. Yellow Network is a new generation of Financial Information...


Line messenger will launch an NFT platform


The Japanese company Line, the operator of the messenger of the same name, announced the launch of the NFT marketplace on April 13, 2022. The LINE NFT platform was created based on LINE Blockchain's network. Users will store assets in the BITMAX Wallet. It is planned that at launch, more than 100...

Bitcoin Ethereum

Bitcoin and Ethereum bounce back after yesterday's fall


The surge in investor activity in the cryptosphere at the beginning of the week turned out to be short-lived. The largest digital currency fell below $42,000 again and pulled almost all major altcoins with it. Today's trading in Asia took place mainly in the green zone, which had a positive effect...


Player Versus Player Opens Another Door of Earning Options for CryptoBlades


On March 22, 2022, CryptoBlades launched a new game mode, Player versus Player (PvP), on all CryptoBlades compatible chains. Compared to the beta launch in late January, this is now a full feature release. The new mode is an exciting way players can use their rewards and NFTs to earn even more...


Founder of NeoNexus announced the closure of the popular NFT project


The founder of the well-known NFT project NeoNexus, Jack Shea, announced the termination of a startup operating based on the Solana blockchain. The man stated this on his official Twitter account, noting that the main reason for such a sharp decision was the sudden drop in prices for the SOL...


Thai regulator bans payments in digital assets


Beginning in December 2021, the Thai Securities and Exchange Commission announced the preparation of a new regulatory framework that would regulate the digital asset industry. According to reports, among the main tasks that the agency has set for itself is the definition of so-called “red...

Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley pointed to obstacles to the continued growth of DeFi


Over-collateralization and regulation will limit the continued exponential growth of the DeFi sector in the coming years. Analysts at Morgan Staley came to these conclusions. Investment bank experts noted that they did not find much evidence for the thesis that DeFi protocols significantly improve...

Avoteo Reaches Strategic Partnership With VeriDoc To Implement Onchain Signature

Avoteo Reaches Strategic Partnership With VeriDoc To Implement Onchain Signature


Palma de Mallorca, Spain — March 7, 2022, Crypto-native crowdfunding platform Avoteo is announcing a long-lasting strategic partnership with a verifiable electronic signature platform VeriDoc to implement the possibilities of an on-chain signature on its blockchain-based crowdfunding platform....


Florida to add cryptocurrencies to financial literacy plan


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has signed legislation to introduce financial literacy programs in high schools, including on issues related to cryptocurrencies. During the press conference, the official said that the legislature did not support his initiative to allocate funding for “blockchain...


Binance continues to restrict opportunities for Russian traders


In early March, the Binance administration announced that the company would not leave the Russian market. However, the exchange will limit the service to users as part of compliance with the sanctions legislation. This week it became known about new restrictions on investors from the Russian...


Institutions withdrew about $47M from crypto funds in a week


Last week, a landmark event for the global economy was the first increase in the discount rate of the Federal Reserve System since 2018. The US regulator thus hopes to ease inflation, which is growing rapidly amid tensions. A report from CoinShares says that institutional investors withdrew about...


Investors send Ether to cold storage


The largest altcoin Ethereum (ETH) is slowly approaching $3,000. Over the past 24 hours, the ETH exchange rate has strengthened by another 2.34% to $2916. Cryptocurrency capitalization over the past seven days has increased by more than 15% to $349.667 billion. At the beginning of last week,...


Play With Solana (SOL) On Your Favorite Online Casino - 1xBit


We at 1xBit greatly appreciate our community’s feedback and requests. Our players wanted Solana as a payment method, and we listened! You can now bet on sports and play your favorite casino games by wagering SOL coins. But what exactly is Solana, and what makes it so unique? An Introduction to...

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